Date: Feb 20 2001 01:47:18 EST
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Damned Newsletter

"15 Yard Penaly... Puleri Sucks!!!"

Welcome to another bag of useless banter that we like to call the Damned

I know I missed updating after last weekend, which I apologize for. We'll
work on getting that together as well as this weekend and MORE!

In this issue:



Upcoming Dates

and More!!!


February 9th: The Damned load up their stuff as well as the equally small
and easily packable Kid Krazy and headed up to land occupied by evil orges
and twisted Doctors... the Home of Don Juan and Dr. Heresy. Now mind you,
I was already in a horrible mood, as some geriatric jackass decided to
turn left into oncoming traffic not two days before, basically cramming
the front end of my car down my throat. I'm fine, and the car will be fine
because of his insurance. Anyhow we get to the land of folly and upon our
arrival meet up with not only the inhabitants, but Steve Ricard and Tommy
D. (you know who they are if you are a regular reader). After a few hours
of watching television (assorted wrestling and the like) and Steve's gifts
from Florida... we crashed before the long ride to Nittany.

February 10: We awake, not quite refreshed and head out to State College.
Draven and I force ourselves into Jedi-style hibernation to avoid the
ear-splitting "music" Heresy is listening to. After a Yummy meal at
Ponderosa, we arrive at State College. Draven and I were lucky enough to
wrestle Fumar 2+3 and Krazy wrestled Rob Noxious. Krazy was ikpressive in
his win. We ended up losing the titles as one of like 21 Fumars managed to
pin Draven while 4 others distracted me. One Fumar looked suspiciously
like Doctor Heresy, who I assumed lent the Fumar his boots.

Also on the card: Beater defeated Bax, Rapid Fire Maldonado defeated Fumar
1 to become the new University Park Champion, and Yutzak Arafat beat Tommy
Golden for the Heavyweight strap for his 198th title reign.

We headed back after the show and stopped at the golden idol on the dark
trip... THE IRON SKILLET!!!! (Thanks again Jules). Anyhow after our all
you can eat jaunt, it was a long trip home. Along the way I DEFINITELY saw
a ghost... Ask Draven. We arrived to Heresy's and then i had to take my
car and bring the Krazy and Draven to their homes. I only fell asleep at
the wheel one time, despite my complete exhaustion.

February 11th:

I wake up only like an hour before needing to be at the Bob's Bar & Grille
show. I race to pick up Draven and we head on up. At the show, we arrive
and as usual, the backwards Bob's crowd is Booing guys liek Desanto and
cheering us & Heresy.

We faced Jonathan (Johnny Armadillo) and Big Brian Black. The match was
good, despite the ring not being perfect. We won the match following the
Total Damnation. During the match, Jonathan showed how much he has
improved. Black will be good, give him time. I was also fun beating on a
commisioner (of EWA) who has screwed us soooo many times LOL. Nice Chop by

Also on the show: Dr. Heresy lost to Brutus Beefcake. Don Juan Desanto
(the SCCW champion) defeated Adam Booker. Interstate Champ Nitemare Nick
Steele defeated Johnny Angel. Frankie Armadillo beat Damian Houston.
Amanda Storm defeated Derik Destiny. Punisher & Chris Blackhart beat Blade
& Sundragon when Sundragon unmasked revealing himself to be Jonathan. He
then aided the other team to beat Blade. At this point we ran out
attacking Punisher & Blackhart challenging them to a match at Bob's on the
25th of March. Blade followed suit and challenged Jonathan. As a funny
aside... The Bob's crowd has taken to calling Blackhart "Man Boobs"...
From now on, we will refer to Chris as Chris "Man Boobs" Blackhart.

After the show we went to Friendly's witha gaggle of the workers and Don
LaBarber from as well as Matt Grady from the Pro Wrestling
Torch. It was fun talking with them about all kinds of wrestling... and
then it was time to go home...

Tuesday Night: we were scheduled to run our camp, but the Loomis Arena was
closed due to preparations for the show for Saturday. Instead, Venom,
Kilgore, JC Marxxx, Draven, Ruy and myself hit the Kai Lua in Attleboro,
MA. I won't tell you too much, but Mad Dog gets an ovation from the
restaurant for his rendition of Paradise by the Dashboard light into a
spoon... and Draven gets felt up and then idolized for his "muscley body"
by a bunch of horny middle aged women.
Don't believe me? Ask the guys who were there!!!


February 16th: Draven and I get our stuff together and head to Fraggle
Rock (home of Damned compatriot and Fraggle... Spence Money) We drop off
the injured Mad Dog Mobile and get the Fraggle Wagon. First we hit
downtown NY to pick up the Brooklyn Bomber Tony Montana. We all head to
the "Historic Reverside Bene Hall" in Reading, PA for a night of IWA

We knew that heading into this match the stakes were pretty high. The
Damned would be defending their IWA tag team titles against the Top
Contenders... The Matrix. The losing team would ALSO never be able to team
again. Referee PW Stryker thought he was a funny guy in this one. At one
point HE pinned me. The crowd loved it thinking we had lost, but guess
what. A REF CAN'T Get INVOLVED (well unless he's Mike Kehner). Anyhow, as
the match went on it looked pretty bad for us to win. Roman hit his
Cyclone Driver on Draven, but Stryker was busy keeping Hadrian out of the
ring. So I slipped on the old mask and gave Roman a wake-up call headbutt
to the back of his head. I rolled Draven on him just in time for ole zebra
PW to turn around and count the fall. Your winners and still your favorite
IWA tag champions The Damned (PS Good Luck to the Matrix who now can't

Also on the card: Leppy retained his title over Bax. Rapid Fire Maldonado
and Allison Danger defeated Dylan Night and Candi in a mixed tag team
match. Reckless Youth and Tommy Golden went to a Time Limit Draw. The
Spanish Announce Team beat NWA World Champions Bad Street Boys (Christian
York & Joey Matthews) & Trent Acid (with Donnie B.) when York & Matthews
turned on Trent & Donnie. (Trent's normal Backseat Boy partner Johnny
Cashmere is currently in Big Japan Wrestling... good luck bro!). There
were three matches to decide a triple threat champion at an upcoming show.
The three winners were : Ox Hogg, Biggie Biggs and Guilotine LaGrande. In
the main event: Steve Corino beat JD Powers to win the IWA Heavyweight
title. Kevin knight, Dylan Night, and Powers all went to jump on Corino
during the match, but Mikey Whipwreck made the save and Whippersnapped
them all. Corino pinned for the victory and the title. Lou E. Dangerously
was there doing color commentary for Smart Mark video.

After the show, we all went to Del's for some food. The wings were not as
good as last time but still above average. On the way home, I totally
crashed and passed out. So that makes this part of the story easy LOL. I
got home at about 7 AM and headed to get about 4 hours sleep before the
ICCW show.

Final thing of note. Chris Krueger (graduate of Shawn Michaels TWA and
wrestling academy) was working the show. He brought along with him none
other than JOE RULES. Everyone who reads this knows that the Damned are
big marks for our one time manager and often times adversary... Joe Rules
February 17: Draven and the Fraggle pick me up and we head to the Great
American Bar & Grille in CT. This is right around the corner from
Foxwoods. First off, let me comment on HOW COOL this place can be for
wrestling shows.

We arrived and knew what our match was already. We would be in a four way
tag defense versus Carnage Inc. (Bad Boy Billy Black and Kodiak), NWA New
Jersey Tag Champs The Power Company, "The Rookies"(Tim Kilgore & Duff w/
Sean Gorman). OOOh I was overjoyed... LOL. Anyhow I saw some of the show
and it looked pretty good. In the opening match where Darren Stompz and
Moco were supposed to do battle, Sal E Graziano and Lil Guido came out and
completely trounced both guys... Spike Dudley made the save. (Bout time
someone smooshed Moco!!!).

In our match, we ended up brawling out of the ring with the Power Twins
and somehow the battered Tim Kilgore managed to pin Bad Boy in a total
fluke. They win the titles. Even though we wre not pinned, a lot of
credibility has to go to the youngsters, besides defeating us... they DID
beat THE NWA New Jersey tag champs (and former WCW JTTS) The Power Company
on the way.

Also on the card: Dr. Heresy went to a Time Limit Draw with Chris Venom
(this was a really good match). Kid Krazy defeated Frankie Armadillo
(another good match). Randy J won the heavyweight title and then defeated
Don Juan Desanto in a "first blood" match. The win came witha creative
bottle of ketchup. KL Murphy beat Johnny Armadillo. CT Champ Onyx beat the
Beast. Tripleicious beat Cinna. In the main event, Spike Dudley defeated
Guido Maritato with the Acid Drop for the win.

This was my first show sharing a locker room with Sal Graziano. Time to
put the big guy over. He is COOOOOL SHIT! I had lots of fun telling him
about the "DEVITO-MIKE DUTCH" feud, which you faithful readers know about.
Anyhow, Sal decided to do his own Dutch ribbing, which Spike and Guido
also got in on. Props to Dutch for taking it like a pro... and props to
Sal for making my ass laugH!!!

After the show we headed south to Fraggle rock to party for a few days.


Fun at Fraggle Land:

After the ICCW show we headed out to dinner with a long-time friend of the
Damned. Mistress Renee came with us to get some pizza and stuff (I got the
fried calimari instead). It was great seeing her, as she is a Renaissance
Faire enthusiast (and member of the King Richard's Faire staff). When Ren
Season comes round, we don't get to see her. So it was AWESOME to hang for
a lil while and chat. She also gave us an update on My former tag partner
and former Outcasts member Ivan Zangvine. He has apparantly headed to
Arizona to also ride the Ren Faire Circuit. Good Luck goes out to him.

Saturday Night we hit the Long Island Jillian's... This is a giant place
with like 10 clubs in it. We hit the Video Game place to hear Spence play
the drum simm and for me to kick total ass at Virtual Reality Mech
Warrior(for free even). We played a bunch of games and then checked out
to head home.

Sunday afternoon: We wake up and get ready to enjoy a Vince McMahon
creation... THE XFL LIVE at The Meadowlands in NJ.

The NY/NJ Hitmen would be taking on The Orlando Rage

Honestly, I saw better football in my few years at URI, but the FANS and
the Production are what Makes the XFL a GREAT experience. There is a Titan
Tron that shows videos and stuff during the game, like sidelines
interviews. The most X(extreme) about the XFL are the fans. These guys
were ruthless. The whole game we were yelling various forms of "Puleri
sucks" (Puleri being the starting Hitman QB who has slightly better
passing skills than my grandmother.) The cheerleaders were outrageous. The
outfits were simply amazing. Garters and stockings??? WHOO HOO! The
sideline interviews had the following bits of wisdom.

interviewer: How did you manage to get that interception?
player: I dunno, I just caught the ball.

Anyhow, the game was fun and they even give you game programs for free.
This cost me half the price of the Patriots game I went to, and was just
about as fun... now if I only really cared about the Hitmen a little more.
Speaking of which, They blew a 12-3 lead to lose 18-12 and drop to 0-3
while the Rage went to 3-0.

After the game we were scheduled to go to the Dublin Pub, but it was sold
out... damnit. We went to Bogarts and enjoyed ourselves anyways. The DDA
works some much better than the Fraggle DA!!! Following an INTERESTING
ride home... and and extremely drunk Mad Dog, I passed out in bed LOL.
The Ride home was not too eventful, but there was some stupid traffic!!!

Upcoming dates:

This Thursday February 22 in Pottstown, PA: At the SunnyBrook Ballroom
7:30PM Start: The IWA invades with another supercard. On the card:

IWA World Champ Steve Corino, IWA Tag Champs: US, IWA Ltvywt Champ Evan
Leppy, The BackSeat Boys with Donnie B., The Hooch Hollar Boys, Guillotine
LaGrande, Bax, Allison Danger, Tommy Golden, Kevin Knight, Biggie Biggs,
International Sensation Leatherface. Also Reckless Youth vs. WWF Prospect
Ty Street and Lou E. Dangerously has a mystery Opponent for Rapid Fire

Friday February 23 at 7:30 P.M.
Police Athletic League Hall
39 Franklin Street
Fall River, MA

Notorious I.Z.Z. vs. Shawn Candido
Prime Time Randy J with Main Event Matt Burns vs. Kodiak
Dr. Heresy with Jonathan vs. Frankie Armadillo
plus: Don Juan Desanto, The Damned, Chris "MAN BOOBS" Blackhart, Punisher
Don Vega, Amanda Storm and JOE RULES!!!

more dates to follow... check out the complete listing on our website


While deciding to leave out names indicating guilty parties, I want to
have a minor bitch session. What the hell is up with EGOs in the wrestling
business? OK... so I know we hit a lot of them along the ways... but what
the fuck is up with telling a promoter that you won't work the match
you've been asked because it is "disrespectful"? If that is how you feel,
return the money you've taken and respectfully and professionally decline
the booking. Don't undermine the card and the workers on it because you
don't feel comfortable with what you gotta do. First off, showing this
kinda attitude to the green guys, the rookies, teaches them bad business
ethics. To the fellow pros not in your match, you look like an ass. To the
guys in your match, you garner resentment... to the names on the show...
you never know where the stories of your actions can go... and how your
reputation can be tarnished. The promoters definitely will not be happy to
use you again. Personally I saw this happen. I apologized to a few people
that were chiefly insulted, as I felt that it was a terribly shitty thing
to have happen. Honestly, in the future, if promoters ask me about such
talents' rep... I am sure that this story may be related. It comes down to
this. Before accepting a booking, tell a promoter your limits. If you
refuse to work certain guys or certain kinds of matches than state that
upfront. When you show up and accept your pay, you are accepting whatever
is expected of you. I know at least a handful of guys were pissed off..
and won't forget it.

Sorry about my ambiguous rambling, I know a few of you understood... and
for those who want to know, ask me in person... maybe I'll fill ya in.

A few quick plugs for people out there....

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Kilgore, Tripleicious and more):

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our IWA stuff:

Anyhow... We'll see ya in next week's update...

Peace, Love, and PULERI SUCKS!!!!!!!

Mad Dog of the Damned