Date: Oct 23 2000 20:32:28 EDT
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Damned Newletter

Welcome to another edition of the Damned Newsletter.

What can I say, the last week has continued to be tough for the Damned...
more on that in a minute.

First, the wrestling world mourns the loss of another of our brothers.
Rodney Anoia, better known to the wrestling fans as Yokozuna, died of a
heart attack today in London. Anoia feuded in Texas' World Class as Kokina
Maximus, stepping in as the monster heel against Kerry Von Erich. He also
teamed with family members Samu & Fatu (the Samoan Swat Team). He would
later debut in the WWF. He took on the guise of a Sumo Grand Champion or
Yokozuna. Anoia literally crushed his opponents with the "Banzai" drop
(vertical splash off the second rope). He won the 1993 Royal Rumble by
eliminating Bob Backlund earning a titleshot at Wrestlemania IX. He
defeated Bret Hart for his first WWF Heavyweight title, only to be
defeated by Hulk Hogan minutes later. Two months later, at King of the
Ring 1993, he regained the title pinning Hogan following a leg drop. I saw
him at the 1994 Royal Rumble in the Providence Civic Center defeating the
Undertaker in a casket match. Anoia held the title until the following
March, when at Wrestlemania X he first beat Lex Luger by DQ, but then lost
to Bret Hart. Yokozuna disappeared until the following Wrestlemania XI in
Hartford, CT. I was there to see him & Owen Hart beat the Smoking Gunns to
become the WWF Tag Champs. After this reign, Anoia started to work the
indy circuit and was last seen by National audiences on the Heros of
Wrestling pay per view. For the last few years, "Yokozuna" battled his
weight, some saying he hit a legitimate 600 pounds.

Today, I received an Instant Message from Rick Silver telling me the news.
Rodney was found dead of a heart attack in London this morning. I'd like
to personally send our condolences to his family in and out of the ring.
Rodney, rest in peace brother.


Now onto the Damned news.

Friday night in Worcester, MA: Chaotic Wrestling at the Palladium.

We defended the Chaotic Titles against The Innovators of the One Night
Stand. (Edward Extasy & Ronnie D. Licious). The match was pretty evenly
fought, with the crowd rallying behind us. When it seemed that we had
things going our way, Derik Destiny decides to try and interfere,
distracting me for a brief moment. This gave the talented Extasy the
chance to DDT me and hit their tag finisher.

Also on the show Gino Martino beat Kidd USA for the Chaotic Heavyweight

more info on that and full results at


Saturday in Portland,ME: Eastern Wrestling Alliance at the University of
New England:

We defended the EWA Tag Titles against #1 contenders Damian Houston &
Steve Ramsey. Again, an evenly fought match. We thought we had the match
won, as we basically assume we can wrestle under OUR rules. Draven knocked
out Damian Houston witha thunderous chairshot, and I pinned him. As we
celebrated, commissioner Brian Black tells us "No Hardcore allowed... the
match must continue". A Small package and the world's fastest three count
later... Ramsey & Houston are the new champs... We have already had our
lawyers contact EWA to demand a rematch.

Later that same night, we were bought by Alexander Worthington III for a
gauntlet match. Kildevil, Draven, myself, and then Frankie Armadillo would
face "Extreme" Adam Hastey. Kildevil and Hastey went back and forth until
Hastey managed to get off his double springboard moonsault. Draven spent
time yelling at the crowd and was small packaged... another FAST count by
Ref Josh Laprell. I get in and destroy Hastey for about 5 minutes...
hitting "Bossman" slams, Powerbombs, legdrops and more. Suddenly SOMEONE
hits me in the head witha chair... next thing I know... Frankie Armadillo
is in the ring with Hastey. If Frankie loses, he loses his Hard-core
title. A great macth followed.. finally Frankie pinned Hastey following a
Worthington Chair shot.

Special Props go out to Damned protege Chris Venom who had a successful
tryout in the EWA... He lost to Johnny Idol, but impressed the EWA

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You can see the Damned this week on Sunday

10/29 Scituate, RI: Potterville Fire Station
defending the Power League Wrestling Tag Team Titles...

See you all soon...