Date: Nov 19 2000 14:57:32 EST
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: The Damned Newsletter

Welcome to the DAMNED newsletter... in this issue

1)a quick recap of the ICCW show last week

2)News from last night's Nittany Wrestling Federation Penn State Penn III

3)Upcoming Damned events

4)Various fun

ICCW Results from November 11 at the Loomis Arena, Plainfield, CT

-Onyx pinned Kid Krazy to become the new ICCW CT Champion
-"Moviestar" Michael Monroe pinned Moco
-Shane Williams & Michael Storm beat "Dancing" Donjuan Desanto & Dr.
Heresy by pinfall after Heresy turned on Desanto
-ICCW Heavyweight Champion Craig Steele beat Main Event Wrestling
Cruiserweight Champ Jeremy Powers via DQ after outside interference
-The Beast pinned Kodiak
-"Primetime" Randy J pinned Duff after a briefcase shot
-"Bad Boy" Billy Black pinned Cinna after a Kodiak Chokeslam
-ICCW Tag Team Champions The Damned pinned Chris Venom & Triplelicious.

Results from last night's Nittany Wrestling Federation Penn State Penn
III, State College, PA.

-"Fumar" (someone dressed as Fumar defiitely not the real Fumar) was
defeated extremely quick by Kid Krazy, who became the new University Park
- The Damned defeated Mind & Matter to regain the NWF Tag Team titles
(note to fans... two weeks ago, we had lost 4 of our 5 tag titles and now
are back to holding the ICCW, EWA, and NWF titles again).
-In a match for the NWF Heavyweight title (which had to be vacated by
Tommy Golden due to his continuing knee problems), Too Phat Yutzak Arafat
defeated Fumar.
-Simply Astonishing Kevin Kanevil defeated Shawn Storm.
-In an 8 man elimination tag team match

Too Damned Phat (Yutzak Arafat, Kid Krazy, & The Damned) defeated Risk
Management (Fumar, Kevin Kanevil, & Mind & Matter) to banish Million
Dollar Wendell from ever returning to the NWF. The order of elimination
was as follows...
Kid Krazy pinned Dr. Heresy with 3 ascending moonsaults.
Don Juan Desanto pinned Krazy with the "Pump & Grind" Powerbomb.
Draven was counted out while brawling with Heresy.
Don Juan was pinned after a double enziguri by Mad Dog/Draven.
Mad Dog was eliminated when he went to the top rope and Kevin Kanevil
shook the ropes causing him to fall straddling the rope. While still
hurting from that move, he was rolled up by Fumar.
Yutzak Arafat pinned Kevin Kanevil following a DDT
Yutzak Arafat pinned Fumar following a Rock Bottom through the Table.

(A side note: Team Penn State aka Too DAMNED Phat now hold ALL the NWF

In the Believe it or not category, "Damn The Indies", an independent film
by Spencer Jawitz, has begun pre-production. The film will be focusing on
The Damned and being an independent wrestling tag team working the
circuit. I will say this much, some of the footage from this weekend my
hit the cutting room floor... but it is some funny stuff. The KFC
footage could be priceless... and also editted out.


This week in the Damned's palm pilot schedule:

Tuesday 11/21: Copperfield's, Warwick,RI... Come help us celebrate
Draven's 25th Birthday.

Wednesday 11/22: IWA; Reading, PA ... The Damned in action (rumors are
currently saying we will be in a four way dance for the tag titles against
The Hooch Hollar Boys, Brooklyn Bomber/The Beater, and The Matrix).

Thursday 11/23: Happy DAMNED Thanksgiving

Friday 11/24: The Damned make their P.A.L debut for South Coast
Championship Wrestling in Fall River, MA.

Saturday 11/25: The Damned will be at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in
Providence,RI grooving to Peter Steele & TYPE O Negative!

Sunday 11/26: The Damned will be in action at the Loomis Arena in
Plainfield, CT for Northeast Championship Wrestling.

Friday 12/8: Eastern Wrestling Alliance; Lawrence, MA. The Hardcore
Institute (Frankie Armadillo, Kildevil, Mad Dog and Draven) face Larry
Huntley, Adam Hastey, Steve Ramsey and Damian Houston in an 8 man war.

Saturday 12/9: Eastern Wrestling Alliance; Waterville, ME.

Sunday 12/10: Happy Birthday goes out to honorary Damned Member Spence

Indy Survivor:

Don't forget to go to Joe Rules' site... and make sure you vote for the other guys. Keep the
Damned on the Island!!!

Currently Mind & Matter and The Soul Brothers are tied with 36%... To hell
with the recounts... vote one of them off today!

A few sites you might want to check out:

-Eastern Wrestling Alliance:

-Nittany Wrestling Federation


This Issue's Featured Site is:

"The Revolution" Chris Venom's Official Web Site.

check out the website of one of the most successful guys trained by the


Okay... we'll be back with a new issue in a week or so... There will be a
lot of news, with 3 shows, Draven's Birthday, and Type O Negative.

Have a DAMNED fine Turkey Day.