Date: Jan 23 2001 01:46:53 EST
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Damned Newsletter 1-23

Welcome to the long overdue DAMNED NEWSLETTER!

In this episode:

So close, yet so far away.

What a wonderful thing friendship is!!

and more!


Friday January 12th, South Coast Championship Wrestling at the PAL in Fall
River, MA

We arrive and find out what we already expected. We get a shot at the new
tag team champions, The Hott Boyz. Overall the match was really good. One
of our best in recent memory. We debuted our new dual Cyclone suplex...
which is going to get a Vicious make-over in a few weeks. The crowd was
really hating us in this match. They were very solidly behind the Hotts.
In the end, with me taking a hard fall to the floor, both Hotts were
allowed to pin Draven to retain their titles. Bullshit, yeah! I think we
all know how promotions help the fan favorites out. Anyhow... we were
getting a rematch the next night and our manager, The Reverend would be
there. SCCW owner Joe Eugenio comments that it was match of the night.
A big rousing BITE ME goes out to the Fraggle and Adrienne for fueling the
"Oscar Meyer" song!

Also on the card: Robbie Ellis ragained the SCCW Cruiserweight title.
Blade beat Dr. Heresy in another killer match. Don Juan Desanto retained
teh Heavyweight title over Adam Booker
Saturday January 13th, SCCW at the Fisherman's Club in New Bedford, MA

Once again we are scheduled to face the Hott Boyz. The Reverend arrived at
the hall and pulled us aside. He presented us witha new game plan for the
Hotts. It was BRILLIANT! We get our stuff together and hit the ring. The
crowd was once again pretty pissed at us. We wait for the champs to enter
the ring. Why do they have PYRO both nights and we don't? This is BS...
Speaking of which.. where the hell are OUR entrance Videos??? Although the
Hotts get an early flurry on us... we beat the piss outta them and win the
tag titles. The Reverend saw AJ Hott almost getting injured missing the
Swanton Bomb and tried to help him remain on his feet with his cane.
Draven grabbed a quick DDT and the titles were ours per referee Kevin da
12 year old. Then Ref Tom "My glasses are 4 inches Thick" comes out and
claims that the match should be restarted because the Reverend allegedly
hit AJ with his cane. The match restarts and a VERY quick count by the ref
during a DJ Hott small package on Draven... and we are not the champs...
yet.... The return of THE DAMNED will end their reign.

Also on the show: Robbie Ellis retained his title over Damian Houston.
Potuguese Stallion beat Dr. Heresy. Don Juan Desanto once again retain
over Adam Booker.

Friday January 19th: Intercontinental Wrestling Alliance at the Riverside
Beneficial Hall in Reading, PA.

With Dr. Heresy, Don Juan Desanto, Jonathan, Gabriel and my Adrienne in
the crowd... The Damned returned. Now when we last left our heroes, they
had been ousted from the IWA following a loss to the Matrix in a "loser
leaves the IWA " match. The match was really good... the outcome wasn't.
Commissioner Vince Gagliardi (I know I horrendously murdered your name
Vince.. please forgive me) asked us to come meet with him before the show.
I will leave that info a short mystery.

Vince comes out early in the show saying that there were a few injustices
at the last show. One, JD Powers lost the title in an impromptu match to
Psycho Bitch. This was not a recognized match and JD was still champ. (JD
was dressed to kill.. and with teh title on his shoulder looked like one
of the Horsemen). Also, Vince's favorite IWA Tag team.. US... had been
screwed as well. He never sanctioned the stipulation and reinstated us.
Due to our professionalism in handling the obviously biased ousting the
month before; we were rewarded with a title shot that very night against
Champions The Hooch Hollar Boys.

I won't mention who... but on the way to the ring, a certain large DAMNED
member slipped on beer and almost faceplanted on teh way to the ring
eliciting mad jeers from the crowd. (WET SPOT!!!!) We get in the ring
and Skeeter Hooch tells the crowd that his brother is not there and that
he has the titles. Draven McKnight comes out and offers to be Hooch's
partner that night (I think he came out because The DAMNED have the true
Draven of wrestling). Anyhow... after an 8 minute match and a great
noose-neckbreaker by Draven... Referee BPA Barry hooked the 3 count up and
Mad Dog pinned McKnight to win the Damned the IWA Tag Team Titles.

Over all I love working IWA. The locker room was filled with talented guys
(and ladies) who all are simply great people. It was cool talking 80's
metal with Donnie B. and joking with ref Mike Kehner. It was great seeing
Trent & Johnny, the Backseat Boyz... they are class acts and cool as hell.
Mikey Whipwreck is the man... as he helped us rib our buddy Dumpy!! Let me
not forget managers Candi and Allison Danger (you know how we love her):
They are the innovators of "WET SPOT" (get your minds outta the gutter
readers!!!). Special props to Little Gabriel, son of Dylan Night and
Candi... his High Fives, Stunners and "Highspots" kicked my ass!!

Also on the show, The Backseat Boyz w/ Big 80's Donnie B. defeated Divine
Storm & Spanish Announcer Team in a three way tag dance. The teams
wrestling the Backseats are all trained by Mikey Whipwreck and show MAD
promise. Mikey Whipwreck pinned Guillotine Lagrande. Dylan Night beat RF
Maldonado in a streetfight match.

Adrienne finally got to meet Allison and they seemed to hit it off GREAT!
Afterwards we hit DEL's for drinks and food. Allison Danger was there and
despite her healing neck injury, almost killed Draven at Air Hockey (not).
Chris Krueger (ECW/WCW graduate of the Shawn Michaels Academy and more
importantly former tag partner of Joe Rules.) joined us and we talked
wrestling and about the workers from TWA as well. I ordered the hot
Oh and I killed Adrienne in Air hockey.. no mercy there babe!

Anyhow, we headed to Spence Money land in Great Neck, New York... it was a
drive in some pounding snow.. but Adrienne's excellent driving skills got
us there safely.

Finally... special props also go out to the Damned's biggest fan. I
haven't even caught her name yet, but young lady who is an IWA regular has
TONS of Damned stuff.. even a hoto album... Here's to her!


Indy Survivor Update: We Lost... Mike Quackenbush got us voted off. Just
for that... If we ever see Mike in a gutter and he is begging for water...
we would pass him by.... Hell we ain't that bull bitch Sue Hawk. This
was for fun... and Joe Rules loves us none-the-less...

Oh yeah... There WAS an alliance! Rick Silver tried to get us to vote
Lynne off every week!!!
We refused cause she is too cute!

(LOL... I love being a heel.. that is such crap.. I won't divulge the true
nature of our almost successful alliance)


I liked Damian Houston's Year End Awards... especially because I got most
influential wrestler of New England...

I decided to do my own version of year end awards:

Wrestler of the Year (WCW/WWF): Triple H... no one has done more and come
further. This guy is the 21st century Ric Flair.

Wrestler of the Year (National Indies & ECW): Yoshihiro Tajiri ..
Although he did not win a major singles title (or did he win the ECW TV
for a short time?), the Japanese Buzzsaw was in great matches everytime I
saw him. I enjoy his work with Whipwreck & Sinister Minister. Steve Corino
was a close second by winning the ECW World Title.

Wrestler of the Year (Local): Dr. Heresy. I gotta agree with Houston. No
wrestler has come further than Reggie. This guy has been all over the
northern east coast and is due to hit Florida (teaming with Don Juan) in a
couple weeks. His psychology is top notch and his gimmick gets heat.
Close second was Alex Arion who I basically wanted to see way more of.

Tag Team of the Year (WCW/WWF): The Dudley Boyz. These guys shed the ECW
label and became prime-time players. The people love them and I can't
help but enjoy their work.

Tag Team of the Year (National Indies & ECW): Doring & Roadkill. They
finally won the ECW titles and proved they can hang with the other great
teams ECW had to offer. Tajiri/Whipreck and The Backseat Boyz both were
close runners up. A little more experience and the Matrix would be right
in the running . Also Honorable mention goes out to the Final Mayhem Tag
Champs The Haas Brothers who got signed to WWF Developmental Deals. Russ &
Charlie are great guys and huge talents.

Tag Team of the Year (Local): Well you know I am going to say The
Damned,, LOL.. I'm biased. But Mind & Matter are a very close runner up.

Most Improved (Indies): Frankie Armadillo is deserving. I saw him late
1999 and was worried the boy would kill himself in there. A little more
than a year later and he is Kicking ass in EWA and SCCW.

Rookie of the Year (Indies): Chris Venom. Venom worked his ass off
getting trained and now puts on great matches for ICCW, NCW, and now EWA.
The kid has big time dedication to the business, he has earned the success
he is starting to see.

Gimmick of the year (WWF/WCW): Edge & Christian as "Bill And Ted" Totally
the most quotable... Yeah they are... Fiver!

Gimmick of the Year (National Indies & ECW): The Soul Brothers... A tag
team that looks and dances like the Blues Brothers. You can argue with
me... but these are my awards.. and these guys make me laugh!

Gimmick of the Year (Local Indies): Damnation X.... true fans know...

Hottest Valet (WCW/WWF): Lita... no recount needed!

Hottest Valet (ECW): Francine (My choice.. so deal with it)

Hottest Valet (Indies): No brainer here... ALLISON DANGER! (shut up
people.. I'm earning my brownie points damnit! Shut up... my nose IS NOT
brown )

and lastly:

Move of the Year (WWF/WCW): The "3-D"

Move of the Year (National Indies & ECW): Low Ki's twsiting 450 to the

Move of the Year (Local Indies): We got two words for ya.... BUTT SEX!!!


I'll get you guys with an update of more shows very soon...

This weekend:

Friday 26th: EWA at the Stevens Armory in Portland, ME... The Damned face
The Asian Contingency. the winner go to a three way dance versus the
Champions Adam Hastey and Alexander Worthington and the winners of Mind &
Matter vs. Ramsey & Houston. for info

Saturday 27th: SCCW in Pembroke, MA... The Damned will be in action for action

Take care and we'll see you in the next DAMNED issue!

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