Date: Nov 28 2000 16:44:48 EST
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: The Damned Newsletter

Welcome to the newest edition of The Damned Newsletter...

Results... news... and more BS from the Genetic Jackasses you know and
love... Mad Dog & Draven!


Tuesday, November 21st... Copperfield's in Warwick, RI...

The 25th Annual Draven Birthday Bash. Basically you missed hit
performances of Draven doing "Asshole", Mad Dog's Kermit impression... and
Spence Money doing "Come Sail Away" Cartman-style. Also, Draven geting so
plastered he needed to be poured into his ride home. Overall a great
birthday celebration.

Wednesday, November 22nd... Riverside Bingo Hall in Reading, PA;

The IWA returns!

We wrestled in a four way dance. Our opponents were The Matrix, Kevin
Knight/JD Powers (subbing for Dylan Night) and the Hooch Hollar Boys for
the Tag Team Titles. We were eliminated with The Matrix as we all were
counted out. I will say that this was my first time seeing the Kevin
Knight IWF camp... I was mucho impressed! These guys have some mad
wrestling skills.

Also on the show Rapid Fire Maldonado retained his Heavyweight title in a
defense against Ox Hogg.

December 14th we get a rematch against The Matrix... while our friend
"Brooklyn Bomber" Tony Montana and his partner get the first crack at The
Hooch Hollar Boys' tag straps.


Friday November 24th: Fall River PAL.

South Coast Championship Wrestling.

We made our DAMNED debut at the PAL. Draven and I upended Blade/Outkast
who had pinned Grunge/Unknown in a three way dance. The finish came after
some huge highspots by Blade/Outkast and a Mega Huge powerbomb by me and a
STIZIFF headbutt off the top rope by Draven.

Saturday November 25th: Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel... Providence, RI.

Type O Negative was in the hizouse... and so were we!! We kicked total ass
in teh moshpit... and who was there as well??? CINNA of EOS. We had to
kick his ass in there LOL!


Sunday November 26th: Plainfield, CT

Northeast Championship Wrestling.

We went to support our trainees and to rip off Edge & Christian to great
reviews by the workers and people.

Props go out to Triplicious and Chris Venom who main-evented in a great
match. Venom won the title... but both proved they are ready to start
moving on the indies.

In other notable matches... Tim Kilgore looked fantastic in his successful
match with Kid Crazy. EOS also looked great against Mind & Matter. There
was a lot of talent on hand... I am not omitting any of you purposely. JC
Marxxx is also a stand out... DUDE... GET your tape together!!! You sooo
should be doing more indy work!!!

OKay.. that brings you up to date with us. so here's where you can see us
in the next few weeks.

December 8th: Lawrence, MA Eastern Wrestling Alliance
The Hard-core Institute (us, Kildevil & Frankie Armadillo) face Larry
Huntley, Adam Hastey, Steve Ramsey & Damian Houston in an 8 man tag war.

December 9th: Waterville, ME Eastern Wrestling Alliance
We defend our titles against... SOMEONE...

December 10th: North Providence, RI Power League Wrestling
All I can tell you is we are tagging with Don Juan Desanto as The GLAM-ed.

December 14th: Reading, PA IWA
The Damned face The Matrix!

December 15th: New Bedford, MA SCCW
Tentative date.

Indy Survivor Update.... The Orphan got booted!!! Keep voting for the
others and keep the Damned on the island!


While you are at it... check out the following sites for more info on
where we will be wrestling in the upcoming weeks...


IWA: (or



While on the subjects on things to check out...

Tony Montana & Don Juan Desanto both clued me in way earlier this year
about Disturbed's album.... well I am totally hooked on it now. Stupify
isn't even the best song on the album!


The Mad Dog's fiancee Adrienne has been angry with her lack of coverage in
the newsletter as of late... may I mention that not only has she been
hired as the new EWA soundwoman (to which she has received rave
reviews)... she also has been hired in a ficticious E-Fed as THEIR
Soundwoman... LOL... Certain Death Championship Wrestling never had such
good production quality !!!

oh... and she was brave enough to attend the Type O concert too... Love ya

I think that is about it this issue....

one last thought...

Damn it had been too long since I've seen Joe Rules !!!!

see you next time!