Date: February 13,2002


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February 8th:  Draven and I left in the Mad Dog mobile at roughly 2 PM. Having the day out of work, I decided to really sleep in, which ruled. I didn't get up until just after 12. By the time I have shaved, showered and headed out, I didn't get to Draven's until quarter of one or so. We left his place and drove for about 40 minutes, where we met up with KL Murphy and his better half, Rose. We piled into my car and began driving to Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. So here I am thinking that this would be just about a two hour drive... WRONG. With traffic and all, the trip more like a hair under four hours to get there. Along the ride, we listened to a mess of different music before arriving at the campus. The hustle and bustle of the students gave us hope that we would have a good crowd. Come to find out, there was a basketball and hockey game on campus that night... UGH.

Problem two: no one seemed to know in what building the wrestling was going on. Finally we find one Ivy Leaguer with an ounce of common sense who points us in the right direction. We find one of only a couple of empty parking spaces and head in. We run into Scott, one of the promoters, who we BS with a little before going into the building. The gym we are in looks good and there are some fans already sitting there... Promising! we head in back and find out we have been pushed up to the second match of the night. We quickly get our gimmicks on, just in time to hear our music playing. We head to the ring, and see our opponents, most likely the other top team in New England, The Egomaniacs (Mike Steele and Johnny Idol). I have known both for a long time, but this was the first opportunity we had to wrestle them. The crowd was pretty small, but popped for us as we walked out. They seemed to stay pretty hot throughout our match, which is always a plus. Egomaniacs are as good as they get credit for. The match started as brawl, spilling out into the crowd. It continued until Idol and I spilled back into the ring and I took over. Draven and I hit some kicks on Johnny, until a blind tag allowed the Egos to double team Draven. The Egomaniacs baited me in and managed to keep Draven isolated to their side of the ring. We managed a tag, but referee MTE did not see it. Finally, Draven turned a Steele body slam attempt into a spinning DDT. He crawled and tagged me. I was a flurry of clotheslines, body slams, and bicycle kicks. We set both Egomaniacs into the corners to send me in for big splashes. I hit Idol, then ran in to nail Steele, who sidestepped me and pulled MTE in the way. The ref was crushed and knocked out. I tried to revive him, as Draven hit his impaler-like DDT. The crowd counted along for the obvious 3 count, but no ref. Idol hit Draven with a DDT of his own and then hit me from behind. The Egomaniacs nailed me with a combination Blockbuster-Russian Leg Sweep, as referee Paul Rosenberg hit the ring. Just as Mike Steele landed from the Blockbuster, Draven nailed him with the Frogsplash. MTE came to. MTE counted Idol pinning me, while Rosenberg counted Draven pinning Steele. The refs both argued to as who were the winners. Commissioner Alexander Worthington (who we have had long time heat with) came and said that in his mind, the EWA Titles would change hands and go around the waists of the Egomaniacs. The crowd was very displeased and showed it. Later we received word that the EWA Executive Board declared the titles held up and are starting a tournament in Portland this Friday to decide the new champions.

Also on the show: 

Alex Arion beat Brian Black

EWA Hardcore Champion Adam Booker (w/Christy Thompson)
beat Chris Venom (w/Dr. Everette Payne)

EWA New England Champion El Tornado beat Chi Chi Cruz and K.L. Murphy in a triple threat match

Rick Fuller beat Alex Arion

EWA Heavyweight Champion Dr. Heresy defeated Damian Houston

Larry Huntley, Kid Krazy and Saul Rizzo beat Frankie Armadillo, Johnny Curtis and Frank Rosenberg

(Rizzo and Rosenberg are Dartmouth College students)

Doink the Clown beat Stefan Ramsey (w/Alexander Worthington III)

After the show, we headed back to drop off KL and Rose and then home. Overall it was an uneventful trip home, with a lot of it going to listening to Craig Shoemaker, The LOVE Master.

Saturday, February 9th:

After going to dinner with my fiancee, Adrienne, I met up with Draven, his sister, and drummer Stacey. We headed over to the Castle Cinema for our weekly Rocky Horror fix. (This was my first time in three weeks, so needless to say, I was jonesin'). As always, the show was brought to us by the RKO Players


As we prepared to go in, Dean Ripley shows up with a huge game of people, including "Bad Boy" Billy Black, PWF NE ref John Grunyon, The Beast, Tim Kilgore and his chastity belt clad girlfriend Rhyanedd and more! We all get some seats and waited for the show to begin. Ray comes out and starts the show with an AWESOME Rob Zombie pre-show. Then the show was ready to begin.

Quick cast run-down: Frank was played by Fred. Everyone's favorite Asshole, Brad Majors, was played by our buddy TED. Megan played his slut, uh wife, Janet Weiss. Riff and his sister Magenta were played by Dave and Chrissy. The Mullet-cane played a rocking Eddie, complete with sax solo. His girlfriend Kim, aka the Mullette, was a drunken Crimmie! Frank's creation, Rocky, was the always great "People's Columbia", Nicole. Last, but certainly not least, on Dr. Scott and Trixie was the cast's blonde bombshell, Becky. 

The house was FULL and the crowd was into the show. One of the best overall experiences in the four months I have been going. The show was tight and the crowd was loud... and the Weiss was tight, (LOL) From a very memorable Trixie (YAY Becky!), all the way to the end credits.. the show was a blast. Especially with Billy Black and Grunion losing their Rocky virginity. The one thing unfortunate... no Ted bumps!

After the show, Ripley and I headed to the local Denny's to be met there by Black, Beast, Grunion, Kilgore and Rhyanedd. We were also joined by Ted's partner-in-crime and overall cool mofo Bill, Mullet's sidekick SuperShaina and her boyfriend Jon. We all chilled and BS'd as  cast members came in. Jon tried successfully to molest Kilgore, who's only solace was to know that his picture was on Rhyanedd's Chastity Belt... and a certain surprise she got him LOL. After Bickford's-like poor service, we headed out. I got home and crashed.

Commentary about the February 22nd show:

You know, you hear a lot about the wrestling "family". When you put your trust in people as much as wrestlers do, you become very close to the guys in the locker room. They ARE like extended family members. Once and a while, something tragic happens to our family members, and we band together to come to their aid. This is what is happening at the Auburn Middle School, in Auburn Maine on the 22nd of this month. 

Last month, late at night, I received an e-mail from a good friend, Mike Labbe. He was letting me know that the man EWA fans know as Kildevil had been seriously injured in a work site accident. There was an explosion at the jobsite and he was caught in it. Kildevil suffered serious burns over 1/2 of his body. He was air-lifted to a hospital where he still resides. Kildevil already has faced skin grafts and endured a great deal of physical and mental pain. His company's insurance as well as his medical coverage will handle the extensive hospital bills, for the most part. Who covers things like car payments, utility bills and rent while he is in the hospital? That is where we all come in. ALL proceeds of the show will be going directly to Kildevil. Many of us will be donating our time and traveling the 3+ hours to Auburn for our brother, Kildevil.

I was talking to Larry Huntley, and we had come to the realization that in the last two years, for the most part, Kildevil's opponents consisted of Huntley or the Damned. Kildevil is the guy who never complains, and just goes out there to put on a show. I don't think I have ever heard anyone say a bad thing about him. Maybe he plays a character that many want to hate, but the person behind Kildevil is the exact opposite. I urge any of you, within a few hundred miles from Auburn, to make a little trek and support Kildevil. Let's show him that we appreciated all he has given to the EWA and wish him a speedy recovery.   

 Krimzen Report: We had our first gig!!! People in attendance gave us a great response, and reviews have been good so far. We will keep you updated on upcoming gigs. Soon, pictures from the show and sound bytes will hit the web site. Thanks to all of you who came out and supported us!

Upcoming Shows:

February 15th: EWA Returns to the Stevens Ave. Armory in Portland, ME.

(**Featuring former ECW star CW Anderson**)

February 16th: EWA at New England College in Henniker, NH.

(**featuring former ECW star CW Anderson**)

February 22nd: EWA at the Auburn Middle School, Auburn, ME

(** Benefit event for Kildevil**)

February 23rd: Rescheduled PWF Northeast debut, Loomis Arena, Plainfield, CT.

February 24th: PWF returns to the Academy Hall in Pottstown, PA. 

(** Tag Title Unification as we defend against the Phoenix Championship Wrestling, ECWA, and UPW Tag Champs "Evolution"... Frankie Kazarian & a mystery partner {subbing for Nova who was signed for the WWA PPV in Las Vegas}**)

March 9th: United Wrestling Federation debuts at the High School in Whitman, MA. 

(**One of the best cards in New England Indy History as K Kwik faces Low-Ki and Xavier. Plus PWF Universal Champ "High Profile" Dylan Night & Candi make their New England debut against Slyk Wagner Brown w/ April Hunter. Allison Danger, and  another chapter will be added to the Damned-Egomaniacs feud. Plus many more! See "The Queen of Extreme" Francine as well.**)

March 10th: PLW at St. Theresa's Church Hall in South Attleboro, MA

March 15th: EWA at the Steven's Avenue Armory in Portland, ME. 

Dates in March and April Already being set... will be announced soon.

For more information go to the following websites:

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Float grenadine on top.

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Origination of word: Mad Dog & Draven

Meaning:  "To cut a grinder, drop a deuce, etc."

Ex: "I'll be back in about a half hour,  I gotta go build a log cabin."

There is your new word.... use it, learn it, make it known!


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