Date: Dec 13 2000 17:17:39 EST
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Damned Newsletter 12/13

Sorry that it has taken a few weeks to get this next issue out... but
hey... We've been BUSY!

Welcome to the newest issue of the DAMNED newsletter...

In this ish:
Upcoming dates,
and more!

Friday, December 8th, 2000. Lawrence, MA
Eastern Wrestling Alliance @ at the K of C hall.

In an 8-man elimination Hard-core Rules match... The Hard-core Institute
(with Alexander Worthington & Dr. Everette Payne) defeated the team of
Adam Hastey, Larry Huntly, Steve Ramsey, and Damian Houston. Order of
elimination: Frankie Armadillo pinned Larry Huntley, Steve Ramsey pinned
Frankie Armadillo. Kildevil pinned Damian Houston, Mad Dog pinned Steve
Ramsey, Adam Hastey pinned Kildevil. Draven pinned Adam Hastey. The DAMNED
were the two not eliminated.

also on the card...
Alex Arion d. Tarzan Taylor; Astroman, Gladiator, & Magic Dragon d. Billy
Franklin, Tim Fury, & Gene Rayburn; Mike Steele d. Bob Evans; The Asian
Contingent d. Mind & Matter; The Dynamic Kidd d. Mysterio. Mysterio was
unmasked to be revealed as "LITTLE 80's" DERIK DESTINY!!!! (Way to go
Derik... we KNEW you had it in you to be underhanded and unscrupulous!)

Saturday December 9th, 2000; Waterville, ME
Eastern Wrestling Alliance at the Gillman St. Gymnasium.

After a long match where we basically beat the living hell out of him,
Adam Hastey managed to somehow defeat us for the tag titles. Alexander
Worthington III was scheduled as Hastey's tag partner, and had agreed
with us not to get involved in the match. Hastey managed to knock all
three of us our with a street sign.

Also on the show... El Tornado d. Adam Booker: Booker was making his debut
with the EWA, El Tornado is the protege of Mad Dog. This was a great
match, many said "Match of the Night". Both really stepped it up and
proved that given the opportunity they could be major players in the EWA;
The Asian Contingent & Larry Huntley d. Mind & Matter (w/ Bambi)... Larry
Huntley came out to the ring to "Good Ole Boy" (Theme from Dukes of
Hazard) more on this in a minute; Damian Houston d. Kildevil; Hard-core
Champion Frankie Armadillo d. Steve Ramsey; Mike Steele d. Alex Arion &
Bob Evans in a Triple Threat Match; Dr. Heresy won a Battle Royal last
eliminating Don Juan DeSanto.

OK... back to the Larry Huntley music thing... Josh Shea and some ofthe
other boys decided to switch his music as a rib. It was funny and stuff,
but not like what happened after. My fiancee, Adrienne, is the new DJ for
the shows. She handles the sound-related duties at the show. When Larry
got back in the locker room, he and I concocted a scheme to rib HER.
After the show, Larry comes out and starts berating her for playing the
music, etc. (Larry was trying to get an Oscar for this performance). I
step in to stand up for her and Larry shoves me... we get into a huge
fight that is suddenly surrounded by all the workers trying to break it
up. In the middle of the throng, Larry and I count... 1... 2... 3... and
we all turn and laugh at her... After the initial shock wore off,
Adrienne realized SHE had been ribbed and started laughing herself...

I dread the revenge!

Sunday December 10th, 2000; South Attleboro, Ma
Power League Wrestling @ St. Theresa's Church

In the opening match, Elements of Suicide defended their PLW tag team
titles against Damian Houston/Frankie Armadillo and The Damned. As Tommy
D entered the ring to announce theDamned, a fan came out of the crowd and
took the mic... "South Attleboro... Whazzzzzzzzup?!?! You Wanted the
best, You got the best... the best tag team in the world today.... Mad
Dog... Draven... the GLAM-ED" The WHO?????? In our best 80's metal
regalia, Draven and I came out, complete with guitars and choreographed
dance steps. The crowd ate it up... Another DAMNED joke that goes over
with the crowd.... EOS retained the titles after knocking out Damian
Houston with one of the Title belts.

Also on the card: Robbie Ellis d. Nick Steel; Kid Krazy d. Chris Venom to
retain the PLW Lightweight Title; Johnny Angel, Stevie 2 Sweetie, & Derik
Destiny d. Sub-Zero, Chris Blackheart & Casanova; Don Juan DeSanto d.
Paul Lauzon; Nick Steel won a 25 Man Power House Brawl.

extra props go out to Krazy & Venom for a GREAT match. Also, more props to
the NCW guys who were in the Power House... heard good things bout y'all.

While on the Props subject...

ICCW hit the Loomis Arena in Plainfield CT, 12/9/00

I will not get into results but I heard that Tim Kilgore and Triplicious
had a great match as did KL Murphy vs. Kodiak... and Chris Venom against
Craig Steele!

After the PLW show, along with the "mystery fan" JIM... The Damned & my
fiancee Adrienne hit New York to celebrate the birthday of Damned
newsletter subsciber and member of the "Evil Robot Us's" Spence Money
Fragglewitz. Spence KNOWS how to host. We hit a "diner" for dinner and
then went to the Dublin Pub to catch MTV's Cover band of the Year "The
Zoo" ( They fucking rocked! We danced like four straight
hours. Even Draven, who never dances, hit the floor when the DJ played
DMX's "Up in here". The next day we dragged our mark asses to Times
Square to WWF New York for lunch/dinner. The place rocks... the food WAS
expensive, but mucho tasty. The place is COVERED in friggin TV screens.
You see WWF Programming WHERE-EVER you sit! It was a KILLER way to hang
out for a few days for R&R.

Thanks Again Fragglicious!

Don't forget.... The Island's population is getting smaller. The Damned
are still on the island! Vote for the other guys!


Last Week, Maniacal Hubie Volk was voted off. Lets hope at the next UWF
show in Jersey, his luck is similar. (We are scheduled to face him &
Guillotine Lagrande in the semi-finals of the tag title tourney.)

You can see us

TOMORROW 12/14 at the Riverside Bingo Hall in Reading, PA for
IWA!!!! We will be in action against a great team... The Matrix.

Friday 12/15 at the United Fisherman's Club in New Bedford, MA for South
Coast Championship Wrestling.

Friday 12/29, We will be in SOME capacity for NCW.

The Countdown to 2001 is on... more importantly... the countdown to the
One YEar anniversary of the Debut of the Damned is also on... February...
here we come!


The tip of the week is this: FUCKING BUY ICP's Big Money Hustlas

The very last issue of this year or the very first of next year will
include a lot of great stuff.

It will be the year end special... I will looking back at The Damned :Year
One as well as some other great moments in the year... like the debuts and
growths of our trainees, etc.

Until next time.... I'm wearing my APE SUIT MaddaFaku!!