Date: Jan 02 2001 23:10:03 EST
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: The Damned Newsletter

Hey Folks... happy New Year!!! In this issue of the Damned Newsletter...

=>Results of the last two shows we've worked
=>A call for VOTES!
=>Year in review
=>Upcoming dates!


Decenmber 22nd:
South Coast Championship Wrestling at the PAL Hall in Fall River, MA.

In another match to determine the number one contenders for the tag team
titles, we won... The order of elimination was as follows.

Johnny Nash & Derik Destiny beat Cubitor & Tony Gonzales.
Frankie Armadillo & Blade defeated Nash & Destiny.
We came in and beat Frankie & Blade... with a reversal of Frankie's
attempted tornado DDT into a "Last Ride" powerbomb followed by a Draven
Headbutt from the top rope.

Once again, our manager Rev. Chane Brannigan was there to help us with his
strategies and physical assistance.

Also on the show... Don Juan Desanto won the heavyweight title from Dr.
Heresy. The Hott Boyz won the tag titles from Blackheart/Punisher. Nick
Steele won the Interstate Title from Amanda Storm.

December 29th:
Northeast Championship Wrestling at the American Legion Post #311
Seekonk, MA.

This show overall was a GREAT one.. who would have thought that exactly a
year ago, this group would be viewed as a joke. Now, this developmental
fed, augmented by experienced workers would look like an indy powerhouse!

KL Murphy defeated Frankie Armadillo by pinfall.

"Bad Boy" Billy Black, "Crippler" Craig Steele, & Blackheart defeated
Duff, Beast, and Johnny Armadillo.

The Stretcher Crew defeated Zero Tolerance, Big Poppa Drunk/Richmond
Black, Terrance Thomas/Mark Quinn, and Maniacal Mark to retain the #1
contendership to the tag titles (God.. do we know how they feel).

Pacifico defeated Terrance Thomas by submission with the Cloverhitch.

The "Mind & Matter" Express with JC Cornette wrestled us to a no-contest.

NCW New England Champion Tim Kilgore w/"Mouthpiece of the east" Sean
Gorman beat Triplelicious and Kid Krazy in a Triple Threat Match-

The Divine Legacy("Primetime" Randy J and NCW Heavyweight Champion "the
Revolution" Chris Venom) beat the Elements of Suicide as Cinna turned on
Onyx and revealed he was already a part of the DIVINE LEGACY. Now any 2
members of the Legacy can defend the tag team titles.

Almost everyone put on a great show. MTE & Ruy "Don't Call Me Louie"
Batello totally tried to parody us... and it WAS funny, until we broke it
up and had those two boys messing their tights.

The Damned Year in Review:

February saw the formation of the Damned as we lost our debut against
another debuting team, Elements of Suicide. This match took place at the
highly successful and very highly praised Seffens Benefit show. We also
won our opening matches in the SCCW tag team tourney. First team we beat
was Damon D'Archangelo & Jason Rumble.

March: We started our road journeys to Pennsyvania to Nittany Wrestling
Federation. Our first show had Draven westling Don Juan and I wrestling
Jimmy Deo. We also debuted at the EWA, being unmasked as teh Hard-core
Institute Tag Team... and destroying Revelations. Wakefield, MA witnesses
the "most violent match in EWA history" as we fight Revelations to a no
contest. Kildevil, Draven and myself are all busted open during this
match. The fans went apeshit for it.. Somewhere along the way, Draven is
approached by PLW Tag champ Maniacal MArk.. and a title switch is
organized. We are the new PLW Tag Champs. (Title #1) We also won the next
match of the Tournament over Suicide Silva & Trent McNeely.

April: We return to Nittany, and in our first title shot... we go roughly
20 minutes against the Big Unit (Rick Silver and Joe Rules) and win the
Tag Titles. (Title #2); We start to wrestle for Reading,PA's IWA... We
lose our first match against Jimmy Deo and ECW's Roadkill (starting a feud
with DEO that would last a bunch of months). We continued to hold the PLW
tag champions and began wrestling for the Independent Connecticut
Championship Wrestling. Faced Revelations twice.. once ending in a Dbl DQ
and the other in them winning a six-man against us & Everette Payne, by
pinning our manager. We also teamed against EOS, Moco, Mike Dutch, Guy
Medeiros, and Blackwolf... in winning the King of Blood Japanese Death
Match in the what appears to have been the last Mayhem show.

May: We continue to Successfully defend our titles in Nittany & PLW, with
wins over Kid Krazy/Cinna and Elements in PLW... and John Balsamo and Troy
Bucchanon in Nittany. Revelations defeated us in a threeway hard-core
dance (along with Steve Ramsey & Damian Houston)to become the first EWA
Tag Champions. This match included the famous "Apakalunch Pinata"... you
had to see it... a pinata filled with thumbtacks... only from theminds of
the HCI. In IWA, we defeated "Brooklyn Bomber" Tony Montana & future IWA
champ JD Powers. We defeated Tavian Rave & Kid Krazy to go to the SCCW Tag
Tourney Finals. In Nittany, with Draven injured... Me & Don Juan Desanto
teamed to defeat Joe Rules & Kid Krazy to retain the tag titles... and to
cause some confusion in the next few months. Damnation X: Triple A, The
Heart Burn Kid, Road Pig, and Fat Ass Billy Buns debut in a one night only
shot with NCW... killing The Supreme Jobbing Machine Bubba.

June: The summer slows down a bit... but this month we still are busy.
We hit SCCW and lost in an upset to Suicidal Silva and Shane Simons. They
become the first tag champs. ICCW sees us at the Loomis Arena facing EOS
for the rights to get a title shot... they won. Mad Dog hits a QUARTER of
a CENTURY!!!!! We party something fierce at Six Flags New England with
Cinna, Heresy, Don Juan, Moco, KL Murphy, and Ref Mike Dutch for my 25th.

July: Mad Dog's 5th Anniversary with Adrienne. Our triumphant return to
wrestle in IWA. In our first (and only scheduled) match... we defeat our
buddy Tony Montana (The Brooklym Bomber) and Sweeeeeet Taaaabuuuuuu!
Later in the night, we think we can one-up Jimmy Deo and attack him during
his main event match with ECW's Sandman... BAD IDEA. They team up against
us. Although we beat them most of the match... we lose on a miscue.. and
some timely interference by the debuting manager Allison Danger. We return
to find out that EOS have defeated the Showtime Posse (Randy J & Craig
Steele) for the ICCW tag titles. We also have great PLW tag title defenses
against Damian Houston/Frankie Armadillo.

August: We defeat Revelations in CT for the EWA Tag Team Titles (Titles
#3). The very next night, we beat the debuting Asian Contingency. We also
helped Frankie "Mr. Muscles" Armadillo to win his first EWA Hard-core
title! We find that we will quickly become targets for teams there as we
face Houston/Ramsey in a close match and win... and then Kildevil/Larry
Huntley the same day. Kildevil turns on Huntley and joins with the
Hard-core Institute. Our nemesis with the highest tolerance and
thresh-hold for pain... has joined us.
In IWA, we team with Outta Sync (Kid Extreme & Vince Bono) and lose to
Jimmy Deo, The Backseat Boyz, and Big 80's Donnie B. With Extreme injured
before the match and Bono injured early in the match... we were
overmatched and lost. ECW's superfan "Hat Guy" John booed the hell out of
us... solidifying us as IWA "rulebreakers". We face Beast/Don Juan Desanto
in a match to become #1 contenders to the tag team titles of ICCW. In
SWELTERING HEAT... we win! On a rainy night, I take my header over the top
rope at an SCCW show onto the concrete in a match with EOS.. only to get
up and face them another 2 hours later for ICCW

September: We face Kid Krazy & DeriK Destiny in front of nearly 3000 rabid
fans at WAAF's Locobazooka to win the Chaotic Wrestling Tag Titles. (Title
#4). We defeat Elements of Suicide to win the ICCW Tag Team Titles. (Title
# 5. Don Juan and Dr. heresy... Mind & Matter.. pull a fast one on us
stealing the NWF titles by a loophole in the rules. They were crowned
champs, without ever facing us. For Atomic Championship Wrestling we join
The Patriot to face Baldie Devito, Twisted Tate & Deo... No contest brawl.

October: The title losing slide continued. We faced Mind & Matter, who
with the help of a STIFF chair shot by Don Juan on me, solidified their
title reign at NWF. Due to a brawl after the match, both teams were
suspended until the November semester's end show. In EWA, Brian Black
assisted Houston & Ramsey. We had the match won, when Commissioner Black
restarted it. A quick rollup and Houston & Ramsey were the new EWA Tag
Champs. We headed to the frigid Reading,PA Field of Screams... to compete
against IWA's Hooch Hollar Boys... we won with the top rope head butt by
Draven. Draven and I loot major candy going trick or treating...
LUUUUCHAAA LIIIIBREEEE!! Our first title defense in IWA was a success. We
defeat Chris Venom & Tripleicious in a lumberjack match.

November: Draven hits a Quarter of a Century Old! We have mucho
party/drinks at our favorite wateringhole... Copperfields. Could things
get worse in the title department? We drop the Chaotic titles to Ronnie
D-Lishes and Edward G Extasy (Innovators of the One Night Stand).
Interference by Derik Destiny led to the loss. Elements of Suicide pin
Damian Houston in a Fatal Three Way match to win the PLW tag titles from
us (We've lost all but one title for those keeping score at home.) We
travel to the NEW IWA run by ECW Champion Steve Corino. In a four way
elimination match... The Hooch Hollar Boys defeat Kevin Knight & JD Powers
to win the tag team gold. (We were eliminated earlier with THE MATRIX
(Roman & Hadrian) when we were all counted out brawling). In EWA, we
defeated Houston & Ramsey to regain the Tag team titles.

December: We make a return to the SCCW defeating many teams in elimination
matches (gauntlet matches). We are currently the number one contenders. In
the EWA, we won a survivor series type match. It was The HCI (Armadillo,
Kildevil and the Damned) Versus Adam Hastey, Houston, Ramsey, & Huntley.
The Damned were the sole survivors. The very next night, we were defeated
by Alexander Worthington III & Adam Hastey, when Hastey knocked us &
Worthington out to score the pin and the titles. The Matrix defeats us in
a GREAT match in IWA. This may possibly be the Damned's top match this
year. In PLW The Damned no-show a title match... to be replaced by "THE
GLAM-ed". Mega Hella cool Party in Spence Money Land (Spence Money is the
Official Fraggle of the Damned... also Dravens personal pet Jew). We head
back to Nittany where we regain the Tag Titles from Mind & Matter and then
help Yutzak Arafat win the ownership of NWF away from Mr. Wendel's team.
Wendel is banished from NWF. Watched "backyarder hacks" (not my words)
from NCW, who have busted their asses training with the Damned, put on a
great indy show on the 29th!

New Years Eve... Draven and I proceed to get properly plastered... what a
way to ring it in!!!!

Mad Dog:

Highlights of the year:
1)Forming the Damned.
2)Finding the most successful chemistry in any tag team I've ever been in.
3)Seeing guys I've trained or am training begin to get some notoriety and
success on the indies: Props to EOS, Krazy, Chris Venom, Tripleicious, Tim
Kilgore, Mike Dutch, and all the rest. You guys have done awesome in the
last year... you made the hard work worth while. The fun has only begun...
the NCW/SCW/ICCW connection here is going to bring respectability back to
this area.
4) Finally getting serious about the gym.. and seeing how it has helped me
& Draven in the ring.
5) Learning finally who my real friends are.
6) Making new friends around the biz and out.
7) Being a part of the locker rooms of IWA, EWA, ICCW, SCCW, PLW, NWF, and

1)Falling headfirst onto concrete
2)Watching Draven get dropped straight to the floor on a Somersault senton.
3) Mike Dutch falling asleep at the wheel.

Best Ribs (by us or others):
1) Adrienne's initiation to EWA!!!
2) Ramsey's shoes glued together by Scott King
3) Sun Dragon gets Hot Stuff in the mask
4) Various "drive-by pants wettings"
5) Kid Krazy's Asshat
6) Hey Mike Dutch: Two Words Tony FuckinG Devito!

Call for Votes....

Okay I took all this time and effort for your entertainment... the least
you can do is help us out here...


INDY SURVIVOR... we are down to the final four....

Mike Quackenbush, Rick Silver, Luxurious Lynne, and us....

VOTE RICK SILVER OFF! The Damned need to win... Rick we love ya.. but we
don't wanna be a "spiteful SUE".

and on

Vote for us as tag team of the year!!!

Blackheart and Punisher are one vote up.. don't let THEM Win.

Also vote for The Damned vs. Damian Houston/Kid Krazy for match of the


This month's calendar:

January 12th/13th:

SCCW at the PAL in Fall River/Fisherman's Club in New Bedford.
We get shots at the tag team champions... The Hott Boyz... come down and
root us to the titles!!!

January 20th: ICCW at the Loomis Arena
January 26th: EWA in Portland, ME

I hope you all had a safe and healthy holiday. Here's to another DAMNED
prosperous year to all of you....