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Welcome again to another grammatically-deficient issue of the Damned

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Upcoming Dates

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Friday March 2: Chris Venom meets us at my place and we head to Draven's
to pick him up. With Adrienne driving, this should turn out to be a
relaxing trip (riiiiiiiiiight!)

We drive an hour or so before needing to fill the gas tanks...and get some
eats. We hit this Burger King. The place has frigging Waterfalls in it.
This was not a Burger King... it was a wanna-be hotel or something.
Anyhow, they still managed to fuck up our orders,.. guess it WAS Burger
King! Anyhow we head back on the road, and SNOW starts to fall. Roads are
gettinga little slippery and the visibility is getting pretty low. We
cross over into Maine and are suddenly stuck in a huge traffic Jam. About
an hour later, we see that a tractor trailer truck as terribly jack-knifed
itself. NICE!

Once past that attrocity, we made it to the show very quickly. We arrive
and get our stuff together at the Armory. We make our rounds and say our
hellos to the EWA locker room. The show is getting ready to begin and word
hits the back. Looks like the idea of using the Armory like a home base
is working. Another nice sized crowd has shown up to watch wrestling.
Tonite EWA starts its 8-man heavyweight Title tournament and more.

We head out and cut a promo with the Hard-core Institute. Everette Payne
tells us that he has gotten us a tune-up match tonite to get us ready to
regain the tag team titles. We agree and head to the locker room. After
intermission, we head out for our match. The team we are facing is
announced. Adam Booker & Aaron Morrison: The Shooters. Overall the match
was an evenly fought contest. We showed that we could hang with wrestlers'
style in there. The match ended up looking like a pure-wrestling fans'
dream. Lots of scientific holds, reversals and submissions. Somewhere in
the mix, hotter heads prevailed and a four way brawl ensued with Ref Tom
Wilson getting knocked out. At this time, Kildevil and Chris Venom (newest
HCI member) entered the ring with chairs per the order of Payne. Instead
of hitting The Shooters, they knocked us out. Suddenly the wolves were on
us. Everette Payne had double crossed us and we were out of the HCI and
the Shooters now donned the trademarked HCI shirts. No one came to make a
save, we basically were prone to the beating for close to 5 minutes. As we
left, it seemed like my ribs may have been bruised, and Draven's lower
back bothering him.

Also on the card that night:

Kildevil defeated Damian Houston and Chris Venom in a 3-way Hard-core
dance. The pin came when Houston hit the 450 splash on Kildevil and Venom
knocked him out with a weapon. Everette Paybe then said something to
Venom, who laid down and allowed Kildevil to pin him. Venom was then given
an HCI shirt and named the newest member.

Adam Hastey & Dominic (subbing for the injured Alexander Worthington III)
retained the tag team titles over The Asian Contingent. According to
Worthington, he was suffering from an injured Uterus in addition to many
other things.

In the Hvywt Title Tourney:

Don Juan Desanto defeated The Hard-Core Hippie.

Larry Huntley lost by DQ to Dominic (in place of an injured Johnny
Idol who Worthington bought the spot from and gave to Dominic).

Steve Ramsey Defeated Frankie Armadillo

Mike Steele defeated Dr. Heresy.

Bill Walkowitz informed us that he had sold out of the Best of the Damned
tape that night. We were psyched. First night on the shelves, and they go
bye-bye! Thanks a bunch Bill.. that ruled to sell em out the first night!

After the show, we headed home. Adrienne almost kills us by deciding to
"park on a curb" (LOL).

The Chris Venom website sums it up as follows:
" Friday night was well....a bit more interesting I will sum it up with a
MAKE EM LOOK LIKE SUSSE CHALLET's,AND UMM one more deplorable thing that
sticks in my head...OH YEAH ADRIENNE (EWA sound chicky & Mad Dog's wife to
her car,luckly she didnt kill us ...oh yeah the car was fine too!Other
than that Draven & I found some humor in a bickfords menu that had an a
plate with umm eggs nicely placed where umm well...GO TO to see if Mad Dog scanned the rest of the menu yet
cuz after a great debate he won the rights to take the bickfords menu home
WITH OUT HAVING TO STEAL IT!(like the vinegar right mad dog?)ok "

First off... I hope the dancing breakfast plate will debut in the near
future. As for Vinegar, I have NO CLUE what he is talking about!!!!

We got home and got a few hours sleep, before Draven and I headed to hang
for a couple days at Fraggle Rock.

On the way through Connecticut we stopped at the Westbrook Factory
outlets. Once again, I spent some fat cash on the Big Dogs store
( We then headed to hang at Spence Money Land.

We arrived and did the whole V:TM thing for a while (check for more on that) and then went to the
Damned's favorite club... The Dublin Pub! The Dublin offered Daric and
the Funbags that night. This band was the balls. We totally enjoyed them.
They covered Bon Jovi, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC and way more. You can see
if they are playing local to you at . We headed back to
the Rock and went to sleep. The next day before we left, Spence wanted to
take us to the "Happy Buffet" (actually the Harvest Buffet). A place with
"Italian Food, Chinese Food, whatever you want." Spence turned out to be
the classice Fraggle of misinformation as it was a crowded, loud,
expensive Chinese buffet. Note To Self: Why does the seafood at Chinese
buffets always smell like Low-tide in New Bedford... and why are everyone
always eating of it. Anyhow, the food was EH... so I pilfered a nice
looking salt shaker for Spence's Trouble. On the way back to Spencer's, we
stopped to get Stack for "$10 a bottle". WTG Spence LMAO!!!

All in all a great weekend at Fraggle Rock. As always, Spence is a great
host and the trip was fun. The ride home was easy beans, no snow or
anything really.



The Damned Training Camp is now accepting new trainees. Located in
Plainfield, CT (only 30 minutes from Providence, RI), the camp is located
at the ICCW facilities. The wrestling program will train you the skills
needed to work on the local independent circuit. It is highly affordable
and actually a lot of fun. The training is one night a week and males and
females are invited to join. Currently graduate Chris Venom is working for
various promotions in New England. Other notable standouts are preparing
to break out onto the indies as well.

Contact us for more information at


Upcoming Dates

Friday March 9: SCCW at Mount Hope High School, Bristol, RI
****Steve Corino in the Main Event faces Dr. Heresy!****

Sunday March 11: SCCW at the United Fisherman's Club, New Bedford, MA

Thursday March 15: PWF at the Sunnybrook Ballroom, Pottstown, PA

Friday March 16: SCCW at the PAL in Fall River, MA

Sunday March 18: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall, Reading, PA.

Wednesday March 21: TBA

Friday March 23: SCCW in Somers, CT

Sunday March 25: SCCW at Bob's Bar & Grille in Bridgewater, MA
**** Steve Corino in the Main Event faces Damian Houston!!!****
***We Defend the Tag Titles against Punisher/Blackheart***

Friday March 30th: SCCW in Johnston, RI

Saturday March 31st: NCW in Natick, MA

Saturday April 7: SCCW in Keene, NH

Friday April 13th: EWA at The Stevens Ave Armory, Portland, ME.

for more info visit the following websites:

more dates as they become available!

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Finally for the Website of the Week:

Adam Booker (yeah he beat the piss out of us in ME, still check out the
big guy's site)


That's the whole Enchillada for now.

The next few weeks are going to be insane with 8 shots in like 2 weeks. I
will do my best to get updates written and sent out!

Thanks again for subscribing!!!

"Where are we any how?" -Chris Venom
"Needham" -Waitress Tina
"Needham??? We already Got Em!" -Mad Dog