Date: Nov 06 2000 00:34:57 EST
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: The Damned Newsletter

Welcome to this week's issue of The Damned Newsletter....

In this trash-filled dirt sheet...

Results from Lewiston
Where you can see the Damned
and some special Non-Damned related news.


Finally the Hard-Core Institute has come back to Lewiston....

Okay, enough ripping on Big 3 catch phrases and on with the news.

In the opening match, Mike Steele defeated Johnny Idol, Kid Krazy, and
Alex Arion in a four way dance featuring some of the best technical
wrestlers on the East Coast indies today.

Larry Huntley beat HCI member Kildevil in a 2 out of 3 tables match with a
DVD off the top rope through a table on the floor. HCI manager Dr.
Everette Payne was on the table that they went through. After the match,
the rest of the HCI... Draven, myself, and "Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo
punked out Huntley and even put him in a hella sweet Michinoku Pro
Posedown spot.
(A little background for all y'all... February 2000.... Lewiston: The
Damned come out as the new members of the Hard-core Institute and DESTROY
Revelations and Larry Huntley. At the time Kildevil was a member of the
Revelations. More on that to be on the newly updated
in the upcoming weeks!!)

"Brutal" Bob Evans (claiming to be blind) defeated Tarzan Taylor in a
blindfold match.

Mind and Matter were scheduled to face The Asian Contingency. Asians'
manager "Iron Chef" Josh Shea agreed to take his team out of the match via
a payoff($25 and 2 yellow peppers) by Alexander Worthington III
(Accompanied by Brian Day). Don Juan Desanto was accompanied by girlfriend
Bambi. Worthington ALSO managed to have the match changed to a handicap
match versus "Extreme" Adam Hastey. Commissioner Brian Black then forced
Worthington to TEAM with Hastey against Dr. Heresy and Desanto. Hastey
somehow managed to pin Heresy, who was totally preoccupied with his
partner, who seems to care more about his new love then the ring.

The Hard-Core Institute Student of the Year and EWA Hard-Core Champion
"Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo defeated #1 contender Aaron Morisson by
pinfall following a moonsault on a chair on Aaron.

In a title Rematch, EWA Tag Team Champions "Centerfold" Steve Ramsey and
"Dancing Devil" Damian Houston faced the former champs Draven and
myself... you know... THE DAMNED. We've been in a slump losing our last 4
matches, all for titles. We overcame our slump and regained the EWA Tag
Team Titles by pinning Ramsey.

In the Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership... Brian Day won... and ended
up getting into a brawl with equally muscular champion Dave Vicious.


Indy Survivor Update:

Go to Joe Rules' site... and VOTE EVERYONE ELSE OFF!!!

The Damned wanna win! To HELL with Rich Hatch... let's have some REAL RI
Men win!

In non-Damned news... Special congratulations go out to ECW's King of Old
School, Steve Corino. The head trainer of the Cruel School of Professional
Wrestling (where many of the stars of the IWA train) won the ECW World
Heavyweight Title last night in a Double Jeopardy match by defeating The
Sandman and Justin Credible.

We have gotten permission to use some of the pictures!!!! Allison Danger
will soon grace the Damned Website.... watch for the updates!


Catch the Damned at:

The ICCW's Loomis Arena on Saturday November 11th. We will be defending
our tag titles against Chris Venom and Triplicious.

The Damned travel back to Penn State University's Nittany Wrestling
Federation on Saturday November 18th. We get a crack at NWF Tag Champs(who
cheated us for our straps) Mind & Matter.

More to come!!!

December 8 & 9: EWA!!!

The Damned return to Chaotic Wrestling in January!!!

more as they get confirmed.


Catch you next time!!!