Date: Mar 27 2001 23:22:15 EST
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Subject: Damned Newsletter

Welcome to another poorly written and grammatically challenged edition of
the Damned Newsletter.

In this issue:

Upcoming Dates
Word of the Month
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Wednesday March 21st: Atlantic Wrestling Federation at the Shriner's
Auditorium in Wilmington, MA.

As it was the last time we did a booking here for this promoter, the
Shriner's Auditorium was completely packed. Estimates go between 800-1000
people. First off... the crowd was HOT. I was pretty damn impressed. That
was to continue. The show basically was big league all the way. The show
started with professional pyrotechnics (including the rockets flying from
the ceiling like on RAW). The place just looked AWESOME. We found out on
our arrival that we were scheduled to wrestle Andy Jaxx and Curt Daniels.
I have known Andy since he got into the biz... and although I don't know
Curt all that well.. he is a way nice guy and very talented.

The match was to take place in Rocky Raymond's ring (one of the few rings
fitted for a cage around here). Many years had gone with me hearing how
stiff the ring was. Honestly, it bumped very nice... the ropes could have
been a little tighter though.

The match went very well. The crowd was into it and the heat was good. The
finish went really tight and we won with a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo out
of Curt Daniels attempted Bulldog.

Also on the show: Mike Paiva defeated Hi-Lite Kid and Abunai in a three
way elimination. Sylvano Sousa won a cage match against Damon Darchangelo.
Brickhouse Baker beat DJ Hott. Metal Maniac beat Richard Burns.

Overall, this was a very easy show to work, and we left happy. Being only
about an hour from home, it was a pleasure to have a good show only
minutes from our houses.


Friday March 23; SCCW at the Somers High School, Somers, CT:

We left from my house early. Adrienne and I in my car and Draven and the
Fraggle in the MoneyTwuck (LOL). Anyhow... the ride was about an hour and
a half. We were a little worried when there were hardly any cars at the
parking lot. At the school, we met up with Reggie Heresy and Don Juan
Desanto and talked with them a little about the show we had worked on
Wednesday. Kevin Landry welcomed us (as it was his show), the Power
Company also said their hellos.

We were given 6 minutes to work "Punisher" Don Vega and Chris "Man Booobs"
Blackheart (mind you it will take me longer to write this update than
working them). The match went well, with me opening the shine with a
little tribute to Dusty Rhodes and Steve Corino. I hit Blackheart with
three jabs ("Dusty's") and followed up with an attempt at a flip flop and
fly into the bionic elbow, but Blackheart ducked and returned with his own
three jabs and an attempt at the bionic, which I ducked. ManBoobs spun
around and I nailed him with the Big Flip Flop anf Fly followed by the
Bionic Elbow... as he powdered, Draven whipped Punisher into another
Bionic Elbow. They took back over on Draven and the match went for the
next few minutes until we were able to make the tag and I cleaned house.
In a miscue by them, Draven and I double schoolboyed the two for the
double pin and win.

Unfortunately the capacity crowd of 47 wasn't cheering for anybody not
wearing an eyepatch and yelling "ARGH" (f'n pirates gimmick).

So we left after thinking we'd have more time and a longer match to New

On the way, the brilliant Dr. Heresy suggests a route that will be quicker
to get there. The Fraggle says "I know how to get there!!!". We are
psyched that the trip will only take an hour and a half or so and leave.
About an hour and half later we turn out on 95 South about halfway down
CT. I am furious, as we should have been way farther down in NY. Turns out
that the Fraggle DIDN'T know Heresy's way like he said and took us TOTALLY
backtracked to CT... so we enjoyed about a 2 1/2 hour ride to his plave...

That's what we get for trusting Fraggles driving "trucks". (Remember to
shift down on steep inclines)

Once again the damn Bob's Bar and Grille show was cancelled. This is like
the 3rd time in 4 shows. GOD this sucks. This is one of the last shows
for that venue I make a quick trip back from NY for.

A few notes: First off thank you for all your support on the website
thing. The Tripod site is back at and all problems
have been solved. Also up now is the Allison Danger Tribute Page (you can
find that off of the shoutouts page).

I just wanted to mention after watching the WWF & WCW programming last
night that I am intrigued at the way the storylines will progress. I must
say it was really surreal seeing Vince McMahon talking on TV with WCW logo
under him. Then to see Shane's name in the normal Nitro Typefont.

Where you can Be Damned in the Upcoming Month:

Friday March 30th: SCCW in Johnston, RI

Saturday March 31st: NCW in Natick, MA

Saturday April 7: SCCW in Keene, NH

Sunday April 8: PLW at Veterans Elementary School in Central Falls, RI.
4PM start.

***Fundraiser for Santiago Beltran, a little boy from Central Falls who
has muscular dystrophy and needs a rare operation that can only be
performed in Brazil because it's not yet approved in the U.S.***

Thursday April 12th: PWF at the Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA.
***We Defend the PWF Tag Titles against The Backseat Boyz***

Friday April 13th: EWA at The Stevens Ave Armory, Portland, ME.

Sunday April 22nd: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall, Reading, PA

for more info visit the following websites:


This word is used in tandem with "Reaks of"...

meaning anal retentivness.

Example of use:

Those of you who e-mailed me that I didn't have a word of the month last
issue totally reak of ANALITY.

but seeing as I did omit this section last time... a new word to make up
for it:

MEAWH! (pronounced MEE-AWWWW)

This is a word used for anything... usually in exclamation.

Dude, we are working each other at the show this week...

also used in the word "MEAWH-SOME" as is that's fucking Meawh-some!!!

(Meawh courtesy of Chris Venom)

Special props to Steve the EMT of EWA in Maine for his proper usage of the
word "Beanage" after the last Word of the month segment!!

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Finally for the Website of the Week: "Jake Roberts site"

One of the greatest ring psychologists of all time lends his thoughts on
the wrestling world and more. If you were a fan of his work.. this is a
must view!

We mentioned a potential Damned Comic book... also in the works... The
Damned Shoot Video. We've been a lot of
places and you KNOW we have stories to tell.

We'll see you next week with updates from all the shows we do and more.

See ya Homies!!