Date: Nov 03 2000 16:51:44 EST
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Damned Newsletter

In this issue...

Another Title Loss (and we didn't get pinned, submit, get counted out or
Halloween Excitement
and some New Music Reviews

not to mention the usual load of horsecrap that we call the DAMNED

October29th; Power League Wrestling; Scituate, RI:

We enter into a match versus Elements of Suicide and Damian
Houston/Frankie Armadillo. Right off the bat, we show we have the other
teams beat in strength, talent, and even dance skill. The match was
confusing for us, even more so for the referee. Bodies were flying around
the ring in legdrops, pinfall attempts, and what-have-you. We had the
match won, when we went to hit Houston with the Elements' finisher
"Element of Surprise". I was ambushed by Cinna and Onyx hit the DDT half
of the move. Draven, thinking I was pinning Houston stood posing
victoriously, until he saw me outside the ring fighting Cinna. Confusing?
Yep!! But the ref gave the Elements of Suicide the titles.... so they are
the new tag champs. That's okay, because after the match we showed great
sportsmanship by Draven spiking the EOS' manager Gina Marie with a

Also on the card: Derik Destiny gained the PLW New England Title with a
wim over Maniacal Mark and in the main event: Don Juan Desanto & Chris
Venom defeated Kid Krazy & PLW Heavyweight Champion Dr. Heresy w/JC Marxxx
& Apprentice Jonathan by pinfall.

Before Halloween, I hit Spookyworld on Friday night. It was the fuggin
best. There were two Pro Wrestling Stars there that night... WWF Champion
Kurt Angle... and .. Well hell... ME!!! (LOL). Also in attendance,
Richard Kiel (Jaws in the Bond Flix and also the dude who gets the nail in
his head in Happy Gilmore), and Michael from Blair Witch Project. On top
of that, there was a Killer Haunted Hayride... Five Haunted Houses... and
a killer Horror Museum. Overall the Disco 3-D Haunted House ruled.

Oh..... and Kurt Angle got mad heat from the crowd... you would have
thought the Rock was there with the face pop he got! It's true...


Halloween Night... Mad Dog & Draven hit the Trick or Treat circuit! I was
Ultimo Dragon.. Draven was a hella-sweet Crow. The candy loot was quite
Many people were met with yells of LUCHA LIBRE! as we walked away from
their doors. Halloween Rocks... free candy!!! WHOO HOOOO!

New Music you should prolly invest in...

Insane Clown Posse... Bizzar : Great Lyrics and some good beats make
this a great follow-up to Amazing Jeckel Brothers. I already have a few
songs that are growing on me.

Megadeth... Greatest Hits : Includes "The King is Dead" which totally
rocks! It also has the former Goldberg theme "Crush Em". Great way to
compare how Great and how awful Dave Mustaine and company can be on one
album. The new cut it killer... as are most of the classic tracks... but
the mainstream techno/industrial stuff bites ass... "Crush Em" is a song
that just never should have been.

Fozzy (self titled)... I am a big fan of 80's metal/glam... and this is a
great tribute to it. Singer Mongoose McQueen (who also wrestles as the
little known Chris Jericho) and his band mates (from Stuck Mojo) really
capture the rock and feeling of the 80's. The cover of Motley Crue's "Live
Wire" kicks major buttocks! My favorite station WAAF panned this album...
but even if it wasn't a band fronted by McQueen... I know I'd still be
raving about it.


We're hoping that we will get the clearance and rights to s sweet set of
pictures of the hottest manager in Indy Wrestling, Allison Danger... As
soon as we get permission... you'll be able to see them on our site...
until then... check her out at...

All I can say is... "OH MY GOD!!!!" (with apologies to that play by play
guy who I stole that from)



We are STILL on the island... make sure we STAY on the island... Vote for
the OTHER guys at...

(Of course feel free to leave us on the island with FOXY!!!!)

Mad Dog's Site of the WEEK:

I love the history and all that of the Mexican Masked wrestler... this
site sells sweet looking hoods at an affordable price....

We have a bunch of dates coming up, that are still in negotiations....

but here are a few in the upcoming weeks.

November 4th: EWA at the Multipurpose Center in Lewiston, ME... Rematch
for our titles!!!

November 10th: NCW is in Seekonk at the VFW hall... that usually means we
are gonna show up to cause trouble!

November 11th: ICCW at the Loomis Arena in Plainfield, CT... we defend
against Venom & Triplicious.

plus Draven has a poop-load of dates that he has yet to transfer to my PDA.