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Howdy Hi and Hello....

Welcome to another rambling excuse for journalism that we lovingly call
The Damned Newsletter.

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Thursday February 22: I arrive at Draven's house to get ready to leave for
the IWA show in Pottstown. He informs me that Mike KEhner (ECW ref and
assistant producer of the Intercontinental Wrestling Alliance) has told
him to hold off leaving for an hour. IWA Producer (and new IWA Heavyweight
Champion) Steve Corino was debating cancelling the show due to incliment
weather. Sure enough, an hour later, I was heading home to go to take a
nap. The show was cancelled, and I guess a bunch of snow was dumped onto
Pennsylvania. Here is Rhode Island we got like maybe 3-4 inches.

Friday February 23 South Coast Championship Wrestling: We pack up and head
to Fall River's "historic" PAL hall in MA. We are supposedly suspended,
but decide to show anyhow. I mean, how could we not go to the show when
"As Seen On TV" Joe Rules would be there?!?! We arrive and hang with Mr.
Rules for a little while. He is always intersting to talk to. Let me
add... what a fine new [bath]Robe he was getting to debut. We hear that
the tag team champions The Hott Boyz would be defending their titles
against "top contenders" Zanic and Ken
. (Note sarcasm in the top
contenders remark) The two opponents of the champs had never teamed
before, nor had they even worked an actual match, other than a battle
royal. We allowed the Hotts to give the fans a little taste of the farce
title defense and then we made our entrance. The Hotts seemingly had the
match ended, when the lights shut off. When the turned back on, we were
standing behind Zanic & Ken. The Hotts stood stunned as we demolished
their opponents. I grabbed the microphone and told the Hotts that seeing
the Commissioner was not there, they should ignore the suspension and give
us a shot. When they agreed, we made sure to get Referee Mike Dutch's
approval that the decision would be final. He agreed and we hit the ring.
The Hotts started off strong with stereo armdrags, hiptosses, and
dropkicks. As Draven and I started around the ring to kindly help up the
men we had just previously attacked, the Hotts launched highflying
attackes towards us outside of the ring. They got back in the ring and had
a little more of the match in their control, when Draven and I cut them
off. We worked over DJ Hott for most of the match, working on his back.
Somehow, out of nowhere he was able to reverse Draven's powerslam attempt
into a spinning DDT. He made the tag and AJ came in as a house of fire. He
cleaned house and the Hotts worked us to the corners for the obligatory 10
punches to the cranium. Both Hotts hoisted me into position on th etop
rope and then AJ went to set up Draven. Draven, who was given a second to
recover, backdropped AJ over the turnbuckle hard to the floor. I grabbed
DJ and lifted him above my head for my version of the "Last Ride". I fell
forward face first, with DJ being some ten feet above the ring. He came
crashing directly in the center of the ring, perfectly set for Draven
showing what a TRUE 5* frog splash looks like. 3 seconds later and Total
Damnation had won us the SCCW Tag Team titles.

Also on the card that night:
Frankie Armadillo made Dr. Heresy submit to the full nelson.
Punisher Don Vega & Chris Blackheart beat Damian Houston & Brian Black
The Notorious I.Z.Z beat Shawn Candido (with Devyn)
Amanda Storm and Potuguese Stallion beat Joe Rules & Adam Booker
Blade beat Jonathan.
Heavyweight Champion Nightmare Nick Steel beat Don Juan Desanto
Johnny Angel beat Gabriel Foxx and Hi-Lite Kid in a 3 way Dance.


Saturday Night February 24th: Yankee Pro Wrestling at the United
Fisherman's Club in New Bedford, MA.

We had a rare night off, and decided to go and watch the YPW show in New
Bedford. The Main event was to be "The King of Old School" Steve Corino
vs. ????. We figured it would be cool to go as other friends of ours from
PA's IWA would also be on the card as well. The Damned got a bunch of the
Northeast Championship Wrestling roster to go and hang out with us as well
as my fiancee Adrienne (JC Marxxx, Chris Venom, Ruy Batello and more). We
arrived at the show and made our rounds talking with the local guys. It is
always good seeing old friends like Gino Giovanni, Rev. Redemption, Chane
Brannigan, Andy Jaxx, and Tim Towers. As Kid Kirazy "Mini G" and I headed
to grab some drinks at the Brooks drug, I saw the PA car pull in. We went
over and exchanged greetings with Steve Corino, Rapid Fire Maldonado, Bax,
Even Leppy, and last, but certainly not least... The Damned's FAVORITE
manager... Allison Danger.

Anyhow we'll skip into the show. The opening setting up the main was done
really well, despite some mic trouble. Gino & Krazy's in-ring dynamics
blend well and are quite funny. Corino comes out to a HUGE pop and tears
into them. Corino says he wants to beat both their asses tonight. Gino
turns him down, but offers a replacement. at this time, Mike Steele runs
in and hits Corino witha chair. He will face Corino tonight in a falls
count anywhere match.

Not going to get too in depth with a show review... you can get that at I look two seats over from where I am
sitting.. and Mark Chambers (one of the guys I helped train back with Andy
Jaxx and Tim Towers)is sitting there. Following a concussion, he retired
from wrestling, but is now excelling in natural bodybuilding competition.
He took 2nd in the Nationals at his weight class. Very Cool to see him. We
watched the show, which was entertaining.

Suicidal Silva vs. Rage was an early show stealer. This match was
fantastic. ECW style match with solid spots. I really enjoyed the work

It was great seeing Allison Danger in action. She did a KILLER hudapunani
(flying head scissors) on one member of the Score after the match. All
that talent, and she is a sweetheart... by the way NICE DANCING BAX! The
Score managed to defeat Evan Leppy and Bax with an illegal double team,
when the ref was distracted.

Rapid Fire Maldonado was defeated by Brickhouse Baker, when a ceiling tile
was knocked out of the ceiling and appeared to have hit Maldonado on the
way down.

The Main event was AWESOME. Steele complimented "The Old School Hero" very
well. The match had wrestling, brawling and everything. The crowd was on
its feet for much of the match and after his victory (with the Old School
Expulsion on a steel chair) Steve Corino graciously put over the YPW
locker room, the fans, and the promotion. This guys always impresses me
with his level of class (and YES I can honestly say I would be saying that
if I didn't wrestle for him in PA. I said this after the first live indy
show I worked with him on it. He defeated Tommy Golden with the Figure
Four, but then put Tommy over on the microphone. )

After the match we headed backstage and talked with Steve and the IWA
boys. Allison stayed out cleaning up on selling pictures (taken by
Adrienne) with the fans.

Funny note: Steve is a HUGE fan of the Eagles and had a "Get Steve Corino
to see Don Henley" cup for spare change. At one point, he conned a kid to
take the cup around taking a collection.


The Damned Training Camp is now accepting new trainees. Located in
Plainfield, CT (only 30 minutes from Providence, RI), the camp is located
at the ICCW facilities. The wrestling program will train you the skills
needed to work on the local independent circuit. It is highly affordable
and actually a lot of fun. The training is one night a week and males and
females are invited to join. Currently graduate Chris Venom is working for
various promotions in New England. Other notable standouts are preparing
to break out onto the indies as well.

Contact us for more information at


Upcoming Dates

Friday March 2: EWA at the Stevens Armory in Portland, ME

Friday March 9: SCCW at Mount Hope High School, Bristol, RI

Sunday March 11: SCCW at the United Fisherman's Club, New Bedford, MA

Thursday March 15: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall, Reading, PA.

Friday March 16: SCCW at the PAL in Fall River, MA

Sunday March 18: IWA at the Sunnybrook Ballroom, Pottstown, PA

Friday March 23: SCCW in Somers, CT

Sunday March 25: SCCW at Bob's Bar & Grille in Bridgewater, MA

Friday March 30th: SCCW in Johnston, RI

for more info visit the following websites:

more dates as they become available!

In Unrelated Wrestling News:

This Saturday March 3, live from the Pro Wrestling Shop located at the
Emerald Square Mall (across from CVS) in North Attleboro, MA meet stars of
Extreme Championship Wrestling! From 12 to 3pm see Bill Alphonso,
"Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer, and some more of your favorite ECW
talent. For anymore information call 508-699-8604 or check out


That about wraps it up for this issue... we'll see you in a few days with
informationa nd results coming off of this Friday and EWA's RETURN to the
Steven's Armory in Portland.