Date: Jan 09 2001 23:22:09 EST
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Damned Reconstruction!!!!

Hey Damned fans...


Indy Survivor

It has come down this week to Mike Quackenbush, Luxurious Lynne, and Us.
Lynne has immunity. Time to vote for Quackenbush to knock him outta the
running. We're really close now and need your help!

go to to vote!!!


The Damned website ( is currently in construction
and renovations. It should be complete no later than this weekend. So far
the menus, title page, pictures and bookings pages have all been updated.
There is a new section called shout outs added as well. The pictures page
has probably 15 new pics and the shout outs... well you'll just have to go
look for yourself.

All that is left is to redo the Profiles pages and the Links page.

Then comes the renovations of the Hard-core institute site... which should
be residing in a few days under the snappy


Enjoy and adios... catch you in a week or so! Hope you enjoy the updated
version of the website