Date: Mar 20 2001 12:12:28 EST
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Subject: The Damned Newsletter

This issue is dedicated in memory of Dave Webber, aka Delicious Dave
Vicious, who passed away late last week. The Damned worked with Dave at
the EWA shows in Maine. Although he was an imposing physical specimen, he
was genial and softspoken in the locker rooms. We will miss the big man
and his kind smile. Rest in Peace brother. We will not forget you.

Hey Hey Hey Folks... It has been a very busy and tiring weekend. Here is
the recount and all in this issue of the Damned Newsletter.

In this Issue:

Help a Juggalo
Upcoming Dates


Before we hit the big updates, we will mention that we got to see Insane
Clown Posse at Lupo's in Providence Monday the 12th. The show was
AWESOME. While there , we ran into a guy that we know through a mutual
friend. Come to find out, his alter-ego Dr. Gigglez is a MAJOR player on
the website. The good doctor's beats and raps are killer...
leterally. Even if you aren't into this type of music... Hope to the
following site and give the Dr. a vote. Let's get the Damned's juggalos
some proper recognition!!!

Hit the vote in the contest link and vote for Dr. Gigglez.

Lets show that we can rock a vote here.

Let's get into the updates!!

Thursday March 15th; Pottstown, PA: Pennsylvania Wrestling Federation
debuts at the Sunnybrook Ball Room. I loaded up the rent-a-mobile and
picked up Draven and headed out. On the way we picked up New England
wrestling long-time familiar face... Gino Giovanni. Just before leaving
the state, we picked up Chris Venom and headed to PA. The ride was a
little slow at times due to traffic, but despite a little late start, we
made it to the show on time. Once we arrived, we made rounds and
introduced ourselves to people we didn't know and exchanged welcomes and
stuff with those we did know. As soon as we got there, we saw that the
"Fraggle" Spence Money had also arrived safely to watch the show (he lives
about 2 hours away in Long Island, NY). He & Venom grabbed some seats and
we headed backstage.

Before the show Steve showed what kind of class his promotion is going to
be based on. He introduced each and every worker to the locker room and
put their respective talents over. The boys seemed primed for a great show
and the house was filling up. Looking around, this had to have been one of
the most talented rosters I have seen in a long time. We got our stuff
together and talked with Dylan Night and his manager Candi. They are two
of the coolest people in the biz. We found that we would be doing a lot
with them that night. Which was cool, because after seeing a handful of
Dylan's matches and Candi's work with Allison Corino, I have been pretty
high on their work. The event started off with Gino tagging with "Mr.
Wrestling" JD Powers (who faithful readers have heard of enough and know
how much we like) versus IWF's Biggie Biggs and IWA's Psycho (who works
other shows as Psychobitch). The crowd immediately hated Gino and JD, yet
it was easy to see one thing. Although this was the first time they met,
teamed etc... they had a really good rapport and charisma together. I
would predict some great things if this team continues to work together.

Now for some quick results courtesy of the PWF site

1. Biggie Biggs w/Jade Devine & Psycho defeated JD Powers & Gino Giavani.

2. In a 15 person Battle Royal to determine the first PWF TV champion.
Guillotine LeGrande defeated Roman to win the Battle Royal and the belt
after Roman's brother Hadrian turned against him.

3. Leatherface defeated Bret Thomas and Doomsday Danny Rose in a Triple
Threat Match.

4. High Profile Dylan Night pinned King of Old School Steve Corino to win
the PWF heavyweight championship.

In this match, Corino and Night were jawing back and forth on what was
scheduled to be a "Danger Zone" interview segment (with Lou E.
Dangerously). Corino (in dress clothes) challenged Night for the match
right then and there. We ran out and helped Dylan beat down Corino and
Candi slid a chair to Dylan, who piledrove "The King of Old School" on it.
"High Profile" pinned Corino and commissioner Vince Gagliardi counted the
three. We celebrated until Rapid Fire Maldonado came out for the save.

5. Rip Malibu defeated Hadrian by Disqualification when Roman ran in to
attack his brother.

6. PWF juniorheavyweight champion Evan Leppy and Billy Bax went to a
double-pin. Senior referee Mike Kehner ordered the title held-up.

7. The Backseat Boys w/Donnie B. defeated The SAT in a unbelievable high
flying contest.

8. Reckless Youth pinned Ty Street in one of the best pure wrestling
matches ever on the regional wrestling scene.

As an aside... I would suggest contacting either RFVideo or Smartmark
video for tape of this one!!

9. The scheduled Main Event was to be the PWF tag team champions The
Damned taking on Rapid Fire Maldanado w/Allison Danger & A Mystery
Partner. Dylan Night came to ringside with The Damned to make it 3 on 2.
Rapid Fire Maldanado looked to have picked Steve Corino to be his partner
but once Night and The Damned had Corino and Maldanado down, "Enter
Sandman" hit on the PA and the 5 time ECW World heavyweight champion, The
Sandman came down to make this a wild 6 man contest. After Candi and
Allison catfighted in the ring, Rapid Fire Maldanado scored the pin on
Dylan Night. What a wild contest.

During the brawl that ensued, Draven paired with Corino, Night with
Maldonado, and myself with the Hard-core Icon. Sandman initially nailed us
all with cane shots eliciting "E-C-Dub" chants from the fans, but then we
over ran him and I threw him to the outside. Sandman and I beat each other
up pretty bad while the other groups went through some sequences in the
ring. Sandman nailed me and threw me back into the ring. He hit me with
the "Heinekin-rana" (top rope hurricanrana) and then sent me for a hard
whip to the buckle which I reversed. As he came out of the corner, I
grabbed the Singapore cane and hit a big shot to his head. He fell and
staggered and I prepared for a second. The cane shattered on Sandman's
head and I was ready for one more shot. The third didn't connect and
Sandman grabbed me and nailed me with the "Black Russian Legsweep". He
went for a pin which Dylan broke up. From there, everyone attempted a pin
on someone, only to have it broken up... the melee spilled to the floor.
Candi called on Allison to get in the ring and the two had one of the
nastiest looking fights I have ever seen in the ring. The crowd went
insane. Dylan tried to grab Allison and piledrive her, but Maldonado made
the save with an enziguri and pinned the PWF Champion. We ran for higher
ground as Maldonado and the two former ECW champs celebrated together with
Allison Danger over some Wobblypops (beers).

We got changed, packed up (Chris Venom got Colby Corino's autograph) and
we got ready to go. On the way home, we hit a little diner with Dylan,
Candi, Fraggle, Venom, Gino, Allison, Draven, and myself. After ordering
my "Diet Water with Ice" and successfully pilfering a Wait to be seated
sign... we headed home in high spirits due to the great show we had all
been involved with. We were really proud of Gino, who other than a Nittany
show, has never really left the New England Indies. He went in and
impressed people with his charisma and gimmick. He will become a regular
face at PWF it appears!

Friday March 16th: SCCW at the Fall River PAL. Coming off the heels of the
previous day, Draven and I were stoked. We headed into the PAL (without
any kind of sleep from the previous road shot) and found that we were
scheduled to wrestle a new tag team Don Juan Desanto and Damian Houston
"Dance Party 2K1". We had worked them the week before and had a pretty
good match. The SCCW newsletter reported that Houston had suffered a
concussion in the match (he hadn't). We figured we'd run with it and make
that part of the match at the PAL as well. About 2 minutes into the match,
Houston attempts to reverse a powerbomb into a sunsetflip and somehow
lands hard on his neck and head giving himself a small stinger. He laid in
the ring motionless, and then managed to tag to Desanto. Desanto came in
and wwe guessed the match we were ready for was scrapped. Houston laid on
the ring apron, and you could tell we were a bit distracted by his injury.
I went for the bossman slam on Desanto, and suddenly Houston hits me with
the next spot (a spin heel kick). Damian may be shaken up, but he
collected himself and was ready to finish the match. From that point on
the match went like clockwork. The fans were behind it. After we spilled
to the outside, Houston and I ended up as the only two in the ring.
Houston managed to hit me with a diamond cutter to set for a legdrop from
the top. He got up and Draven grabbed him for a Fisherman's Suplex. Don
Juan broke it up and tried the Pump And Grind (spinning pump handle
powerbomb) into a pin. I broke it up and Houston started to Dance. He
suddenly staggered and collapsed. Don Juan looked concerned and went to
him. He was preoccupied, Draven grabbed the tag straps and I whipped
Desnato into a belt shot and we quickly pinned the unconcious Damian

The passing out was all a work... the stinger was not. Damian Houston
proved a whole lot to me in this match. Paul Heyman talks about what
Hard-core is and it has nothing to do with chairs and tables and blood. It
has to do with giving the fans the show they paid to see regardless of
there being 3 or 3000 and even if you are tired, aching or hurting. Terry
Funk wrestled the classic I Quit match versus Terry Funk witha broken Tail
bone. This work ethic is what ECW was founded on. Damian Houston proved
to us that he has aspirations of that work ethic. He earned a lot more of
our respect that night.

Also on the show:

Portuguese Stallion def. Robbie Ellis By DQ (title does not change hands
on a dq)

Damed (Mad Dog & Draven) def. Dance Party 2K1 ("the Dancing Devil" Damian
Houston & "Dancing Don Juan DeSanto) to retain the tag team titles

3. Highlight Kid def. "Big" Brian Black

4. Dr. Heresy and Adam Booker went to a Time Limt Draw with The Flying
Armadillo Brothers(Frankie and Johnny)

"Heavenly" Johnny Angel def. "Nitemare" Nick Steel (w/ Kevin Castro) to
become the new SCCW HEavyweight Champion

6. Joe Rules def. Amanda Storm

Shawn Candido def. "Notorious" I.Z.Z (w/ Kevin Castro)

8. the Hott Boyz (AJ & DJ) def. Chris Blackheart and the "Punisher" Don
Vega (w/ Kevin Castro)

9. BATTLE ROYAL(for 4 slots in the SCCW Intertstate Title Tournament)
Highlight Kid
Shawn Candido
the "Dancing Devil" Damian Houston
the "Punisher" Don Vega
all earned a slot in the Interstate Title Tournament.

Other notes: Nick Steel sustained an injury early in the match. Our best
goes out to him and hope he'll be back in the ring working soon.
Brian Black continues to get better and better as does Jonathan. These two
guys will continue up the ladder in SCCW and on the indies. keep an eye
for them.

We continued home and got a few hours sleep before the next day.


March 17th: YPW at Middleboro Nigh, Middleboro, MA.

We were asked to do a 2 ring 50 man Battle Royal, but opted to o and just
watch the show. Steve Corino, Mike Kehner, RF Maldonado, and Allison
Danger would be working the show, so it was worth heading over to see our

Before the show Steve got Mike Dutch with a nice nutshot. It is good to
see that Ribbing my buddy Dutch is a universally enjoyed past time.

On the show:

1 - Mike Paiva with Mercedes defeated Kid Krazy, Suicidal Silva and Rage
in a 4 way Lightweight Elimination Match. This was a really entertaining
match. Mercedes hit Krazy with a nice top rope 'rana to finish the match.
Despite having trouble on really loose ropes, she managed to pull it off
nicely. As an aside, I hope they continue to work with her. She has
charisma, and doesn't seem afraid to be out in front of the crowd. With
more work, Mercedes could be a valuable asset to Mike Paiva's gimmick. Oh,
and Silva/Rage once again hit each other with a simulaneous Super kick
spot. I love the way it looks. Nice pop for that!

2 - "The Thunder From Down Under" Mike Foster defeated Stryker

3 - Don Juan DeSanto & Johnny Angel defeated Punisher & Dr. Heresy

In my opinion, other than the Corino Match, this was best match of the
show. All four guys worked their asses off and got great heat.

4 - "Sweet" Scott Ashworth defeated Rapid Fire Moldonado

5 - Collossus defeated Big Daddy Kahuna and Rev. Redemption (With Rev.
Chain Brannigan) in a 3 Way Body Slam Challange

6 - Curt Daniels & Alison Danger defeated Gorgeous Gino Giovanni & Miss
Kara in a Mixed Tag Match

This was my first time seeing Kara Slice in a match. YUM (LOL). Honestly,
her work in the Jersey area shows as she had confidence and definite
experience. I think a future fued with her and Danger would be pretty
good. I liked the chemistry in the cat fight with Allison and Gino.
Beautiful moonsault by Kara on Danger. At times Curt looked uncomfortable
in a mixed match. Mike Dutch had his shirt ripped off... YUCK!

7 - Rick Fuller defeated Brickhouse Baker (With Rev. Chain Brannigan)

Big heat for hometown hero Rick Fuller. The former WCW wrestler with the
baddest chop around reddened the chest of Brickhouse before hitting his
patented 1 handed top rope chokeslam and powerbomb to get the win. The Rev
was awesome and the crowd loved seeing him get slammed by Fuller after the
match. As some of you may know. The Rev is the man who got me into the
wrestling business.. and I am still grateful to him for it. I am glad to
see him in a good situation enjoying himself in the ring.

8 - "King of Old School" Steve Corino defeated Mike Steele

This match was great. The crowd wanted a table broken... these guys gave
it to them. The match was probably twenty minutes of back and forth
excitement. Referee Mike Dutch did really good in there, how was that
Superkick Mikey??? Anyhow, this was the true main event of the show as
the Battle royal didn't live up to this.

9 - Andy Jaxx won the 2 Ring 50 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal.

Invader V of Puerto Rico legend made his US debut in this match. He fought
throughout against SCCW, YPW, SCW, RDW and indy stars. Kid America,
Moondog Wenzel and more were also involved. In the tradition of Barry
Windham, Invader V got his head stuck between the two rings at one point
in a head stand position. I was rolling.

After the show we headed back and joked around with the people in the
locker room. We said our goodbyes to Kehner, Corino, Maldonado and Danger
as well as all the local crew and headed home, knowing that we would have
to leave for PA in only 7 hours.

March 18th: IWA Championship Wrestling at the Riverside Bene Hall in
Reading PA.

We left at 7 Am and got Gino on the way. We drove for a few hours fueled
by little mini Bess Eaton Donuts and iced coffee. We hit New York in very
good time and picked up Tony Montana, the Brooklyn Bomber. While waiting
we hit a quick convenience store next to the "Boriqua College" . I wonder
if Savio is still teaching there (LMAO). We hit Reading at about 1:30 and
prepare for the show.

On the show:

The SATs defeated the Backseat Boyz & "Big 80's" Donnie B. We ran out and
nailed Donnie witha chain, and SAT Red hit his running shooting star for
the win.

Hadrian of the Matrix turned on his brother Roman of the Matrix and they
ended up wrestling each other. Roman won the match.

Billy "The Shooter" Bax defeated Evan Leppy to win the IWA Lt. Hvywt Title.

Psychobitch destroyed Vince Bono.

Ox Hogg beat Guillotine Lagrande and Bigg Henry (subbing for Biggie Biggs)
to become the first IWA Triple Threat Champion.

IWA Champion "High Profile" Dylan Night (with manager Candi) retained the
heavyweight title in a four way match between himself, Steve Corino, Rapid
Fire Maldonado (with Allison Danger), and Ty Street.

Also on the show were JD Powers, Kevin Knight, "Doomsday" Danny Rose, and
Slambo The Clown.

We were brought out as punishment for Mike Kehner. The ECW referee had
pulled Commissioner Vince Gagliardi out of the ring and beat him up on the
last show (Vince is a big time heel gimmick). He "awarded" Kehner a match
with us, non-title. He chose James Proper as Kehener's partner. This was
not popular with either Proper or Kehner. Kehner was alive for the early
part of the match, but was cut down when he attempted a tag with Proper
who refused. We worked over Kehner, until he managed to change a double
back bodydrop attempt into a double DDT. He tagged Proper, wh\o was not
paying attention to the match. Proper got in the ring and didn't want
anything to do with me. I shook his hand as I knew we had the match won.
Behind my back he grabbed Draven and nailed a T-Bone suplex. He then hit
me with a flurry of vicious kicks. Kehner and Proper suddenly looked like
a team with a tandem whip and leg lariat on Draven and then a tandem
Russian Leg sweep on me. Proper and I spilled to the outside where I was
whipped onto the merchandise table (returning my half of the Broken Table
Exchange Program initiated by me & Steve Corino... LOL). While we were
outside, Draven cut off Kehner and had him finished, when the Backseat
Boyz and Donnie B. hit the ring and nailed a huge 3 man sitout powerbomb
on Draven. Kehner got the pin and the win.

After the show, we hung out and cut promos for the television. This was
the first time we've had to do this for an indy TV show (the PWF show). We
watched the other boys doing theres. I think that this will make for
AWESOME watching.... Oh yeah... "Guillotine LaGrande IS GOING NOWHERE"

The trip home was traffic filled... and me & Gino did a lot of talking
about the old days and where we started. We dropped Tony home, and the
ride was nearing to a close. We got home after midnight... but it was the
end to a weekend of GREAT matches, hardly any sleep, and overall good


First off I am going to send congrats out to Spike Dudley. The Woonsocket,
RI native appeared on RAW last night and helped The Dudley Boyz win back
the Tag Titles from Edge and Christian. Earlier in the night Edge and
Christian beat the Hardys with the help of Rhino (who looked phenominal
after the 20 or so pounds he has dropped). As an aside: I always THOUGHT
that Woonsocket was the real Dudley-ville.

Spike was always helpful with Power League Wrestling's fundraising efforts
and was always willing to help the local boys out. Now I guess next time
we run into him on a dark New York city street, we should mug HIM (read
back to the mid-January updates for what this is about).

We have been really lucky over the last few months to meet a lot of the
ECW talent and call some of them our friends. ECW was a tremendous grounds
for talent to hone their skills. I hope we will see more of the guys
getting equal opportunites as Spike & Rhino did Monday.

In an unrelated topic... What is up with twofaced people. I can't stand
it. People say they have no problems and it is painfully obvious from
their behavior they do. Oh well...

Speaking of things that piss me off...

Tripod, our webhosting site, decided that somehow after over a year, we
were in violation of their TOS. Without warning, they ripped down our
website. I have attempted to determine the nature of the violation, but
their representatives have not returned e-mails questioning them.

I would advise all of you to send e-mail (polite and professional) to
Tripod telling them how you disagree with the removal of our site. all
e-mails can be sent to

our address on that site was

The site wil redirect you to our new site which
should be up in a day or so. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Also, we are TOTALLY looking forward to our upcoming angle with Trent
Acid, Johnny Kashmere, and Donnie B. The Backseat Boyz are generally
considered the best tag team in the United States not signed by a major
promotion. They have wrestled as far away as Japan. The Damned have been
called the top team in the North East by's Allan Barrie
and others (as well as the best indy tag by Bill Walkowitz of Wrestling
Slammasters). This is going to be fun to work and the matches should be

Upcoming Dtaes you can be DAMNED!!!

Wednesday March 21: Shriner's Auditorium in Wilmington, MA

Friday March 23: SCCW in Somers, CT
We defend against "Punisher" Don Vega and Chris Blackheart

Sunday March 25: SCCW at Bob's Bar & Grille in Bridgewater, MA
***Previously advertised Steve Corino will not be on the show***
***We Defend the Tag Titles against Punisher/Blackheart***

Friday March 30th: SCCW in Johnston, RI

Saturday March 31st: NCW in Natick, MA

Saturday April 7: SCCW in Keene, NH

Sunday April 8: PLW at Veterans Elementary School in Central Falls, RI.
4PM start.

***Fundraiser for Santiago Beltran, a little boy from Central Falls who
has muscular dystrophy and needs a rare operation that can only be
performed in Brazil because it's not yet approved in the U.S.***

Thursday April 12th: PWF at the Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA.
***We Defend the PWF Tag Titles against The Backseat Boyz***

Friday April 13th: EWA at The Stevens Ave Armory, Portland, ME.

for more info visit the following websites:

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Finally for the Website of the Week: "Mask Vs. Mask"

This site has tons of memorabilia about Lucha Libre, including AWESOME
masks in souvenier and professional qualities.

Finally, while on the rumor mill... We mentioned a potential Damned Comic
book... also in the works... The Damned Shoot Video. We've been a lot of
places and you KNOW we have stories to tell.

We'll see you next week with updates from all the shows we do and more.

Later Amigos and Amigas