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Welcome once again to another action packed farce known to you all as the
Damned Newsletter.

In this issue:

Commentaries by Mad Dog and Draven
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Saturday April 7, 2001: South Coast Championship Wrestling at the High
School in Northbridge, MA. We left early to pick up the former Yankee Pro
Wrestling Tag Champs Gino Giovanni and Kid Krazy (Mini G), as Giovanni was
booked for the show and Krazy wanted to go for the ride to watch. The ride
was very quick as Northbridge is only 25 minutes from Kid Krazy’s place.
On the ride, Gino lets us in that The Bushwhackers (headliners for the
night) would not be there, substituting would be former WCW/WWF Tag and
WCW Hard-core champ Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs and Doink. We arrived and were
talking outside when Knobbs arrived. Brian was very cordial to us and he
headed in. We got geared up as we knew we were scheduled to defend our
SCCW Tag Titles against Chris Blackheart and “Punisher” Don Vega. In our
corner would be hometown girl and talented SCCW valet/manager Devin. This
was our first time with her in our corner, but probably not the last. The
match was pretty much going our way and the 400 fans seemed really behind
us. Once again, the spirit of “The American Dream” invaded my body and
Vega ended up the victim of the Atomic Elbow. After a series of moves, the
fans were convinced we would retain our straps. I hit Punisher with the
Bossman slam, but the pin attempt was broken up by Blackheart at 2. He
then hit me with a jumping DDT. He tried pinning me, but Draven made the
save at two. Draven nailed an impaler on Blackheart and tried to pin
Manboobs, but Vega had recovered and hit Draven, breaking up the pin.
Devin jumped in the ring and hit Vega with a flying head scissors. Left
prone for the pickings, Draven and I went for our dual legdrop/splash
combo. Outside the ring, Blackheart tripped me and pulled me to the
outside, leveling Devin and I with shots with the title belt. Draven went
to whip Punisher into the ropes, but was reversed into another belt shot.
Draven stumbled into Vega’s picture perfect version of the Sky High… and
the titles had been stolen from us. Referee Kevin Garcia allowed an
enormous amount of latitude to the challengers, but we’ll just have to
work all the harder to regain the belts. After the match, we were told
there would be a battle royal. I ended up being one of the final 5, Draven
Final 4. I was finally upended by “Nitemare” Nick Steel. We went in the
back and Knobbs greeted us warmly… “Hey how old are you guys?” We told him
and were greeted with complimentary Knobb-Wisers (HEH).

Also on the card:
1. Frankie Armadillo (w/Devin) def. "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni

2. "Nitemare" Nick Steel def. Kamakazi

3. "Big" Brian Black def. The Highlight Kid

Robbie Ellis Def. Jonathon Armadillo (wDevin) to retain the SCCW
Lightweight Championship

"Heavenly" Johnny Angel def. Adam Booker (w/ Kevin Castro) to retain the
SCCW Heavyweight Championship

"Big" Brian Black was victorious in the Battle Royal

7. Doink "The Clown" def. Don Juan DeSanto

8. Brian Knobs pinned Dr. Reginald Hersey (w/Kevin Castro)
Anyhow, due to the fact that we had to drive young’un Krazy home, we could
not take Knobbs up on his offer to hit the bars after. We hit Sonny D’s
“Chicken Coop” to do some Karaoke with Gino after the show and Draven and
Him got sloshed. The Mad Dog was the reliable designated driver… so I
maintained my sobriety. Anyhow, I knew that in the AM Draven and I were
meeting up with our guitarist Brian…


Sunday April 8th: Draven and I got about 3 hours practice in with our
lead guitarist, Brian. Lead guitarist??? What is this all about? How
realistic or how much of a shoot was the Glammed gimmick??? Stay Tuned.
We left and headed for CF High for…

Power League Wrestling’s fundraiser for Santiago Beltran at Central Falls
High School, Central Falls, RI. Santiago is a little boy with Muscular
Dystrophy, in need of a rare operation performed out of the US. Power
League as usual gathered a great roster of guys willing to work and donate
their services for a great charity. The show was really good, with Tommy D
being the usual inventive promoter. This show debuted the Power-tron. This
was a rear project screen that showed interviews and vignettes as well as
entrance videos. It was awesome! In our match we teamed with Don Juan
Desanto against Adam Booker, Sundragon, and Moco. The match was really
good. Draven and I showed off our new highspots… my triple jump plancha
and Draven’s triple jump somersault senton. After we all spilled to the
outside, Sundragon and I brawled to the back as did Moco and Draven. Dr.
Heresy interfered leaving Desanto easy pickings for Booker’s pin.

Also on the card:

Gary Apollo beat Mr. Wrestling IV

Commander Carlos Arenas and Punisher Don Vega beat EOS by DQ.

Frankie Armadillo beat Steve Taylor

Damian Houston beat Maniacal Mark

Kid Krazy beat Gino Giovanni

Johnny Angel beat Jason the Slasher

Blackheart beat Subzero

Chris Venom beat Tripleicious w/JC Marxxx

In the main event, Heavyweight champ Dr. Heresy retained his title by
pinning “Nightmare” Nick Steel. Desanto ran in trying to superkick Heresy.
He accidentally nailed Steel. After the match, Steel, Heresy and Booker
all put the boots to Desanto… until our music hit and we made the save.
The show ended with Desanto hitting the big moonsault on Adam Booker.

After the show we hit Sparky’s for mega cheap food! The weekend ended on a
great note when we found out that the show raised $1300+ for little
Santiago. We all took a group photo with Santiago right in the middle of
the Damned. Best wishes and prayers go out to this little guy.


Draven’s Commentary:

Draven comments on... Ballads on road trips

Ok, I'm stealing from the Guide of Road Trip Survival from this one. The
Rule states: In order to complete a successful road trip, participating
parties must have a copy of Monster Ballads present. Said disc must be
listened to and sung along with at least one per trip.

Now, with that said you're probably asking yourself, well what if I can't
sing?? Wellget lessons. nah, just kidding there. If you can't sing, screw
it! Sing anyway, scream and belt things out, make the people in the car
next to you wonder what the hell you're yelling at. If you're feeling
outgoing, find "more than words" on the disc and roll down your window.
Get the driver of the car next to you to do the same thing do your best
Gary Cherone impersonation and serenade the hell out of them. You never
know, maybe true love will even find you for that one!

The best part of Monster Ballads is having the chance to Parody songs.
Change the lyrics if you want, make them something you find funny! Laugh
as hard as you would watching Chris Venom try and get the crowd to react
to him! It's all about entertaining the people who are with you, if they
fall asleep wait till you're alone on the highway and grab the wheel, jerk
it hard, shift three lanes of Traffic while yelling OH SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT.
trust me, it'll get their attention, ask Gino Giovanni about that one!

If all else fails, sing along with Steelhearts' "I’ll Never Let You Go".
Hell, any fan of 80's metal knows that any man with his testicles still in
tact cannot get his voice that high, but why not try? It's annoying to the
people in the car with you if you're screaming as loud as you can
completely off key!

Oh, and to steal some advice from Steve CorinoUse the handicapped
bathrooms, they're cleaner. we don't want you to end up with Gang-Green
like the Fraggle did on one certain road trip!

Anyhow, this was a lame ass commentary, next weeks should be much better.
As always if you have any suggestions for what I should write about. Mail
them to . As always thanks for supporting the damned
now get out your spandex, leopard print vests, tease your hair high with 6
cans of hairspray and sing yer asses off. latah peeps!


Mad Dog’s Commentary:

Well another week has past, and one of the local promotions did good. It
was great being a part of PLW’s benefit for Santiago Beltran. The family
of the little boy should be commended. They were extremely personable and
very upbeat despite their child’s condition. I know that the boys who
worked the show went home feeling fantastic that their efforts had been
worthwhile. I hope that things go well for the Beltran family. I think
Santiago is a great little kid, and would love to see him at more
wrestling shows. If I can get an address, I will post it for anyone
wishing to try and help the family in whatever ways they can.

Another great fan of Independent wrestling also could use your support.
Billie Jo is one of the most loyal and dedicated fans of IWA in
Pennsylvania. She truly loves the sport of wrestling and loves to go to
the live shows. Billie Jo currently battling cancer. This is such a tough
thing for this young lady to go though. Your support is greatly
appreciated. Anyone wanting to send cards/letter of support (or maybe
workers out there who want to send an Autographed picture wishing her luck
and telling her to stay strong), please feel free to use the address

Billie Jo Dietrich
336 Linden St.
Reading,Pa. 19604

I’m keeping my commentary a little shorter than usual, I will mention
finally that things at the Damned Training Center are going great. We have
a bunch of guys working the NCW developmental shows and some newer guys
just learning the ropes. I will say straight out that it felt good the
last two weeks to be able to take credit as one of the guys who trained
Venom, Trip and the rest. They are making us big time proud!

Where you can Be Damned in the Upcoming Month:

Thursday April 12th: PWF at the Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA.
***We Defend the PWF Tag Titles against The Backseat Boyz***

Friday April 13th: EWA at The Stevens Ave Armory, Portland, ME.
***We face the debuting Elements of Suicide***

Friday April 20th: SCCW at the Kelly-Gazzarro VFW Hall in Cranston, RI

Sunday April 22nd: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall, Reading, PA
***We defend the IWA straps against the Backseat Boyz***

Thursday April 26th: NCW at UMASS Dartmouth Amphitheater(5PM start)
***Versus Mind & Matter***

Friday April 27th: SCCW at the PAL Hall in Fall River

for more info visit the following websites:


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