Date: Jan 08 2001 19:31:34 EST
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Damned in New York

Hey all you Damned Fans...

A lil update on this weekend and on what is happening over the next three

Hey folks... Indy Survivor...

It is either us, or Mike Quackenbush. Mike is awesome. Great guy,
Fantastic worker. Show him you care by booting his ass off.

The Damned are very close... Help us win this thing!!!!

Well for those of you who read the Damned Newsletter regularly, you may
know about our home-slice Spence Money... We stayed down at his place this
weekend... "Fraggle Rock". Anyhow, It was a Damned party. Friday night we
hit the best friggin place in Long Island to party...

The Dublin Pub... home of Scaliwag Jim. Friday the band was kinda
cheesy... but the DJ is soooo friggin awesome. He broadcasts live on the
radio at the same time. The House music is just awesome and the Mad Dog
danced his paws off.

Saturday Night... Another night of the Dublin. It was a wikked social
night with the Damned, Spence Money, Mike "the san fransico treat" (sorry,
he's straight boys), and Money's friend Christine (who gets hottie
points). The band tonite was interesting as they did a lot of dance music
and house-style shit. During one of our chill out periods in the Beer
Garden, we met "Harmonica Dude". This guys was waiting for the ladies to
come by and would seranade them with hoedowns... me & Money supported him
and began to do some square dancing. Props to the Harmonica Dude!!!!
Anyhow... we went back to the dance floor and Danced until 20 past 4 in
the morning... and speaking of which... wonders never cease3... DRAVEN
DANCED FUCKING SOBER!!!!!! (well with a little encouragement from a
certain hot-tay!)

Sunday morning we are getting up and ready to leave for home when we find
out that we have acquired free tickets to the ECW PPV at the HAmmerstein
Ballroon in NYC. We get our shiznit together and hit the city. I dunno yet
how the show came off on TV. It looked AWESOME in person. The guys and
ladies worked their asses off for a pretty great overall show. We were
dying seeing the hyperactive Fraggle in Super-high-speed motion. (If you
watch the replay and watch the Sandman enterance... you will notice the
Fraggle in next to Sandman on the stage... he's in a yellow shirt and a
silly fishing hat).

After the show, we hung out and shot the shit with people we knew. It was
nice seeing that people like Julio Dinero remembered us from a BUNCH of
years ago.. and Roadkill and Francine both remembered us from the Stadium
show in IWA this summer. Mike Dutch is still a dead man when he sees Tony
Devito again... Spike Dudley joked about the sad state of Public access
wrestling in RI... (LOL)... Tommy Dreamer was really appreciative of the
positive show review. Met Jerry Lynn for the first time... His nickname
should be "Total F'n Class". All that talent and the guy is soft spoken
and humble. Speaking of which, CW Anderson also remembered us, and he is
SUCH a great guy as well. I was really impressed at how all the boys were
concerend soley on the quality of the overall show. Steve Corino came out
and was really happy to see us. It was great seeing him again as we've
only met one time before this. Steve is the balls! IWA valet (and Damned
pal) Allison Danger was there and seems to be doing a little better from
her injury last month. I was really happy to see that. Special Thanks to
Mike Kehner (ECW REf Extraordinaire for the hook-up and gettinG ATlas
Security of four back.. you da MAN!!!) Nova looked amazing. His hard
work has really paid off, and he was as cool as ever. Also was nice seeing
indy workers Donnie Bon Jovi (who we formally introduced ourselves to...)
and Donnie B. Anyhow... after Fraggleicious got his picture taken with
Spike, Dawn Marie and Blue Boy/Jasmine... we headed to get a slice of
pizza.. this place rocked (oh and I went back and got a white castle...
just to see if after 6 years they still suck.. YUP THEY DO!).

On the way to the train station... Spike Dudley attempted to mug us.
LMAo.. We're walking and get a "Give me all your money" we turn and see
Spike LOL... Anyhow... as you can see... It was an unexpected and really
fun evening.


You can see the Damned This week:

Friday the 12th: Fall River MA at the PAL... vesus Tag Champs the Hott Boyz

Saturday the 13th, New Bedford, MA at the United Fisherman's Club...
another tag title shot.

Friday the 19th: Reading, PA at the Beneficial Hall. Although we lost the
loser leaves town match, the Wrestling commissioner has asked us to please
come and meet with him. Also catch the IWA show!!!!

Friday the 26th in Portland, ME... As we try to earn a title shot to get
our titles back!!!


That is about for now... see ya!!!