Date: Oct 17 2000 23:51:09 EDT
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Damned Update

Well folks... welcome once again to another fun-filled edition of the
Damned Newsletter. In This issue: Results and Ramblings from the last Two
weekends (yah I know I slacked), Survivor???, and a legend injured.


SHOCKTOBERFEST: October 7th... Outside of Reading, PA for IWA Championship

"WOW they really ARE dredging the Sludge of the indies for this show!"
-Allison Danger (prolly the hottest valet in the biz talking about the
Damned just seconds before running over and giving us HUGE hugs).

Anyhow, this show was part of Pennsylvania's Horror Theme Park (kinda like
the New England Spookyworld). All the wrestlers and ref Mike "Elmer Fudd"
Dutch were in Halloween style-stuff. Dutch had a hella-sweet bullet-hole
through his head. The Damned... well... we just went back to OLD School...
and wore the full regalia of mask/paint/chains/noose. The show was OUT F'N
Doors.. and it was COLD as HELL. We were scheduled to Face local faves
the Hooch Holler Boys... But tonite we instead faced the Hooch HOWLING
Boys. The two guys were in Werewolf makeup and accompanied by Marcie
Mae... who was a sexy-looking Vampiress. First spot in the match, we get
reversed and whipped into a section of chairs. It WAS a section of chairs.
We literally took out four full rows. The match went back into the ring
and about ten minutes later... the Damned won with the Draven Headbutt off
the top rope.
After the show, we hit a local eatery with Allison Danger (sister of an
ECW star who shall remain nameless...) The Brooklyn Bomber Tony Montana,
JD Powers, and Elmer Fudd Dutch. After a sub-par meal, we headed home...
with an added rider. We drove Montana to New York on the way home. He
joined in the festivities of Ribbing Dutch... always FUN!

Oh... special shout-out to newsletter subscriber and Damned fan...
"Notorious B.I.T.C.H" aka da Spence Man. He cracked us up hard-core with
his interpretation of Styx's "Come Sail Away" as sung by Eric Cartman of


Friday October 13th, Wilminton, MA at the Shriner's Auditorium; Chaotic
Wrestling showed why it was one of the brightest new promotions in the
indies. On the card, besides us defending the tag titles... King Kong
Bundy vs. Rick Fuller; The Millenium Killaz vs. The One Night Stand for #1
contendership to the tag titles; "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas vs. Kyle Storm
(w/Master Sandy) Kidd USA defending the heavyweight title and more.

First and foremost, we successfully defended the titles against Derik
Destiny and the Yankee Rebel.

Kidd USA pinned NWA-New England Cruiserweight Champ Dan Bidondi to retain
the Chaotic Heavyweight Title (despite interference by Donnie Rotten and
Jack Hill).

The Innovators of the One Night Stand defeated The Millenium Killaz and
will face us This Friday night at the Palladium in Worcester.

King Kong Bundy beat Rick Fuller.

Short Sleeve Sampson beat Tiny The TErrible in the Midget Title match...
You have to see the finish to believe it. WUNI 27 in Mass... for local times.

Finally, My former partner fought Tony Atlas. In a scary moment, Kyle
moonsaulted towards the prone Atlas. Atlas attempted to move, but was
unsuccessful, catching both knees of Storm to the back of the neck/head.
Atlas was unconscious for the rest of the match and left via ambulance.

Nittany Wrestling Federation October 14th, State College, PA

Recap of Related events (thanks to the NWF site for this recap):

The self-proclaimed NWF Tag Team Champions, Don Juan Desanto and Dr.
Heresy, came to the ring unannounced and recapped how they claimed the
belts at the last NWF event when "The Damned" failed to show up. Their
scheduled opponents tonight, "Elements of Suicide," who were trained by
"The Damned," came out to the ring and interrupted their spiel. They said
revenge will be sweet when they win the tag titles tonight for their
friends "The Damned."

However, Dr. Heresy interrupted "Elements of Suicide" and he and Desanto
told them that because they had never even wrestled in the NWF before,
they would have to prove themselves as worthy contenders by each fighting
in singles matches before they got their shot at the gold. "Elements of
Suicide" agreed to the challenge and we were set for Match #2.

FUMAR vs. CINNA (1/2 of Elements of Suicide)
Before the match began, Fumar told the fans that he was now a three-time
University Park Champion, thanks to Mr. Wendal, and pulled up his shirt to
reveal the belt around his waist! Everyone was in shock, and as of right
now the NWF website is not sure what exactly transpired and why Fumar is
now in possession of the University Park Title. Afterall, the legitimate
champion is "LiveWire" Dave Desire, who is recovering from a broken
collarbone that he suffered in April. How did Fumar come into possession
of the belt? We'll try to find that out, and hopefully we'll have some
clarification about that on NWF "Over the Top Rope Radio" this Thursday at
6:30 PM on WKPS 90.7 FM in State College, PA. The show will also be
available for download on the NWF website.

During the match, Cinna and Fumar were locked in a back-and-forth
struggle. The tide turned when suddenly Desanto and Heresy came to
ringside. Desanto and Fumar distracted referee Dr. Tom Kennedy as his
partner Heresy entered the ring and executed a flatliner on Cinna. Fumar
was then able to get the easy 1-2-3, as "Elements of Suicide" lost their
first challenge match.

JOHN BALSAMO (w/Super Sausage Dino) vs. ONYX (1/2 of Elements of Suicide)
Balsamo avenged his loss from earlier in the night against Onyx as once
again Desanto and Heresy played a part in the outcome of this match. While
Balsamo's manager Super Sausage Dino distracted Referee Tom, both men
attacked Onyx. By the time "Mind & Matter" were through with him, Balsamo
got an easy pinfall.

But "Mind & Matter" were not through as they continued to attack Onyx
after the bell, causing his partner Cinna to try and come to his rescue.
But it was to no avail, as "Mind & Matter" attacked him as well. Both men
were laid out in the ring, and after "Mind & Matter" vacated ringside,
"Elements of Suicide" limped back to the dressing room as well.

"Million Dollar" Wendal's music suddenly began to play, and he made his
way to the ring once more. Mr. Wendal told the fans that tonight Risk
Management would capture not only the NWF title, but they already were in
possession of the tag team titles, and introduced the Dr. Heresy and Don
Juan Desanto as the newest members of his growing stable. Desanto and
Heresy told "Elements of Suicide" that they were fighting champions, and
that even though Cinna and Onyx lost their matches, they would give them a
title shot anyway.

Onyx and Cinna then made their way out to the ring, both men limping
noticeably from the beating they had just received from Desanto and
Heresy. Onyx says that perhaps they are not worthy of a tag shot after
all. That maybe Mind and Matter is the greatest tag team of all time, or
maybe he's absolutely wrong because they have never defeated their
opponents tonight… "The Damned!"

"The Damned" weren't even supposed to be there, but sure enough their
music hit, and Draven and Mad Dog came storming to ringside, much to the
surprise of everyone. Desanto and Heresy, as well as Million Dollar
Wendal, had looks of panic on their faces as the rightful tag team
champions entered the ring and the match began to crown the undisputed tag

This was a hot match as Mad Dog and Draven were in top form against Heresy
and Desanto. But "Mind & Matter" had an unfair edge as "Million Dollar"
Wendal remained at ringside and made his presence felt, interfering for
his employees whenever possible. Soon with the interference of Wendal,
Heresy and Desanto began to isolate Draven on their side of the ring,
preventing him from tagging in a fresh Mad Dog. This went on for what
seemed like an eternity, but finally Draven was able to start the momentum
going back his way, and he cleaned up on both members of "Mind & Matter"
before tagging in Mad Dog. Mad Dog was like a bull in a china shop,
demolishing both Heresy and Desanto. Mad Dog and Draven double-teamed
their opponents, with Mad Dog slingshotting Draven into the corner,
sandwiching Desanto, at one point. However, just as "The Damned" were
attempting their finisher, Wendal distracted Referee Tom and Desanto
entered the ring and nailed Mad Dog in the back of the head with a folding
chair, knocking him out. Heresy executed a flatliner onto Mad Dog for good
measure, and "Mind & Matter" cheated their way to becoming the undisputed
NWF Tag Team Champions, much to the dismay of everyone.

KEVIN KANEVIL (w/Mr. Wendal)
This contest between former friends, Arafat and KanEvil, was made a "No
Disqualification match" by orders of NWF Commissioner Samu earlier in the
week, and it did not take long for these two men to go right at each
other. The early parts of the match were a great mat-wrestling exhibition,
featuring many close pinfalls. Arafat had numerous chances to end the
match, but Fumar, who along with Wendal were both at ringside, interfered
liberally against Arafat, breaking up all of his pin attempts on KanEvil.
Although unfair, Referee Tom was powerless to stop Fumar from sticking his
nose into the match, as it was perfectly within the rules of the no-DQ

Finally Arafat bulldogged KanEvil on the outside, and "Mind & Matter" came
running down to the ring. They tried to attack Arafat, but he nailed them
both with Camel Kicks. However it was not long before they got back to
their feet, at which point "The Damned" came running down to the ring and
a full-scale brawl erupted. "The Damned" and "Mind & Matter" beat the hell
out of each other, as Desanto was the un-willing recipient of getting his
face scraped against the vents in the White Building.

Amidst all of the pandemonium, Arafat and KanEvil had disappeared and then
reappeared brawling on the second level balcony. They was a flurry of
punches being thrown by both men, and then KanEvil attempted to throw
Arafat off of the balcony down to the floor, but Arafat prevented it.
Arafat then wound up and nailed KanEvil with a discuss punch that sent him
falling off of the balcony down at least twelve feet to the arena floor

The fans erupted and Arafat then stood arms spread out still on top of the
balcony soaking in the cheers. He then took to the air, leaping off, and
delivering an elbow to a prone KanEvil below!

Both men lay motionless on the ground for a few minutes as the fans
chanted "NWF! NWF! NWF!" repeatedly.



Well it would sure as hell be interesting!

This is the hypothetical situation that has started on Joe Rules' site

The Damned narrowly avoided being the first "voted off the island", and
NWF's Yutzak Arafat instead hit the bricks. Check out the site and make
sure to vote for the OTHER guys. KEEP THE DAMNED ON THE ISLAND!!!!


This weekend you can see The Damned at the following places!

Friday October 20th; Worcester, MA; The Palladium Nightclub.
Chaotic Wrestling: See The DAMNED defend their tag titles against #1
contenders Edward G. Extasy & Ronnie D. Lishes! for more info.

Saturday October 21st; Portland, ME; UNE Campus Gymnasium.
Eastern Wrestling Alliance: See The EWA Tag Champions defend their titles
against Steve Ramsey and Damian Houston. for more info.


That is it for this issue.

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