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I have a LOT of work ahead of me in the results department... instead of the
full travel versions of the back-logged shows, I will just get the results
up.  For the most recent shows, I'll get more in depth.
August 15: Premier Wrestling Federation presents "Tradition Rulz!" at the
Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA. (results courtesy of

PWF Tradition Rulz saw the crowning of a new PWF Champion, who just happens
to be the one and only Nova! "High Profile" Dylan Night, the PWF champion at
the beginning of the evening, had faced a mystery opponent known only as The
Midnight Rider, who resembled a certain legend of wrestling. After defeating
The Rider, Night grabbed the microphone and asked new PWF President Rob
Dimension "That's the best you got?" Dimension replied that The Rider wasn't
even the surprise, and instructed the soundman to hit the music. As the
strains of The Beastie Boy's "Intergalactic" hit the speakers, the crowd
came alive as Nova, the innovator of offense, roared towards the ring. After
a back and forth match that saw both men kick out of each other's finishers,
Nova was finally able to overcome Night to become the new PWF Heavyweight
Champion. What does this mean for Dylan Night and Candi, and more
importantly, what does it mean for the Premier Wrestling Federation?

In a very emotional match, Mikey Whipwreck, making his last PWF appearance,
was defeated by PWF Television Champion Guillotine LeGrande, who used the
corner ropes for leverage to gain the victory. The lockerroom emptied, and
each and every PWF performer poured into the ring in a show of respect for
the former ECW Triple Crown Champion, and the trainer of The SATs and Divine
Storm. Mikey was presented with a plaque commemorating him as the first
member of the PWF Hall of Fame. Truly a moment that will never be forgotten.

NWA World Champion Steve Corino defeated Ty Street by disqualification, as
Billy Bax, Dylan Night, and Candi hit the ring, saving Street from a pinfall
at the hands of the Old School Expulsion. Rapid Fire Maldonado hit the ring
to make the save, but was taken out by a single arm DDT from Dylan Night,
possibly suffering a seperated shoulder in the process. Street left the ring
with the NWA title, which will only serve to infuriate The King of Old

Donnie B served as the special referee, as The SAT successfully defended the
PWF Tag Team Titles against former champions The Damned. Donnie B actually
assisted The SAT, who were clearly the crowd favorites in this match. Not
only will The Damned be looking to gain revenge on Donnie B, but what
happens when The Backseat Boyz come back to the States?

Billy Bax defeated Red and "Tornado" Tony Kozina to unify the IWA, PWF, and
NWA Pacific Northwest Junior Heavyweight championships. The three men, who
delivered some of the most creative moments of the evening, were treated
with a standing ovation after the contest. Bax hit Kozina with his belly to
belly, and made the cover, as Red delivered a shooting star press. Referee
Mike Kehner counted the pin by Bax, and the titles were unified for the
first time in history.

NWA World Champions The New Heavenly Bodies defeated The Rachies by
disqualification. Danny Rose and Adam Flash dominated the match, but fell
victim to the NWA over the top rope disqualification rule. Vivacious Vito
and Casanova Chris retained the titles, much to the dismay of the very vocal

PWF commentator Bryan Riegel introduced the new PWF President Rob Dimension,
only to be interrupted by Lou E. Dangerously. As Dangerously ran down the
PWF, Rapid Fire Maldonado came out to take exception, but was jumped by
Juggernaut. In a brutal, very physical contest, Juggernaut pinned Maldonado,
after Dangerously cremated Allison Danger with his ever trusty phone.
Juggernaut is your first ever PWF Xtreme Champion.

Gino Giovanni and JD Powers, along with the Fun Athletic Guy, defeated
Slambo the Clown and Psycho.

In a battle of debuting wrestlers, "Hi Flying" Chris Hamrick, with Selest,
defeated "Nitestic" Eddie Brown with the Confederate Jam.


August 17th: IWA/PWF/NWA combined show at the Riverside Bene Hall in
Reading, PA.

(from Jess McGrath's Moonsaults Column on )

"The Bodies' and Kozina's next stop on their Northeast tour was the PWF/IWA
show in Reading, PA, on 8/17. Bodies retained the NWA World tag team titles
beating Steve Corino and Biggie Biggs by DQ. They did another restart, then
Corino & Biggs were DQ'd for tossing one of the Bodies over the top rope.
Kozina, again billed as Pacific Northwest jr. champion, went to a ten-minute
draw with PWF/IWA jr. champ Billy Bax. Dylan Night & Kevin Knight beat the
Damned for the IWA tag team titles. Juggernaut kept the PWF Xtreme title
beating Eddie Brown, who was subbing for Rapid Fire Maldonado. They did an
angle earlier where Juggernaut attacked Maldonado and took him out to
collect on a bounty placed on Maldonado by Night and Knight. Danny Rose beat
Josh Daniels. (I realize there were mor matches, but I can't find full
results out there)."

for another perspective: Here is the commentary from Dylan Night's web site

"With no doubt in my mind, I know, Steve Corino is the one that is devising
the plan to screw High Profile Dylan Night.

How? Why you ask? Well Friday when we arrived at the Riverside Arena there
is a new face in the IWA. A man that showed his face for the first time ever
in the PWF, Nite-Stic Eddie Brown… and who is he with? None other then Rapid
Fire Maldonado and the ever so irritating Allison Danger. Who else has
apparently made an alliance? The Damned? Well there went Candi's proposition
for our former friends, "Be good little a Mad Dog and lay down and play
dead," while I made a quick painless pin. Also, like it was not enough for
one week, the ring breaks, the ropes were all screwed up and this happened
in the first match. Gee, now this is odd….. Or was it another set up? This
causes the promoter to state that we may have to call the evening short, due
to the fact that we have to fix the ring that could take up to 30 minutes…..
Would this mean the double main event would be canceled? How convenient…
Corino would not have to put his NWA title on the line and neither would The
Damned. So it would be no gold tonight for night, right? Wrong.

At the first opportunity we broke out into a brawl. The ring was broke, but
they could fix it while I claimed my gold. The Damned took the lure and the
fight was on, in the form of a street fight amongst former friends. After a
brutal bashing, man I am really getting hurt this week! My foot is the color
of my website, all twisted and purple! And thirty eight minutes later, I and
my partner Kevin Knight were crowned the new IWA tag team champions. Thank
you to not only our brilliant knowledge of wrestling, but also with the
extra backing of one Miss Candi and a Juggernaut on our side, who stopped
Nite-Stic Eddie Brown's interference. See I told you it was a set up, we
were unstoppable. Now this gets good… I look up to the commentary table once
all is said and done, and who do i see??? Steve Corino."

After the show, a HUGE crew of us hit the local Hooters and we hung with the
HEavenly Bodies and The Soul Brothers. Chris Nelson of the Bodies was funny
as hell and definitely was mad cool. Actually I should add that EVERYone
that came in for the NWA... Juggernaut, Tony Kozina, and the Bodies were ALL
great representatives for the NWA and were all mad cool.


August 18: August 18th, 2001, at the Loomis Arena in Plainfield, CT
(These are the shows that Draven and I are now "producing")

Young Guns Champion Damian Houston retained his title with a win over Tim
Kilgore (managed by JC Marxxx). After the match Kilgore attacked Houston and
stole the belt.

The Showtime Posse (Kid Krazy -&- Lionel with JC Marxxx) defeated "Bad Boy"
Billy Black and Beast to win the vacant Tag Team Titles, when "Enforcer"
Larry Huntley ran in and hit Beast with a chair while the ref was distracted
by Marxxx.

Duff defeated Onyx by pinfall. Both guys had one of their best ICCW matches
today, with Duff winning with his "Bully Buster" finish.

Tripleicious defeated CT Champion Ruy Batello in a best 2 out of 3 falls
match. Batello was caught using the title belt as a weapon in the first
fall. He then hit his "Ru-anizer" (ace cutter) finish to score the second
fall. The final fall was won by Tripleicious with his "L-Ride" (diamond
cutter). Due to the first fall being a DQ, Ruy retains the title.

Alexander Forsythe III presented his new wrestler "Mucho Dinero" (no
relation to Julio). Dinero was completely squashed by the Mighty Moco, until
Forsythe's assistant Ms. Green hopped on the apron and whispered something
in Moco's ear. Moco then laid himself down and rolled the masked Dinero on
top of him allowing the pinfall. Moco then left the ring and collected a
payoff from the wheelchair-bound millionaire, Forsythe. Forsythe bragged of
his new wrestler's talents, until Beast ran out from the back, foaming at
the mouth, and beat Mucho Dinero up for a good 3 minutes before calming down
and leaving.

In a Four Corners match to determine a new #1 Contender to the Heavyweight
Title, "Shooter" Adam Booker defeated KL Murphy and Draven -&- Mad Dog of
the Damned. Late in the match, Onyx, Kilgore, and the new Tag Champs hit the
ring attacking the four wrestlers. Booker, Murphy and the Damned managed to
clean house. The Damned stepped out of the match and agreed that they would
keep any further interference from happening. They would step out of the
match and allow Booker and Murphy to wrestle for the spot. Booker won with
the "Gore."

"Primetime" Randy J defeated "Enforcer" Larry Huntley by DQ. "Bad Boy" Billy
Black came out seemingly to gain retribution for Huntley's interference in
the tag match. Instead he and Huntley attacked Randy J, brutally beating him
down. After the match Billy Black verbally assaulted the regular fans of the

In the main event, "Big League" Brian Black defeated ICCW Champion Chris
Venom by DQ. Right near the end of the match, Venom accidentally hit referee
Pepe Sanchez. He then hit his Stunner suplex on Black and went for the pin.
A second ref came out and counted the 3. The original ref soon came to and
disqualified Venom for hitting him earlier. Black stomped down Venom after
the match until "Shooter" Adam Booker made the save.
August 18th: The Aftermath

After the show, KL Murphy, Kid Krazy, MTE, Tim Kilgore and I travelled just
north of Boston to go to the NWA-New England show. Basically I wanted to go
to hang with The Heavenly Bodies, Juggernaut, and Tony Kozina seeing they
were local to my corner of the country. Of them all, I probably talked with
Chris Nelson the most, as he has tons of funny stories and stuff. It would
have been way cool to be able to go back to PA for the NWA BBQ hosted by
World Champ Steve Corino, but unfortunately I am stuck up here LOL. Overall
a fun night, topped off with GREAT Spike's dogs on my way home.


August 24th: World Wrestling Alliance at the Seekonk VFW Hall in Seekonk,

Mike Paivia w/ Mercedes beat Kid Krazy

Paine defeated the returning Jimmy "Jacked" Cash

The Damned defeated YPW Tag Champions Kappa Tappa Kegga. During our match,
the second rope broke. We managed to still finish the match and won with
some crafty use of KTK's Keg.

Tre "The Smooth Operating Gangsta" beat The Lone Hood

Brandi Alexander pinned Lady Victoria

Tre "The Smooth Operating Gangsta" beat Flex Armstrong

NWO's Vincent beat Brian Logan

Disco Inferno defeated "The Graduate" Timothy McNeany

After the show, Draven, Krazy, Adrienne, and myself grabbed some food at
Friendly's. We then headed and met up with a gaggle of the NCW guys to see
"Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back ".  Let me just say how amazingly funny this
movie was to true fans of the Kevin Smith Jersey Trilogy (all 5 movies in it
LOL). It was a great film, and I laughed my ass off.


Auguest 25: The World Wrestling Alliance at the Armory in Hyannis, MA.

Mike Paivia w/ Mercedes beat Kid Krazy

Pain defeated Purty Kurty w/ Kenny Casanova

Flex Armstrong defeated Jimmy "Jakked" Cash

Lagy Victoria beat Brandi Alexander

The Damned beat Jeff Starr and Shockwave

Tre "The Smooth Operating Gangsta" went to a no descision with Timothy "The
Graduate" McNeany

Virgil beat Brian Logan (after Logan could no longer handle shooting with
Vincent and layed down)

The Disco Inferno defeated "Hippie Freak" Nick Richards

We won, when we pinned Jeff Starr following Total Damnation. As last time,
working Shockwave and Jeff Starr produced a great match. Both guys are
excellent talents and get over big time with the fans.

After the show, we went to Chili's in Hyannis. In attendance were ICCW's
BEAST, WWA Ring Announcer extraordinaire Bobby Cruise, kid Krazy, Draven,
"Full Effect" Mike Paiva and Mercedes.
Spot of the night goes to Mikey, who took a sweet digger off his bar chair.


August 26th: World Wrestling Alliance at the Sons of Italy Hall in Quincy,

Kid Krazy beat Shockwave

The Damned beat Kappa Tappa Kegga w/ Marty The Party

Lady Victoria pinned Rayza in an intergender match

Tre "The Smooth Operating Gangsta" beat Purty Kurty

Jeff Starr beat "Hippie Freak" NIck Richards

Mike Pavia beat El Tornado

Disco Inferno and Jimmy "Jakked" Cash beat "The Graduate" Timothy McNeany
and Pain "Brains and Pain"

Once again we managed to defeat KTK using their keg against them. This match
was 100% better than the match with them Friday. Overall a good weekend of
shows with the WWA.


September 7th:  Eastern Wrestling Alliance at the Stevens Avenue Armory, in
Portland, ME.

This story merits reporting to all of you. Sometime in the early morning,
someone posted on the EWA Message Board that the show was cancelled. This
was a complete fabrication. Adrienne wakes me up at like ten AM. She says
that The Fraggle (making his debut in EWA this very night)called at 8:30 AM
saying the show was cancelled and to call him. I looked at the board, by now
which had been corrected by the REAL EWA. I call Fraggle and he is still
home. I told him that the show was on. He was supposed to leave his Long
Island home at 8 AM, instead he is leaving at 11 AM.  Three hours late. He
gets here for like 1:30 and we finally get out of the state by 2 PM.
Luckily, my ultra-fast driving skills (not anything compared to those of
Draven's) gets us there in just about 2 1/2 hours. We ride up ribbing
Fraggle the whole way about how only a HUGE Mark could be worked by another
mark. We arrive in plenty of time to get ready for the show.

In the opening bout (a 2 out of three falls match), with Josh Shea's career
up against El Tornado's mask & New england Title... El Tornado defeated
Rukkus retiring Josh Shea, manager of EOS and Rukkus.

Frankie Armadillo beat Damian Houston in the Hardcore Title Match
after Stephon Q. Ramsey put Damian through a table.

<Right before they went out, I made sure to Hot Stuff the neck of Marine,
who was making his wrestling debut.>

In the Tag Team Rumble with the Titles on the line:
Chris Venom & Kildevil beat "The Darned" KL "Mad Dog" Murphy and Tim
"Draven" Kilgore with new manager Donnie Marine. Venom hit his Stunner-plex
on Kilgore for the win.

The Damned beat Venom/Kildevil by hitting Total Damnation on Kildevil.

The Damned beat The Asian Contingent by hitting Total Damnation on Kamikaze.

The Elements of Suicide beat the Damned. The finish came after we hit Total
Damnation on Cinna. The Frogsplash was hit with a chair on Cinna's ribs.
This injured him and Draven. While the ref checked on Cinna, Rukkus hit me
with a tornado DDT on the chair. Onyx then hit a Yakuza Kick through a chair
on Draven for the tainted win.

Larry Huntley & Adam Hastey drew after Chris Venom and Kildevil

Dr. Heresy beat Adam Booker to retain the world title in what was a

After the show, we hit an Applebees with Adrienne, Draven, Fraggle, Kilgore,
Murphy, Rhyanedd and her cousin Crissy. Over all an interesting night, with
a near brawl when Kilgore was hit with errant flying Sour Cream via Draven's
fork. The ride home was even better time-wise. I slept, but we made it home
in an hour and 45 minutes. Speaking of sleep, Fraggle promised to stay awake
the whole ride due to his obvious GOOF earlier in the day. He was out cold
by the New Hampshire border to MA. Little Bitch that he is.


September 8th: Independent Connecticut Championship Wrestling at the
Plainfield Little League Fields in Plainfield, CT.

The ICCW had a successful benefit show for Cara Cote, a 9 year old girl
suffering from Leukemia. There was a draw of 100 people at the show. The
ICCW helped raise $500 to help the family in paying their medical bills.
This is the first of many ICCW shows that Draven and I will be producing,
but not actually working. We have decided to let the younger guys take the
spotlight. Without us on the show, it opens some spots for newer guys to
step in. We did however do some fantastic Commentary. On the Commentary team
were the usual ICCW team of "You're and Idiot" Jim Aches, and
"Indispensible" Scotty Angel. We decided to spice things up and The Damned
and former ECW wrestler "Hi-Flying" Chris Hamrick added our 2 cents.
Hamrick's stuff was Funny as hell. We basically spent the show ripping on

Commissioner MTE came out and made a few announcements. First, to continue
his ongoing feud with former best friend and CT Champion Ruy Batello, he
declared that the ICCW Connecticut Title would be on the line 24/7. He then
called out ICCW Champion Chris Venom and #1 Contender "Shooter" Adam Booker.
Before he could interview them about their scheduled title match later in
the night, "Big League" Brian Black came out and complained that he defeated
Venom at the previous event (by DQ) and therefore should be getting the
shot. Eastern Wrestling Alliance (EWA) Heavyweight Champion Doctor Heresy
was next to come out. He also wanted a shot claiming to be the Heavyweight
Champion of the top New England independent promotion. Instead, MTE made the
match a tag match, with Heresy and Black teaming to face Booker and Venom.
Heresy and Black attacked Venom and Booker, who fought back and sent Heresy
and Black packing. Venom stood in the ring with his ICCW strap and Booker
held up the EWA Heavyweight title.

In the opening match, ICCW Tag Team Champions The X3-Rated Posse (Lionel and
Kid Krazy) accompanied by their manager JC Marxxx defeated KL Murphy and
"Little 80's" Derik Destiny by pinfall. Destiny was pinned after Krazy hit a
Super-kick and Lionel followed up with a top rope leg-drop.

"The Enforcer" Larry Huntley (with "Bad Boy" Billy Black) defeated The Beast
by pinfall. While Billy Black had the referee distracted, Huntley used
Beast's huge cow leg bone to knock him out.

ICCW Connecticut Champion "Heartbreaker" Ruy Batello faced #1 Contender
Duff. Duff made his comeback, but Ruy was able to cut him off and throw him
out of the ring. As Ruy showboated to the crowd, Johnny Curtis ran out with
referee Larry Loomis in tow. He rolled up Ruy and Loomis counted the
pinfall. Johnny Curtis is the new ICCW CT Champion.

Alexander Forsythe III (in his wheelchair) came to the ring pushed by his
personal assistant Ms. Green. He berated the people and talked about how
amazing a manager he has become. He talked about how with his money, a
nobody wrestler like Mucho Dinero won a match. Now he continues his streak.
He also complained about The Beast attacking Dinero after his match last
month. Dinero, looking clueless as ever, came to the ring. His opponent for
the evening. Eastern Wrestling Alliance New England Champion, El Tornado.
Tornado showed why he was EWA NE Champ. He destroyed Dinero with all sorts
of moves. He then hit a Michinoku Driver followed by a picture perfect
moonsault. Ms. Green jumped to the apron. She whispered something to
Tornado. Rather than take the win, Tornado climbed out of the ring and took
a payoff from Forsythe and walked to the back. Winner by count out was Mucho
Dinero. Before he could even get up to celebrate, The Beast stormed out and
once again decimated Dinero. He then put Dinero in his new submission hold
(basically a move where he tries to literally twist a guy's head off).
Commissioner MTE tried to break the hold, and the frenzied Beast put him in
it. Officials were unable to break the hold, until event Producers Mad Dog
and Draven (The Damned) came out and finally broke the hold.

In a No-DQ Grudge match between the two founding members of the Showtime
Posse, "Primetime" Randy J defeated "Cropper" Craig Steele with the entire
X3-rated Posse. The win came after continued interference by Tim Kilgore and
Kid Krazy. Randy J was able to block a superplex attempt and hit his top
rope elbow for the win. After the match, Krazy and Kilgore put the boots to
Randy J. Craig Steele pushed them away and shook Randy J's hand in a show of
respect (he stipulated that if he lost he would shake Randy's hand). The
rest of the Posse left in disgust.

ICCW Young Guns Champion Damian Houston defeated Johnny Curtis to retain his
title. Just before the finish, Ruy Batello ran out, with ref Larry Loomis in
tow, and hit a stunner on Curtis and pinned him to regain his title. Houston
capitalized and hit his double jump moonsault ("The Rocker Launch") to win.
This match was very characteristic of the Japanese Puroresu style. It
contained some amazing spots, including Houston's signature 450 splash and
Curtis' springboard twisting somersault senton to the outside. Definitely a
contender for best match of the night.

"Bad Boy" Billy Black accompanied by "Enforcer" Larry Huntley defeated The
Mighty Moco. Black pinned Moco very easily following a Huntley chair-shot.
After the match Black and Huntley pummeled Moco and then got on the
microphone challenging all the "big dogs" of ICCW.

"Self-proclaimed Young Guns Champion" Tim Kilgore (who stole the title belt
from Damian Houston at the last event) with JC Marxxx defeated
Triplelicious. Kilgore pinned Triplelicious using a carbon copy version of
Damian Houston's 450 Splash. After the match, Houston ran out and attacked
Kilgore. Before he could get back his belt, JC Marxxx and Kilgore grabbed it
and took off. This was another Best of match show contender.

In the main event, EWA Champion Dr. Heresy and "Big League" Brian Black
defeated ICCW Champ "The Revolution" Chris Venom and "Shooter" Adam Booker.
All of these guys looked like they belonged in the main event. The match was
great. The finish came when Booker and Heresy (a rivalry spilling over from
EWA) brawled outside the ring. Referee Pepe Sanchez was outside trying to
break them up. "Bad Boy" Billy Black ran in and hit his spinning reverse
neckbreaker on Venom and pulled Brian Black (no relation) on top of Venom.
The ref turned around in time to count the three as Black gained his second
win over Venom in as many attempts. After the match Heresy and Brian Black
attacked their opponents, who fought back and Booker hit a double "GORE"
clearing the ring of Heresy and Black. The fans cheered as the team THEY
thought won stood in the ring.

After the show, a huge crew of us hit a Chinese Buffet and chilled out. Over
all the show was probably the best ICCW show there has been yet.


Commentary:  I have seen a lot of things go on in like the last month. I'll
touch on a variety of things.

    First off, I want to talk about the crew of ICCW. Overall, these guys are
making huge strides. The whole roster seems to be trying to raise the level
of the shows and challenging each other. It seems like on-going rivalries of
who can have the best matches, come up with the most innovative stuff, tell
the best stories, etc. It is good-natured and has brought show quality up
huge. The show Saturday was awesome. There was not one match that I would
even consider less than good. There were a few standouts that really
impressed me.
    Johnny Curtis and Damian Houston did a match with major Japanese (puroresu)
influences. These guys risked their bodies and had one hell of a match.
Highlights included a great opener, An amazing 450 by Houston and a
Springboard Asai Tumbleweed by Curtis. It is only a matter of time before
both of these guys start getting noticed and more work outside of New
    The other match that really impressed me was Triplelicious and Tim Kilgore.
We are running an angle with Timmy and Damian, where Tim has stolen
Houston's belt and his finisher (the 450). I can honestly say, Tim and Trip
are a perfect example of where our guys came froma nd how far they have
come. One year ago, I couldn't imagine these two guys stealing a show. Their
match had great psychology and fantastic sequences of spots. Kilgore's new
manager JC Marxxx got ULTRA heat from the crowd. He is quickly becoming a
huge heel in ICCW.
    Other notable things were The guys in the main event delivering exactly as
I had hoped. All four guys put on a great show and ended the show with a
match worthy of being the main event. Heresy and Booker are just off of
shots with NWA-Wildside and are really no-where near the tops of either's
game yet. They are so damn good and still will get way better. Larry Huntley
has embraced his new role as a heel and really gotten over well, plus Balls
Mahoney would be proud of his chair shots. Another really big thing is "Bad
Boy" Billy Black. A few months ago he was in limbo as a babyface in a tag
team. Even though he was one of the tag champs, it felt as if he was going
through the motions. We sat with him and basically told him we wanted to get
the old intense heel back, and he has done just that. Overall Billy was the
most over heel on the show. People HATED him. We have always called him a
heat magnet. He was awesome at riling up the crowd. One other person I think
deserves mention is Ruy Batello. Ruy might not be physically as gifted
athletically as others on the roster, but he has this natural charisma and
fantastic personality for his gimmick. He continues to impress me with his
gimmick work and his increasingly better psychology. Overall the whole
roster just really impressed me.

Onto another subject. The Damned T-Shirts <first run> have come and gone.
They didn't last one show. Five minutes after the doors opened at EWA in
Maine, we were out. I will apologize to anyone left out on the first batch,
but more are being made now, and we will be better prepared for the demand.
Special Props go out to Pete MacPhee who did the work for us. Pete sublets
our band practice space to us and took care of us. The image on the shirt is
actual art work by Draven, himself. They look mad cool, and the design may
even end up on our tights in the near future.

Also going on is that we are FINALLY back in the gym after a long layoff.
Little nagging injuries and complicated work schedules basically set us back
big time. We worked the EWA show really hurting after a return to the gym.
The return will help as we are trying to get 5 days a week of good solid

The band now has a name. "Krimzen Reign" is now auditioning a full-time
singer. We had one guitarist quit, but then watched the other lead guitarist
open right up and show that he was holding back. Carl continue to amaze
Draven and I with his soloing and his riff-writing. Stacey, the drummer and
former NEWA star Inferno, is really endangering us with flying drum sticks,
LOL. Our music has also taken a very heavy turn. Unlike the lighter
alt-sound we had with Brian, we now are darker and heavier metal, like you
would expect from the Damned.


Upcoming shows:

September 21 & 22: World Wrestling Alliance; Locations TBA
*I have heard rumors of an eventual tag tournanment?? *

September 29: Northeast Championship Wrestling at the American Legion Hall
in Natick, MA.
*we will not be at this NCW show*

September 29: Nittany Valley Wrestling at Penn State University, State
College, PA.
*The Damned make their Penn State Return*

October 3: Premier Wrestling Federation at the Sunnybrook Ballroom in
Pottstown, PA.

October 6: EWA at the Stevens Ave Armory, Portland, ME
*We attempt to get revenge on the EOS*

October 17: Premier Wrestling Federation at the Sunnybrook Ballroom in
Pottstown, PA.

October 18: Premier Wrestling Federation at a location TBA.

More to be added soon.

For more information go to the following websites: - Soon to be updated


Drink of the issue:

Kane's Hard Cola

Served Ice Cold on ice. This drink comes pre-bottled and tastes like a Rum
and Coke. I liked it and it was refreshing after a hard day of moving heavy

(We do not condone underage drinking and/or alcohol addiction)


Phrase of the issue:


Orgination of word: Our friend Kevin during the last WWF PPV

Meaning: a euphemism for a man having intercourse with a less than
attractive woman.

Ex: "OK, so I'm scroggin' this fat chick and she is getting into it."

There is your new word.... use it, learn it, make it known!


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Finally, the woman this newsletter has talk so much about has her own
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Next issue... we return to our usual format and more in depth results
sections. More info on the progress of our band.

See yah folks!

"Holy Feedback Batman" - Tim Kilgore on his way to the ICCW ring as the
Microphone JC Marxxx was talking on fedback.