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******* And the debut of the all new column by Draven******


Friday March 30: SCCW debuts at the Kelly Vazzararo VFW hall in Cranston,

This was easy beans for us, as Draven and I live about 10 minutes from the
hall. We arrived and got our stuff together for the show. We expected to
wrestle Jonathan and Adam Booker. Jonathan was not there, and was replaced
by Notorious I.Z.Z (who although I've known in the biz for like 7 years I
have never worked on a show). In attendance were Draven's dad and little
brother (local fans may remember his dad as manager J.R Austin). The crowd
was small... as was the hall... but they DID enjoy the show and gave
really good heat to the guys wrestling. Overall the show wasn't too bad.
Our match seemed to go over well. Reggie Heresy was at ringside and tried
to interfere. We won when he missed Me and nailed I.Z.Z with a foreign
object. For some reason, when we are in places and given fan favorite-type
receptions... I seem to have "Dusty Rhodes" flip flop and fly moments as
of late.

Also on the card:

"Dancing" Don Juan DeSanto def. "Nitemare" Nick Steel (w/ Kevin Castro

"The Punisher" Don Vega & Chris Blackheart (w/ Kevin Castro) def. Frankie
Armadillo & the "Dancing Devil" Damian Houston

The Highlight Kid def. "Big" Brian Black

Robbie Ellis def. Shawn Candido (w/Devyn) to retain the SCCW Lightweight

"Heavenly" Johnny Angel def. Dr. Reginald Heresy to retain the SCCW
Heavyweight Title

"Nitemare" Nick Steel won the Battle Royal Rumble

This match WAS one of the most chop-filled ones I had EVER been involved
in. I know Draven hit AT LEAST 8 of his best ever in there. Poor Frankie
Armadillo... his chest looked like raw hamburger LOL.

Don Juan headed home with us... but BEFORE THAT... We hit the Charles
Street Bar & GRille... to See Sonny "I'm no Chicken" D. A fun night of
karaoke and drinking was enjoyed by The Damned, Mind & Matter w/hottie
Jenn, Tommy D (no relation), Mike "Doink" Dutch, Hollywood Johnny Nash and
SCCW manager Devyn. FUN FUN FUN!!!!


Saturday March 31st: After waking up early and moving a couch...
"Inconceivable!!!" We got stuff together and Don Juan, Draven, and myself
headed to Natick MA for Zero Tolerance 2K1... NCW's latest event. The
site... the American Legion Hall.

Upon our arrival, I ended up taking the job of engineer and basically,
with Richard Pacifico, built the locker room space. After we did that it
was almost show time. Before the doors were supposed to open, I hopped in
the ring to test drive a few things I was planning, that I'd never done in
a show before. Draven already assured me that the ropes felt good for the
spot (he was also debuting a HUGE new move based on similar principle...
read on). Fifteen minutes before showtime, I walked to the window and
looked out... NO ONE was waiting to get in. I got a sick feeling in my
stomach... I looked and saw that JC Marxxx, NCW promoter, was also looking
worried. I went in back and relaxed, getting ready. I was about to have my
first singles match in over a year... and the first one that was going to
be of any substance in a long time. I was to be 1/3 of the Devine Legacy
and NCW Champion "Revolution" Chris Venom's "surprise challenge". The hall
ended up filling up with an EXTREMELY hot crowd at the last minute. The
people were into almost every match and angle all night long. The show
was really good overall.

OUr match went very well... and I debuted my new move.. the triple jump
twisting clothesline. I run at a chair placed in the corner, plat with one
foot on it and then leap and land standing on the top rope. I then jump
backwards, twisting in the air, and hit my opponent with a clothesline.
The crowd popped big and I went for a cover. Cinna (1/3 of the Devine
Legacy) jumped in and broke up the pin. He proceeded to nail me with a
modified inverted DDT. I managed a kickout and Tripleicious ran out and
fought Cinna back to the back. I reversed a whip by Venom into a "Big DOG"
slam (bossman slam). One again I seemed to have the match won, when Randy
J ran out and made the save for Venom's title. Draven ran in and beat
Randy back to the locker room. I went to hit a Superkick on Venom and
coldcocked ref Ronald Riggins accidentally. Venom came to attack and I cut
him off and nailed him with the big Powerbomb. I went for the cover... but
the ref was out. Don Juan came out and yelled to me that he would wake the
ref up. I waited to no avail. I stood up only to be spun around by Desanto
and was nailed by his "Pump and Grind" modified Pump Handle Powerbomb.
Venom crawled over as Don Juan got the ref awake. 1...2... I kicked out
again, much to both their dismay. Venom, completey upset worked me to the
corner for an Irish Whip. I reversed and followed with a splash. Don Juan
jumped up and I went over to him and nailed him with and Elbow. As I
turned around, Venom cinched in his "BT f'n R" finisher (modified T-Bone
suplex) and hit it hard. The ref counted the three and Venom had defeated

Venom challenged Draven, myself, and Tripleicious to a 6 man match that
night... with the following stipulations: If we win, Trip would receive a
final title shot at Wrestlefest. If we lost, he would never get another
shot at Venom and The Damned were completely done forever in NCW. I
agreed, maybe hastily due to my anger at losing the match minutes before
and Don Juan turning like that on me.

I will get into the main event, but first... results from the show:

Onyx defeated Don Juan Desanto & "Prime Time" Randy J (of the Devine
Legacy)w/Matt Burns in a 3 way dance.

Television Champ Rukkus (not the same Ruckus of CZW) defeated "Icebreaker"
Kevin Victory.

Richard Pacifico defeated Big Poppa Drunk by submission. (Before the
match, he also injured interviewer Gina Marie by hitting a spinebuster and
putting her in the "cloverhitch" and refusing to release it).

Ruy Batello and MTE regained the NCW Tag Team Titles in a fluke win over
The Mighty Moco and JOhn "Bruiser" Phear.

The Phoenix Brothers defeated The Players Club.

Tim Kilgore w/Sean Gorman regained the New England Title from KL Murphy.

In the main event, the Devine Legacy (Venom, Cinna, & Don Juan Desanto
subbing for an injured Randy J) w/ Matt Burns faced us & Tripleicious. The
match was not too long, but it was one the fans enjoyed. We took an early
attack on the Legacy (with another bout of "Dusty-itis" by me on Don
Juan). They managed to take over on Trip and give him a heck of a beat
down for a while. He managed to make a diving tag to us and we began
cleaning house. Somewhere in the melee, Onyx ran out to attack his former
partner Cinna. The locker room emptied and a huge fight ensued. I tossed
Draven a chair and he hit the biggest spot on a New England Indy show I've
seen in a LONG time. He ran and planted off the chair (like I did) and
landed on the top rope (in the middle of the rope instead of the corner as
i did) and then dove off. In mid-air, he turned and hit his patented
somersault senton (the cannonball). He knocked the WHOLE pile of fighting
wrestlers out. The whole group of wrestlers fought to the back and left
Trip and Venom in the ring and Tripleicious hit the H-cubed for the win.
We hit the ring and celebrated as the show went to a close. Over all the
fans went home happy. Quite a few who had never seen NCW or heard of the
promotion stayed around and totally complimented the show. This was the
kind of end to a show that JC, Sean, and the people who work to put the
shows on needed badly. This was a payoff to all the hard word the NCW
crew had put on.

After the show a majority of the roster hit the Needham Bickfords
(mentioned a few issues back after an EWA SHOW). We basically partied up
after a great show and celebrated NCW's first big successful event.

Mad Dog's Commentary

Tonight in Houston 67,000+ fans attended Wrestlemania X-7 for the largest
gate ever in wrestling. Last night, a tiny fraction of that amount went to
a little American Legion Hall in Natick, MA. A few veterans joined a
locker room full of "green" guys who have been wrestling for mostly less
than 18 months.

Northeast Championship Wrestling, once scoffed at for being "backyard" by
area promoters, put on one hell of a show. A local newspaper incorrectly
called this show "Revolution" (instead of using it as Chris Venom's
monikker), but may have made a prediction in the error. This show was
NCW's first with a legitimately hot crowd. The matches deserved the heat
they got. From the opening match to the final bell, not one match came off
as "a half hearted effort".
I was fortunate enough to get to work a great friend of mine, and one of
our trainees that is beginning to see quite a bit of success on the local
level... Chris Venom. While lately, we have been booked as opponents and
on opposite sides of the fence, this kid keeps me impressed with his
dedication to learn and better himself in ring. We had a really great
match and I loved working him. Venom, who through a long story almost
never stayed in NCW, became an emotional leader at the original training
facilities and now acts as an asst. training new guys at our program as
well. Speaking of which, I was impressed by what I saw of KL Murphy and
Tim Kilgore. I worked a set of spots with Tim at the last show. This kid
is very close to getting to where he needs to be to get work in a lot of
indies. Gimmick/personality-wise he is a riot. Add to that mix his manager
Sean Gorman, and you got a money product I think. Murph, athletically, is
one of the most talented we work with. Once he finds his niche in gimmick,
he will quickly become a force on the local scene. Tripleicious got the
crowd behind him and showed that he is working his butt off to maintain
the top face status in NCW. Ruy Batello has shown vast improvement as has
just about everyone. The majority of the guys on the show have either
trained with Draven and myself or in other local places. We personally
have seen the efforts by the majority of the NCW crew trying to improve
weekly at our training program. The work they put in at the training
center slowly but surely was showing to us improvement. For THEM, this
saturday night was the reward for the hard work. It was OBVIOUS that the
crowd looked at them as pro wrestlers, and not a bunch of kids imitating
the guys on TV. What the fans saw... and how they reacted was a reward for
the guys. Finally, the time had come when they had a legit crowd, popping
for what was good and the guys they liked, while harrassing the guys they
didn't. The professionalism and work ethic of the guys was a reward for
Draven and myself. We try and teach respect for the business to our
students. The demeanor of the boys saturday night showed that they too
have a respect and love for the biz. They sank their hearts into their
matches and put on one hell of a show. Whether they knew it or not, the
hardworking guys who bust their asses weekly with us, paid tribute to
us... and showed their appreciation to us by going out and being
professionals. Draven and I have been lucky enought to work with some of
the best talent out there, on shows with great crowds. I have to be honest
in saying that leaving the show last night... and talking with many of the
"capacity" crowd of about 90 people... I was just as elated and high
spirited as I have ever been after a show. Our boys really had made us

To all the NCW... I thank you for allowing us to step in as mentors to
you... Thank you for making all the hard work we've put in together worth
it. You just took a giant step. Lets start working towards the next.


********DRAVEN'S NEW COLUMN DEBUTS!!!!!********************

Draven Comments on……….The benefits of Mini Chocolate Donuts

Ok First off this will be my first commentary and contribution to our
infamous newsletter. I'm hoping to run this regularly, while hitting
subjects that you all contribute. However, for today, the subject is Mini
Chocolate Donuts.

Have you ever risen from bed in the morning….or early afternoon and not
felt like a champion? I've done that a lot. It feels like watching a
Chris Venom match…drawn out and miserable. Let me tell you, it's a pain
in the ass to walk out to the car, lift the heavy gear filled bag to the
trunk, open the door and fall into my seat along side Maddog. All my
energy is gone, and I haven't even reached the show yet.

That is until we reach the gas station baby! My aminos get rockin in my
stomach and I literally run into the store. My first stop is the cooler,
because ya have to have milk with Mini Donuts. To do otherwise would be
sacrilegious and well…..Just not good…and will make me not want to talk to
you until the next time I have something to say! Once that milk is in
hand, I make a b-line to the Hostess rack, where heaven in a lil plastic
wrapper atop cardboard waits for me!!! As soon as I pick up a package I
feel my energy levels begin to rise. By the time I'm back at the car, the
package is opened and ready for me.

The first bite is the equivalent of watching something other than Chris
Venom…pure joy…and darn tasty too might I add! Anyhow, by the time the
last one is in hand…and lemme tell you….Our buddy Jimmy from Karaoke was
right when he said the best bite is the last…I savor it…I revel in it…and
well…I just plain enjoy the hell outta it!

So, by the time that package is gone, I have the energy, the drive, the
desire, and most importantly…. The happy full stomach….to go out and kick
a lil ass aside Maddog. Now you know how much a simple delicacy
called…Mini Chocolate Donuts…. can help you get the energy and drive you
need to become a champion!!

Next Issue….well I don't know what I'm writing for next issue….but if you
have any ideas…please send them too us. I'll commentate on anything that
seems interesting!! Send suggestions to or and I'll do my best to give you my honest
opinion…………….Until next time….latah dawgs!!!!

~~The opinions and claims made in this commentary are those of Draven and
Draven only. Any claims or promises should be taken in jest or some other
form of stupidity that only he could come up with…~


Where you can Be Damned in the Upcoming Month:

Saturday April 7: SCCW in Northbridge, MA

Sunday April 8: PLW at Veterans Elementary School in Central Falls, RI.
4PM start.

***Fundraiser for Santiago Beltran, a little boy from Central Falls who
has muscular dystrophy and needs a rare operation that can only be
performed in Brazil because it's not yet approved in the U.S.***

Thursday April 12th: PWF at the Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA.
***We Defend the PWF Tag Titles against The Backseat Boyz***

Friday April 13th: EWA at The Stevens Ave Armory, Portland, ME.

Saturday April 21st: NCW at the KofC in Cumberland, RI

Sunday April 22nd: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall, Reading, PA

Thursday April 26th: NCW at UMASS Dartmouth (5PM start)

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This is an original of Sean Gorman, manager of Time Kilgore. I actually
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This city puts the "J" in jackassity!



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