Date: Mar 12 2001 00:04:21 EST
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Subject: The Damned Newsletter

Welcome once again to the Damned Newsletter. 25 plus issues and still
managing to work at putting ourselves over in print!

In this issue:
Damian Houston's muck swilling
Snowball Fights
Upcoming Dates
and more


Friday March 9: SCCW in Bristol, RI;

I picked up Draven in my nifty rent-a-Ford and we headed in the sleet to
Mt. Hope High in Bristol. Upon our arrival, we are informed that Steve
Corino wouldn't be there due to weather. Well that just shit in my oatmeal
(LOL). Anyhoo, we got our stuff together and prepared for the show.
Somewhere along the way, Shawn Candido left his boxers sitting unguarded.
Heresy and I, being the consumate heels, took them and saturated them with
"Hot Stuff". If you don't know what this does, watch "Revenge of the
Nerds". Back to the show: We were facing two guys in their first match
(Violater & Vindicator). They are both current Mt. Hope High students. We
are the SCCW Tag Champs. They got the small crowd excited with an early
flurry of offense, but then our experience took over. In about 8 minutes
we managed to pin one of them following a completely technical move... a
textbook title belt to the head. After the match, the two managed to
regroup and attack us from behind, much to the crowd's delight. They
celebrated in the ring with belts that belonged to us. Bastards!

Also on the show:

Doink defeated Dr. Heresy in a mat classic.

Don Juan Desanto defeated "Pressure Cooker" Adam Booker (Okay, so he ISN'T
"Pressure Cooker" Adam Booker... but he should be LOL)

Heavyweight Champ Nitemare Nick Steel and Chris "Manboobs" Blackheart
defeated Johnny Angel and DJ Hott (Happy Birthday to Blackheart!)

Gino Giovanni beat the Hi-Lite Kid.

Damian Houston beat Frankie Armadillo.

Shawn Candido defeated "The Punisher" Don Vega.

Punisher won a come as you are Battle Royal.

In the main event Ladder Match: Bristol Native and Mt. Hope High Senior
Blade defeated Jonathan following a moonsault off the top of the ladder.

After the show, Heresy, Desanto, Houston, Armadillo, Ring announcer Tommy
D., Jonathan, Booker and the Damned hit some little Chinese restaurant for
dinner. During this meal, Draven and I started to get a little into the
creative cuisine department. Take a little tea, add some gravy, soy sauce,
A-1 sauce, salt, pepper, sticky wing sauce, and other secret
ingredients... stir rapidly until semi-smooth. Convince someone to drink.
That someone being Damiand Houston. We all died watching as he chugged the
stuff down, holding off the inevitable dry heaves. after he finished, we
told him that the secret ingredient was a nice hearty loogie. He turned 5
shades of green before we revealed that was a rib. We all paid and headed
to the cars, where a HUGE snow fight ensued. Somehow, it became the world
vs. Frankie Armadillo and Jonathan. They were getting nailed, so they
hopped in Armadillo's car. The CAR started getting pelted. The two of them
headed up the road a bit then hopped out, intending to snowball us.
Draven. Heresy, Desanto, Tommy D and I grabbed mad snow and ran at them.
They ditched the car and ran. I stole Frankie's car key and Doctor Heresy
began to load snow by the arm fulls into the car. Out of NOWHERE a Husky
runs and hops in the car. We ended up breaking off the fun when said dog
got a lil rambunctious and we didn't want anyone getting bitten. We
returned the keys to Frankie after letting him sweat it a bit and then
headed home.

Saturday March 10th:

Draven and I headed to Southbridge High School where we met with Heresy,
Desanto, Jonathan, Armadillo, Kid Krazy and Brian Black. There was an IIW
show that night, which we missed the first 3 matches of. The guy at the
door wasn't charging anyone to get in, so free show... BONUS! Early in
the show we exchanged greetings with Master Sandy, Milo and Randy from
Chaotic Wrestling. Demolition Ax and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka were the
headliners. The bunch of us had a good time. The highlights for me were
Edward G Extasy's doubletake and Gary Gold blowing chunks twice! Of course
we all marked out for Ax's music by Rick Derringer.

After the show, Draven and I shot to Raven's in Providence, RI to catch
the debut of our friend Jeff in the band LokJaw. The opening band that we
caught "Rearview featuring Two Drunks and a Skunk" were cool... way
mellow... two acoustic guitars and conga drums. They did covers and
originals. They basically came off as guys who liked to drink beer and
play tunes. COOL Beans... BEANAGE!

Jeff's band came out and ripped through their set, despite a terrible

We hit Bickfords afterwards, where we are always liable to run into
SOMEONE wrestling-related. (In the past Brian Lee) Tonite: The fighting
Elias boys of USWF Fame/WHJY Geoff Charles Fame and Danny Bidondi, who was
basically the All American punching bag at the IIW show. We had some food
and then I dropped Draven off so I could get at least a FEW hours sleep
before the next show.


March 11: SCCW at the United Fisherman's Club in New Bedford, MA.

Sleep is GOOD!!! So good in fact that between me getting to Draven's late
due to my oversleeping... and his oversleeping and just waking up as I
arrived at his place... we were forced to make the 1/2 hour drive in
roughly 15 minutes. We arrived and were instantly forced to look at ring
crew member Danny Whiplash's HUGE head. Anyhow, we got the booking sheet
and saw that we were scheduled to face Don Juan Desanto and Damian
Houston. The match was good, the night filled with ribs. Note To Self
(ripping of Venom's gimmick): Conditioner looks suspiciously like a
certain bodily fluid when casually put on the back of an unsuspecting
someone. Mike Dutch, Da Baldie Ref, was the test individual. It looked
good. So Damian Houston unsuspectingly went out to do pics with the fans
with an incriminating spot on his blue dress, uh tights. Obviously the
stuff doesn't stain or anything, so it was all in good fun. I thought
overall, our match went pretty well. There were a few rough spots, but
overall it was pretty good. Damian Houston played the role of Damned
whipping boy quite well. We won following my "Last Ride" powerbomb, and
Draven hitting Don Juan with the Cannonball Senton. Another successful
SCCW Tag Title Defense.

Also on the card:

SCCW Champ "Nitemare" Nick Steel beat Shawn Candido

Chris "ManBoobs" Blackheart and "Punisher" Don Vega beat the Hott Boyz

Robbie Ellis Beat Portuguese Stallion

Brian Black defeated the Hi-Lite Kid in a Kiss My Boot match.

In the main event Dr. Heresy & Gabriel vs. Jonathan & Frankie Armadillo
ended in a double pin. Due to a stipulation set before the match. All 4 of
these men can not wrestle in New Bedford for a period of 60 days.

In the locker room afterwards, Mike Dutch tried to unseat Dr. Heresy as
Shootmaster. He Lost. He then tried to start the SNAPS with Draven, who
grew up in the PJ's... Lost again. Mike Dutch even CONCEDED and admitted
he lost. Even in defeat, Mike Dutch rules LMAO.
After the show Desanto, Heresy, Tommy D, Camera Guru Steve "Stevie
Flamingo" Ricard and us went to a Ponderosa for food and B.S.

After that I drove Draven home and hit my little corner of the world I
call home.

New Segment of the Newsletter: Often Our friends, Draven and myself coin
new terms. From now on we will be giving you our word of the week. Learn
It, Use It... Join the "Cool Group"

This Week's Word:

Beanage. Instead of saying Cool Beans... or that is awesome, or very
cool, or whatever.. simply say "Beanage"



Draven: Mad Dog, we just got booked to wrestle Lamanamanumi!
Mad Dog: Cool Beans!


Draven: Mad Dog, we just got booked to wrestle Robbie Ellis
Mad Dog: Beanage!!!
(Mad Dog Actual Answer: AW SHIT! Who pissed off the booker this time!)



The Damned Training Camp is now accepting new trainees. Located in
Plainfield, CT (only 30 minutes from Providence, RI), the camp is located
at the ICCW facilities. The wrestling program will train you the skills
needed to work on the local independent circuit. It is highly affordable
and actually a lot of fun. The training is one night a week and males and
females are invited to join. Currently graduate Chris Venom is working for
various promotions in New England. Other notable standouts are preparing
to break out onto the indies as well.

Contact us for more information at


Upcoming Dates

Thursday March 15: PWF at the Sunnybrook Ballroom, Pottstown, PA
*** from the PWF Website***

The question that has been on all the PWF fans is just who is the former
World heavyweight champion that is going to be Rapid Fire Maldanado's
partner on Thursday night March 15th when they step in the ring against
the PWF tag team champions The Damned?
We have found out that the Pennsylvania Wrestling Federation only
recognizes the following "World" titles:

World Wrestling Federation
World Championship Wrestling
Extreme Championship Wrestling
National Wrestling Alliance
American Wrestling Association (before 1991)
So the list is short, but we have word that this former World champion
could change the shape of the PWF Forever!

Also in action:

Main Event for the PWF heavyweight championship KING OF OLD SCHOOL STEVE
For the PWF junior heavyweight championship
The Champion EVAN LEPPY is challenged by BILLY THE SHOOTER BAX
A special 15 man Battle Royal to crown the first PWF Television champion
(The last two people in the Battle Royal then go to a pinfall or
submission to win the title!)
International Sensation-LEATHERFACE vs. BRETT THOMAS

Friday March 16: SCCW at the PAL in Fall River, MA
*****defending the SCCW Tag Titles*****

Sunday March 18: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall, Reading, PA.
*****defending the IWA Tag Titles*****

Wednesday March 21: TBA
*Damned debut with new promotion watch the message board for details*

Friday March 23: SCCW in Somers, CT

Sunday March 25: SCCW at Bob's Bar & Grille in Bridgewater, MA
**** Steve Corino in the Main Event faces Damian Houston!!!****
***We Defend the Tag Titles against Punisher/Blackheart***

Friday March 30th: SCCW in Johnston, RI

Saturday March 31st: NCW in Natick, MA

Saturday April 7: SCCW in Keene, NH

Friday April 13th: EWA at The Stevens Ave Armory, Portland, ME.

for more info visit the following websites:

more dates as they become available!

Tapes of the Damned:

To see the exclusive Best of the Damned Volume One:
Mail Bill Walkowitz about this and many other great tapes.

To check out the most recent Eastern Wrestling Alliance shows with all of
the Damned's matches as well as a new NCW tape featuring many of the
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Kilgore, Tripleicious and more):

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Finally for the Website of the Week:

The Official Chris Venom Website

(One of our Damned Proteges... but even better... he has a picture of him
and Allison Danger. Check HER, I mean the SITE out!)


One quick clarification:

While we have been pushing Allison Danger as the hottest Manager in the
indies, this in no way was meant as any kind of shot on Luxurious Lynne.
Lynne still maintains her role as CUTEST manager on the indies. Check her
site out at


Reminder: The Damned website is always in constant construction. Since our
ousting from the HCI, that aspect of the site has been renovated to allow
more space in the future for video and fun like that. Soon you will be
able to hear snippets of our ring music and more. Also very soon, the
shrine to Allison Danger will be finished.

Until next issue: Keep on DAMNED believing...

Same Damned Time.... Same Damned Channel

Oh and one last rumor: Could there be a DAMNED comic book in the works???
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