Date: November 26, 2001

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In this issue:


Upcoming shows

and the Usual bunch of Plugs.


November 10: Once again, we ran a show at the Loomis Arena for the ICCW. The day started out with a major revelation... we were in trouble (LOL). Our normal place to get the chairs and stuff for the Loomis Barn was not able to donate them We hustled to get make-shift seating arranged. We figured with only a few weeks planning, we would draw a normal-sized Loomis Arena crowd. WRONG! The place ended up packed to the gils. I couldn't believe how many people were jammed into the little building. I am hoping this will roll into the next show as well on December 22nd.

On the card: 

The original match was scheduled to be a tag match with the person scoring the pinfall winning the 24-7 Connecticut Title. Champion "Heartbreaker" Ruy Batello was to tag with his manager Sean Gorman to face manager JC Marxxx and Young Guns Champ Tim Kilgore. Gorman was fired by Ruy and he ende dup tagging with ICCW Referee Pee Wee Sherman (chosen by ICCW deputy commissioner Draven). Ruy pinned Marxxx to retain the title. After the match. however, "Extreme" Adam Hastey ran out and hit his flying tornado DDT to win the title.

Dr. Heresy pinned the Beast after Beast was distracted by Ms. Green. After the match, Green toyed with Beast and he followed her out of the building apparently smitten.

In his first CT Title Defense, "Extreme" Adam Hastey defeated Johnny Curtis to retain the ICCW CT Title.

"The Dancing Devil" Damian Houston pinned "Enforcer" Larry Huntley following a double jump moonsault. The pin came immediately after a miscue by "Bad Boy" Billy Black, when an errant punch hit his partner Huntley. Sean Gorman is now the Manager of Criminal Intent (Billy Black and Huntley).

"The Revolution" Chris Venom defeated "Bad Boy" Billy Black with a small package. After the match Huntley and Black beat down Venom until KL Murphy made the save.

Duff defeated "Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo (with JC Marxxx) by DQ to become top contender to the CT Title. The DQ happened when Armadillo hit referee Pee Wee Sherman with his Armadillonater.

In a non-title tag match, KL Murphy and Tommy Knoxville defeated ICCW Tag Champions The X3-Rated Posse (Kid Krazy and "Broadway" Kenny Phoenix). Knoxville hit Phoenix with a victory roll reversal of the L.O.D Doomsday device.

ICCW Heavyweight Champion "Big League" Brian Black successfully defended his strap by pinned Triplelicious. "Big League" capitalized on the missed Shooting Star Press attempt by Trip and hit his "Stirred not shaken" Full Nelson Slam for the pinfall.

I was psyched as my little sister Laney was at the show, even though I only got to see her for all of ten minutes or so. After the show, we made a brief stop at the local Mickey D's and then headed to Providence's Castle Theater (followed by Frag-face, ICCW's Beast once again, this time with his girlfriend in tow). We met up with Draven's sister Diane and boyfriend Luke (who is one mad cool bastard!). We all headed out for the RKO Player's Rocky Horror Picture Show

As usual, the cast was awesome. We have slowly begun to become friends with one of the cast in particular (named Matt). This kid is a nut. Who else integrates getting powerbombed through tables into Rocky Horror? Anyhow, we had a blast and I think that the two most common "Franks", Rich and Nicole, do outstanding jobs. Next week... The RKO Player Women take over and do an all girl show! That is must-see TV!

November 17th: With the EWA cancellation, my schedule allowed me to take up a movie role I was offered. Yes, you heard that right... MOVIE ROLE. Independent film-maker (and one of my oldest friends) Christian DeRezendes asked me to take the role of, what else, a wrestler (damn typecasting) in his project "Getting Out of Rhode Island". I assumed the role of Eastern Wrestling Coalition Heavyweight Champ "Superstar" Storm Davis. I was part of the supporting cast. Basically seeking to get into Hollywood as an action star. The cast was a superb group of talented actors, actresses, musicians and more. I will of course let you know when the local premiere is, but overall... it was a cool experience. After the filming, at the wrap party, I realized that I locked my keys in my car. Adrienne had to drive to the set to my rescue (Thanks again babe).

I headed out of there to pick up Draven at home, and then to get Krimzen Drummer Stacey. He would be going to his very first Rocky Horror show in over 15 years. Tonight was the all-female cast. The turn-out was less than great. I had hoped for a livelier crowd, instead lots of virgins. We didn't have time to get our stuff for the show, eliciting cast-member Ron to call us "Cheap". (Revenge will be ours!!)

Once again, our favorite cast was amazing. Stacey commented many many MANY times on how hot he thought Rocky was this night. During the dinner scene, I got a cookie hook-up from Becky (I think that is her name). Free cookies... Always over with the Mad Dog! (on top of that.. a little piece was broken... broken cookies have no calories!). Overall this was probably one of the most easy on the eyes versions of Rocky Horror. Check out their site... (linked above). Also check out one of the most unique theaters in America...

Tables?  2001 Lincoln Limousine Reclining Leather seats that move? On top of that, cheap prices and more. Plus Draven likes the fact that you can get a popcorn butter soup at the bottom of your bucket of popcorn if you ask.

November 20: We decide that tonite, we will celebrate Draven's 26th birthday, as tomorrow we will be on the road to PWF in PA. Former EWA owner Josh Shea comes down to party, as does most of Krimzen. We hit Copperfield's in Warwick to drink and sing Karaoke. Draven's rendition of "Somewhere Out There" with Adrienne was interesting to say the least! The drunken tandem of Draven, Josh, DJ Jim, Adrienne and myself did a memorable (or is that memorably bad) version of "Bohemian Rhapsody". Overall it was fun. Cake and all, the bar-party was a good time. 

November 21st: And on the 26th day of the 11th month of the year 1975, God created Hard-core... Happy Birthday Draven!!!  I head out in the AM to the airport to get the rental. They give me a Pontiac Aztek. I will start by saying this is probably my favorite car now-a-days. 

I then headed out to pick up Gino Giovanni. He was not ready to leave. Delay number 1. I wait for about 25 minutes and he is finally ready to roll. We head to get Draven, who also takes a little while to get ready to leave. Add onto that, me having to hit my work's main office to get my paycheck and cash it... we are on the road near 11:30AM. The trip is fairly smooth, save for the traffic. We get to New York and have to pick up the Fraggle. That side-trip loses us close to 1 1/2 hours in holiday traffic. DAMN YOU FRAGGLE!! We get on our way and drive into Bizarro world (remember in Superman, where they had alternate reality versions of people). We saw Bizarro Mike Dutch. Clean cut, Thin, Successful business man in three piece suit with cell phone... complete with attractive girl. Definitely Mike Dutch's alternate reality under him though. I could almost hear him wanting to say "Hello sir!  Outta Work Shirt!" Ask Gino, Frag or Draven.. They'll verify the accuracy of my report.

Finally, we find the hall in Warrington and I am asked to give a call to Steve Corino to clarify a few things. As usual Steve rules (I didn't need to mention this... but I am a mark for the fact that I call Steve LOL...j/k) I call our Official Damned Groupie (just kidding again) Steffie up to make sure she has directions. {Note.. no Guillotine Legrande on this trip... mucho bummer... Legrande is the newest member of team Damned Road Trip and without him it seemed weird}. I sat and watched tape of a match from a recent ECWA show. The Backseat Boys, Donnie B. and Chris Hamrick faced The SAT and Quiet Storm. This match was one of the single best pieces of business I have seen in a long time. It was so entertaining. If you can get it, I'm sure RF Video has it now, or it will turn up on Best of the SAT 2. We get our stuff ready and realize, we are going to be busy.

First off, we end up in the Battle Royal last three with Chris Hamrick. Basically he told us if we let him win he'd let us cut him at McDonald's at future weeks of training. Who are we to pass up a bargain?? Actually Hamrick, man, eliminated us gaining the title shot versus PWF Universal Champ Johnny Kashmere. During the Royal, Draven got his knee cut out from under him, which would prove to be a big pain for him all night. Oh.. and to Joel Maximo... a kick to my nuts??? Revenge brother... revenge!!! 

The next match was put on by a couple of local guys, who, in straight shooting terms, did a lot to kill the business. Really a bad match. Bring in the Damned! After the match we hit the ring and beat the hell out of the two Jabrones for a little while, before the PWF Universal Tag Champs The Rachies (Adam Flash and Danny Rose) made the save. As they started to help up the kids, they changed their mind and instead took our route and beat down the kids. Respect brother... Respect.

Also on the show...

Rockin’ Rebel, who made a good showing in the earlier battle royal, took on “Gorgeous” Gino Giovanni. Gino and Rebel had gone at it tooth and nail in the battle royal, and continued the aggression towards each other in this match. The action went back and forth, with both men holding the advantage at times, however it was the veteran Rebel who went home with the winner’s share of the purse.

Quiet Storm defeated a returning Brian XL in match that incorporated high-flying actions coupled with some torturous displays of submission wrestling. Both men appear to be top challengers to the PWF Junior Heavyweight championship, which could mean trouble for Billy Bax in the near future.

Speaking of Bax, he retained his Junior Heavyweight title in a match with both Red and Trent Acid. Allison Danger, who sided with The SAT at Pottstown Punishment, accidentally leveled Acid with the title belt, allowing Bax to escape yet again with his title.

In what had to be a surprise, Nick Berk emerged from the locker room to take on former PWF champion Nova. Berk, who is well known on the regional wrestling scene for his adeptness at scientific wrestling, gave Nova the fight of his life. Nova, who had originally been scheduled to wrestle Dylan Night, took the change of opponent in stride, coming out the victor in the match after using The Kryptonite Krunch. The Barr, who accompanied his friend Berk to the ring, made his presence felt by constantly interfering. It was not enough to send Nova down in defeat, and the man who was never pinned for his PWF championship is still seeking out a confrontation with “High Profile”.

In what was one of the hardest fought PWF Heavyweight title matches to date, Johnny Kashmere retained his title over friend “Hi Flying” Chris Hamrick. Hamrick, who told Kashmere before the match that friendships meant very little in title situations, turned it up a notch, bloodying Johnny’s nose as the men fought around the building and even outside in the frigid temperatures! Kashmere fought back valiantly, even driving Hamrick through a table with a vicious suplex. In the end, the cradle breaker spelled defeat for Hamrick, and the two men raised each other’s hands in a show of sportsmanship. Will we see the same level of sportsmanship when Kashmere faces his partner Trent Acid on December 13th at the Sunnybrook Ballroom? There’s only one way to find out…be there!

In our match, we faced both The Rachies (who I really like working) and The SAT (who are also amazing to work with). The match started with Draven and Joel trading moves and the SAT getting him and then I running for higher ground. They began to wrestle the Rachies and we decided to let them beat each other senseless and find an opportune moment. Flash and Rose hit their patented Rat Splitter finish on Joel, I grabbed my chain. Jose Maximo tried to tell the ref what I was doing, but John Finnegan was busy trying to get the smaller SAT member out of the ring. I nailed Adam Flash and Draven jumped on Joel, pinning him to regain our PWF Universal Tag Titles.

One notable thing missing on the show (besides my pal Guillotine) was Team High Profile. It is funny how after a few PWF shows we were on, they mail us saying how it was weird without us. The table was turned in this instance. It was weird without them there. The immense holiday traffic stranded them 45 minutes from home, unable to go either way. Dylan and Candi... The Damned missed you big time. (You can see the littlest member of Team High Profile in our new Tee-shirt ad later in this issue).

After the show we hit a T.G.I.Fridays with Steffie. By the end of the night, the waitress had bought Draven a huge drink (which he impressed her by chugging), and desert. "MO" was a great waitress, and took my constant ribbing. Steffie, being the coolest, grabbed the check and paid for us (You rule kiddo)!!! We then took the money we were leaving for a tip and I mad eit into a really cool looking flower thingee. (Mo got a HUGE fucking tip!)

We exchanged our goodbye hugs with Steffie and headed home. Once again...your winner of the Wrestling Game... MAD DOG (Guillotine is just angling himself to kick my ass on the next trip.. I know it!!!)

I drove the whole way home and then got a couple hours sleep before Thanksgiving Festivities began.

November 23: The day after a great Thanksgiving (hope y'all had good ones as well), We had our return to the World Wrestling Alliancein Leominster. I love this locker room, as there are a lot of veterans who have done tv and stuff. They are great to learn from.We walk in to the usual "DAMMMMNNN" yell by a majority of the locker room, who get a great deal of pleasure in the "Damn Rib".  Surprising in his presence was Joe Matterazzo aka Vinny D'Martino of the Mayhem days. Regular readers will realize my contempt for Joe. To his credit, Joe pulled me aside and genuinely apologized for a lot of what caused the heat. We can at the very least amicably co-exist. We faced Tony Roy and "Hippie Freak" Nicholas Richards The match was a good time, and Draven did really well, despite his injured knee. We had a good crowd reaction, as we ended up being the babyfaces.  Tough Enough's Chris and Taylor were both on the show. Both were really cool and down to earth. Also mad cool was headliner Disco Inferno, who always is personable.  "High Society" did defeat us after interference by WWA Champ "Graduate" Tim McNeany. 

Also on the card (incomplete card):

Tim McNeany beat "Cowboy From Hell" Dave Donovan to win the vacant WWA Title.

Lady Killers (Jeff Starr/Shockwave) beat Mike Bell/Diablo Santiago.

Disco Inferno beat Johnny Rayze

Chris Harvard (of Tough Enough) beat Jimmy "Jakked" Cash

Taylor (of Tough Enough) beat Lady Victoria.

Rayza beat Kid Krazy

After the show we hit some little pizza place and to be honest... my sandwich bit ass. To that pizza place in Clinton.... You SUCK!

November 24th: Another WWA show! This time, I picked up Draven, Stacey, then Krazy. We headed to the Mason's Lodge in North Attleboro (Krazy's hometown). This night we'd be in a four-way elimination match.

The hall was jam packed (including an appearance by Beast and MTE). 

Our match was all the tag teams from the night before. We were lucky enough to have our occasional WWA Manager Demonica in our corner (she'll be seen more regularly with us in the future!) The first team that was eliminated was Bell/Diablo. Diablo did have a fantastic opener with Shockwave. When we got in the ring, the crowd was solidly behind us, popping for our spots on Shockwave (this was a bit of a surprise). We ended up working as a team with Roy/Richards. We put a heck of a beating on Shockwave, then Richards double-crossed me and hit a neckbreaker to leading to Shockwave pinning me and eliminating us Demonica took her frustrations out on us with her cat o' nines.

On the show: Disco and Cash beat McNeany and Harvard

Johnny Rayze beat Dave Donovan

Kid Krazy beat Purty Kurty

Taylor beat Lady Victoria.

I apologize, but I forgot the rest LOL.

After the show, we hit L.A. Roberts and were waited on by "The Dragon Lady" (as Krazy put it). She cooked our meals in her dragon fire LOL. The food was cheap, and good... and we had enough time to get to the Castle Cinema for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, brought to us by the RKO Players.  This week would be the opposite of last week.. an all guy cast. I walked in with minor dread at seeing the guys in their fishnets and Rocky Regalia. Matt gets us immediately and tells us he saved us seats, and needs our help. He plants us as security/stunt safety for a later thing he is doing. Matt was in the title role of Rocky Horror that night. Rich returned after a three week absence as the "People's Frank". This was a funny cast and the crowd was JAMMING.  Remember how Ron called us cheap??? Not this week... we had spare time. We brought TONS of cards, a LOAF of toast (40 slices?), 28 rolls of toilet paper (Great Scott!!), and water bottles and newspaper for the rain scene. The theater was a mess!!! Anyhow, towards the end (for those of your non-virgins and masturbators who have never seen the movie in a theater, but have watched on television at home), Rocky climbs up a stage set tower which collapses and he falls to his death. Matt climbs 10 feet up a ladder and takes the Nestea plunge through two tables. The "Holy Shit" chants rained in and I checked to make sure he was still alive... Matt survived, and I bet he felt it in the Morning.

Anyhow, I drove the guys home and then relaxed as another week or so of the insane world of being a pro wrestler ended.

Krimzen Report: In the immortal words of our singer "The Hoove"... "We Got a CD!!". Actually it is only a live demo of us, but still. Anyhow, we are currently in the process of writing/working on new music and promoting ourselves to clubs for gigs. We are already in negotiations with The Station in West Warwick, RI for a January date. I am getting stuff out and trying to hit the local clubs... News as it develops!

Upcoming Shows:

November 30th: NCW at the American Legion in Natick, MA

December 8th: EWA in Portland, ME.

December 13th: PWF returns to the Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA.

December 16th: tentative PWF at the Warrington Skate Rink, Warrington, PA.

December 16th: Big East Wrestling invades Bob's Bar & Grille in Bridgewater, MA.

December 22nd: ICCW Year End Awards and Wrestling event at the Loomis Arena, Plainfield, CT.

December 29th (I think): NCW (location TBA)

December 30th: tentative Power League Wrestling at the West Warwick Civic Center, West Warwick, RI.

More to be added soon.

For more information go to the following websites: - Soon to be updated

Drink of the issue:

Dos Equis Beer

A great tasting lighter colored beer, that tastes great with a twist of lime added. This is honestly a better beer than the similar Corona beer.

(We do not condone underage drinking and/or alcohol addiction)

Phrase of the issue:

"Baking a Loaf"

Orgination of word: En route to the Rocky Horror show.

Meaning: Another Damned childish Euphemism for farting

Ex: "Dude, I am gonna have to stop to a bathroom soon.. I am baking a loaf"

There is your new word.... use it, learn it, make it known!

Last year in Damned History (11-28-00 newsletter)

Friday November 24th: Fall River PAL.

South Coast Championship Wrestling.

We made our DAMNED debut at the PAL. Draven and I upended Blade/Outkast
who had pinned Grunge/Unknown in a three way dance. The finish came after
some huge highspots by Blade/Outkast and a Mega Huge powerbomb by me and a
STIZIFF headbutt off the top rope by Draven.

Since this time, we "came to a mutual decision" (cough, cough, bullshit) to no longer work for Steve Ricard and SCCW. This came off us starting to work for Mike Sparta and the WWA. Basically we had to choose between all paid shows working in a good ring with great talent, or do lots of thankless free shows in questionable ring conditions against friends of ours. We had to choose the safer and more profitable way... and it was definitely the best we could have done. The WWA has taken care of us and kept us on the regular roster. 


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