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Well those next two shows that you heard about in the last newsletter
happened and subscribers to the Damned Newsletter get the updates ASAP.

In this updated issue:

Commentary from the road
and more fun

IWA in Reading, PA
Thursday 12/14 RESULTS:

1)Biggie Biggs w/Jade and local jazz legend John King defeated Kid Mayhem.
John King escorted Biggie to the ring singing "Minnie the Moocher" but it
was changed to "Biggie the Bruiser" .

2)The Matrix defeated The Damned in a Loser Leaves Town match. According
to the stipulation, The Damned will no longer appear on IWA shows.

3)JD Powers defeated Rapid Fire Maldonado for the IWA Heavyweight title.
Dylan Night had protested this match, claiming that since he faced
Maldonado in the finals of the tournament, he should be receiving the
title shot. The heels (Powers, Night, Kevin Knight, Donnie B, and BPA
Barry) attacked Maldonado, and as the others held him back, they forced
him to bear witness to Night applying the Night Rider to Allison Danger,
which paled in comparison to the brutality that was to come. Night then
gave Danger a piledriver on a steel chair, rendering her motionless. In a
very scary moment, IWA doctor Ron Vandegriff was called into the ring to
attend to Allison. He placed her into a neckbrace, and she was stretchered
out by the members of the locker room. Booker Steve Corino had stated that
this match would take place at the next show on January 19, but Powers
demanded that he get his shot at that moment. An enraged and visibly upset
Rapid Fire Maldonado was quick to grant Powers wish, as he took it to the
cocky challenger with chops and kicks. An impressive floatover snap suplex
into mounted punches had JD on the run. RF followed with a floatover DDT,
and a climbing enziguri. At this point Dylan Night returned to ringside,
only to be hit with a cross body from the inside to the outside by Rapid
Fire. As RF dealt with Night, Kevin Knight slipped JD Powers a pair of
brass knucks, an action unseen by referee BPA Barry.
When RF returned to the ring, he was caught with a punch aided by the
knucks, and was easy prey for Powers, who scored the pinfall victory and
became the second ever IWA Heavyweight champion. The crowd, still in shock
from seeing their sweetheart Allison Danger getting her neck viciously
broken, did not know what to make of all the activities that had just gone

4)IWA newcomer Bax defeated ECW referee Mike Kehner.
The brash upstart Bax, who claims his name comes from laying opponents and
ladies on their backs, started claiming that the crippling of Allison
Danger was one of the best things to happen to the IWA. Kehner, who is a
close friend of Danger, took offense to these words, and quickly answered
Bax’s challenge to a match. Both men were impressive, but in the end
referee BPA Barry threw powder in the face of Kehner, allowing Bax to hit
a devastating
belly to belly suplex for the victory. Kehner gained some revenge on
Barry, choke slamming him three times after the match.

5)BJ Thomas defeated The Beater with a fall-away slam from the second

6)Evan Leppy defeated Marc Vero to retain the IWA Light-Heavyweight title.
Bax laid out Leppy after the match and demanded a title shot on January 19.

7)Kevin Knight and Dylan Night defeated The Hooch Hollar Boys (champions)
and The NY Thugs by DQ.

8)Tommy Golden defeated RC, the SmartMark announcer.

9)At this point, the show was scheduled to end, but the new champion JD
Powers hit the ring, claiming that no man in “his IWA” was a challenge for
his athletic prowess. This led to…

Psycho Bitch defeated JD Powers for the IWA Heavyweight title.


Friday 12/15 in New Bedford, MA
The SCCW hits the Fisherman's Club

1. Kodiak defeated Craig Steele

The Damned (Mad Dog and Draven) d. The Hott Boyz (AJ & DJ), Derick Destiny
and Robbie Ellis, and Camp Castro (Vetebraker and Kevin Castro)

The Punisher Don Vega and Chris Blackheart retained the titles by
defeating Shawn Candido and Blade

4. Heavenly Johnny Angel defeated Adam Booker

Jonathon defeated the Portuguese Stallion to retain the title

Amanda Storm defeated Nick Steel W/Kevin Casto to reatin the title. Shawn
Candido was appointed th special guest referee after referee Kevin Garcia
walked out.

Dr. Heresy defeated Don Juan DeSanto to retain the title.

The Dancing Devil Damian Houston And Frankie Armadillo defeated Steve
Ramsey and Hollywood Johnny Nash after succesfully putting both of them
through tables.

(Results courtesy of the AOL Grandstand Indies Folder & the SCCW website

Thursday morning we head out on icy roads in Rhode Island and by the time
we hit CT, the roads are bone dry. We make the 5 1/2 hour trip in just
under 4 1/2 hours. Upon our arrival, we relax a bit until the Kevin
Knight's IWF camp enters. We exchange hello's and a little catching up
talk. In walks Tony Montana (Brooklyn Bomber) with booker, Steve Corino,
who is followed very closely by his son Colby "The Prince of Pre-School".
IWA owner Terry comes in and welcomes us... next thing I know I'm being
assaulted from behind. Colby Corino is hitting me with his full repertoire
of Tajiri-kicks... punches.. and top rope maneuvers. (mind you Colby is 4
yeard old or so). Anyhow, he continues the assault until I high-tail it to
the locker room. I'm already beaten up, when I find out that we are
working The Matrix in a "loser leaves town" match. I get dressed (and find
out I've pulled a "Triplicious" and have my singlet on backwards... a
lengthy change and now I'm ready. (I'm probably not on my game from the 20
or so top-rope spots by "The Prince".) anyhow we head out and wrestle The
Matrix. (I look down and Colby is managing us now???? LOL) The Matrix in
all honesty are a GREAT young team. This match was really solid. Somehow
they came out on top! So now we have to leave the IWA. That sucks! (I'm
going to have our lawyer check the legality of the contract.)

Special Thanks go out to Terry for hosting us everytime we've come down,
the IWA talent who are top notch, and for booker Steve Corino, who will
make the IWA a very successful promotion. It was great working for and
with you all.

In more serious news. Friend of the DAMNED (and just a sweetheart of a
person), Allison Danger was severely injured at the hands of Dylan Night.
Dylan took things too far pile-driving Allison on a chair. The hall was
completely quiet and the locker room emptied at the first signs of how
serious this really was. Fans were really stunned... the plan was to stop
theshow, I think, but I heard someone walk back from the ambulance saying
"Allison said the show better go on." Sooo people pulled their emotions
together and finished off a great show. Our sincerest wishes to a rapid
recovery go out to Allison. We hope to see you healthy and back in action
as soon as you are cleared to go.

Anyone wishing to send Allison get-well wishes are encouraged to go to the
message board on the IWA web-site ( all wishes
will be forwarded to her.

We got our stuff together and headed to eat with Tony Montana at the Pied
Piper and then home. It was a long quiet ride home, after losing our match
and seeing a friend get hurt.

Lucky me... an hour of sleep and then back to working my job!

After work, I go to Draven's place to meet up and head to the Fisherman's
Club in New Bedford. We are both still tired from the trip before. We
arrive to find out we are involved in a tag gauntlet. This is a match that
only exploits our condition from the travel. Anyhow we say hello to all th
guys in the back and in walks Mike Dutch and Kid Krazy. They aren't
working... just heading to hang out and shoot the shiznit.

We prepare for our match and draw our place in the gauntlet. #4... the
first lucky break of the week for us. We would be the last team to enter.
Next, we look at the doorway and in walks manager "The Rev". For those
who do not know, this man is solely responsible for both myself and Draven
getting involved in the wrestling business. He was signed to be our
manager for the night. Now TWO things had gone our way!!! We watch on
the backstage "montitor" (read: looked through the see through curtains),
and watched the Hott Boyz make short work of Vertabreaker and Kevin
Castro, then of Derik Destiny and Robbie Ellis. We head out and are
immediately hit with an barrage of punches and high risk maneuvers. We
managed to break the chain of moves when I caught AJ Hott witha powerbob
(reversal of a hurricanrana). We beat him down until a miscue with our
manager The rev allowed a tag by the Hotts. They hit me with that
Tajiri/Whipwreck rolling throw (dunno what the hell it is called) and
Draven with a top rope 'rana. I managed to break the pinfall at two. This
time the Rev was right on and knocked out AJ witha cane shot followed by
the Draven snap-DDT. I hit DJ with a 270 degree Bossman Slam and hooked
BOTH legs for the pin, the win, and the number one contendership.

On that note we head home for much needed sleep. 12 hours of it by the
way for me. and DAMN it felt good LOL!

The year is almost over....

but you MIGHT see us

Friday December 22nd at the PAL in Fall River, MA (not sure, but even if
we aren't there the show should be lots of fun)

Friday 29th of December for NCW.

you can check and for more


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