Date: Apr 17 2001 15:24:45 EDT
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: The Damned Newsletter

This issue of the Damned Newsletter is dedicated in memory of one of the
pioneers of Punk Rock... Joey Ramone.

The following excerpt is from MTV.Com

"Joey Ramone, lead singer of legendary punk band the Ramones, passed away
at 2:40 p.m. Sunday at the age of 49.

The towering frontman, born Jeffrey Hyman, did not respond to treatment
for lymphatic cancer, a disease that attacks the body's ability to fight

Along with his cohorts Johnny, Tommy and Dee Dee — all of whom adopted
Ramone as a surname — Joey was credited with helping found the modern punk
movement. In mixing the griminess of the New York streets with a love of
bubblegum pop, '60s girl groups and the Stooges, the Ramones inspired
everyone from the Sex Pistols and the Clash to Green Day and Blink-182 to
stake their turf on four dirty chords and an (often) inane hook.

With his trademark rose-colored shades, black leather jacket,
shoulder-length hair, ripped jeans and alternately snarling and crooning,
hiccoughing vocals, Joey was the iconic godfather of punk. He gave voice
to some of the most revered songs in the punk canon: "Blitzkrieg Bop,"
"Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment," "Rock 'n' Roll High School," "I Wanna Be
Sedated," "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker."

His profile was indelible.

The image of Joey's body, left foot forward, right foot back, left hand
strangling the microphone, fist pumping in the air as he shouted one of
the band's unofficial mantras, "Gabba Gabba Hey!," is forever imprinted in
the minds of any fan who attended one of the band's 2,263 shows." - Gil

I was lucky enough to see the Ramones on their second to last tour in
1995. The show was to this day, competely memorable. The towering Joey,
sang the songs, while drummer Tommy shouted the trademark "1,2,3,4.." and
they would tear, without rest, through a 40 or so song set. The Ramones
are one of those bands that will always be staples of College Radio.

"Hey Ho... Let's Go"


Thursday April 12th began right on schedule. I picked up Draven and Miek
Dutch and headed to get Gino Giovanni and road trip rookie Blade. We
headed out and did various things like get our rental car and cash my
check. Then we headed south towards Pottstown, PA for the second event
promoted under the PWF banner. Usually the drive takes about 5 1/2 hours.
Instead... after almost 3 hours of traffic, we arrived at the Sunnybrook
Ballroom at just after 7:30. I enter to see that there is no ring up, but
pieces near the back door. I enter the backstage area and am told by
producer Steve Corino to not sweat it and take my time getting ready. I
went back outside and relieved myself of a pee that I had held for nearly
2 1/2 hours (next to a high voltage box...imagining Rob Lowe in "Tommy
Boy" the whole time). When I headed back in, I talked with Hadrian about
the ring situation. I guess originally we were supposed to use the ECW
House of Hard-core ring. Once it was set up, Mike Kehner and another guy
worked a criss-cross and one of the beams buckled. They had to dismantle
it and wait for the IWA ring some 20 minutes away. Finally the ring
arrives and it starts getting out up, and word comes out that the
commission is wanting a doctor on the scene for the show. Now we have to
wait for a doctor. FINALLY at close to 9PM, the doctor arrives and we have
a show. (While waiting for the dr., ECW's Sandman brought fans in and gave
them a taste of the wrestling training we all went through). The show gets
rolling to a big pop from the crowd.

We were excited because we were defending our Pennsylvania Wrestling
Federation Tag Team Titles against The Backseat Boyz (with "Big 80's"
Donnie B). One internet site reported this match as "New England's Best
Tag Team faces the Best Indy Tag Team in the US". The match was very tight
with lots of high flying by the Backseats. For those not aware, Johnny
Kashmere and Trent Acid have both worked tours in Japan, they simply live
up to all the hype and then some. (As an aside, I have collided with Acid
twice before in-ring. Three years ago, The Dogs of War faced D-Sex... and
last year The Damned & Outta Sync faced The Backseats, Donnie B, and Jim
The match ended in an inconclusive No Contest, when the SAT interfered and
a three-way brawl ensued. We grabbed our belts and took off.

Also on the card (results courtesy of the PWF Website & Bryan Riegal):

Kevin Knight, making his PWF debut, defeated senior official Mike Kehner
with an assist from official BPA Barry. While Knight was impressive,
Kehner surprised the crowd with his display of high flying maneuvers, one
of which was a high cross body that almost took out the announcer’s table.
It was not enough however, as Barry threw powder into the former senior
ref of ECW, allowing Knight to hit his sit-out powerbomb variation.

In the battle of brothers and former teammates, Hadrian defeated Roman
with a pull of the tights. These two will meet again on May 10th, and you
the fans will get to pick the stipulations right here at!

The SAT defeated The Roches, “Doomsday” Danny Rose and Adam Flash. Rose
and Flash controlled portions of this match, but The SAT’s teamwork and
amazing displays of aerial wizardry lead them to victory. This was a hotly
contested match, with the fans giving both teams a rousing ovation. The
tag team scene has never been hotter in this part of the country, and if
you haven’t seen either of these teams in action, you need to make your
way to Pottstown next month.

Ty Street, sporting the WOW magazine championship belt courtesy of Bill
Apter, defeated “The Rookie” Brett Thomas. Thomas put up a valiant effort,
but could not contend with the experience and talent of Street. After
being defeated with a vicious sit-out pedigree labeled the A.D.D., Thomas
claimed he was still standing and claimed that there wasn’t anyone that
could keep him down. To the crowd’s delight and to Brett’s dismay,
international hardcore legend Leatherface, fresh off the plane from Korea,
stormed the ring with his trusty chainsaw. He proceeded to lay another
beating on Thomas, who ultimately needed help to get to the back.

“Gorgeous” Gino Giavani and J.D. Powers introduced their new manager, Fun
Athletic Guy. They then proceeded to issue an open challenge to any two
television superstars, which instantly brought out the “King of Old
School” Steve Corino. Powers and Giavani still seemed confident, noting
that Corino did not have a partner. Little did they know that Mikey
Whipwreck had made the trip to Pottstown, and was looking for a challenge.
Corino and Whipwreck, who had never teamed before, mocked the
“relationship” of Giavani and Powers with Fun Athletic Guy and the fight
was on. Fast forward to the middle of the match, and out of nowhere
Television champion Guillotine LeGrande attacked Mikey. As the two fought
towards the locker room, Psycho Bitch made her way to the ring and started
caressing F.A.G. from behind. F.A.G., thinking it was Powers or Giavani,
enjoyed it until he turned around and got the surprise of his life. Psycho
chased him to the back, and Corino was left alone to battle Giavani and
Powers. Corino, double teamed for a few minutes, was making his comeback
when my broadcast partner Lou E. Dangerously hit the ring, cell phone in
hand. Just as he was about to level the former ECW World Champion, who
should hit the ring but Jack Victory! In one of the most shocking moments
in wrestling history, instead of saving his long time partner and best
friend, Victory leveled him with a steel object, busting open Corino’s
forehead in the process. Several attempts were made by wrestlers from the
back to usher Victory out of the ring, but to no avail, as he proceeded to
pummel the man he had traveled thousands of miles with, up and down the
road, time and time again. Finally a group of wrestlers lead by Corino
protégé Rapid Fire Maldonado saved the day. A dazed and confused Corino
was helped to the back, hurting physically but also experiencing the
additional pain of losing his best friend in the world.

Guillotine LeGrande retained his PWF Television title against Biggie
Biggs. LeGrande presented BPA Barry with an expensive time piece in order
to ensure that the length of the match went no longer than the allotted 10
minutes. LeGrande stalled throughout the whole match, making sure that
Biggie would not hold an advantage for too long. As the ring announcer
said that there were 2 minutes remaining, Biggs hit the Big Bang and
appeared to have won the title. As BPA Barry counted two, he looked at his
watch and called for the bell. He declared that the time limit had
expired, when it in reality had not. This drew the ire of senior ref Mike
Kehner, who had a score to settle with Barry from earlier in the evening.
In the middle of all the chaos, Biggie draped the belt over a prone
LeGrande, and left the ring with a moral victory, but without the title.

SAT member Red won the PWF Junior Heavyweight title in a ladder match with
Evan Leppy and Billy Bax. The theme of this match was violence, as all
three men put their bodies on the line. Red simply needs to be seen in
person, as he does things that are simply unbelievable. He will
undoubtedly have some great matches defending that title.

Lou E. Dangerously’s Danger Zone, with special guest Jack Victory,
provided answers as to why Victory turned his back on Steve Corino. He
claimed that ever since ECW folded, Corino had never called him, basically
ignoring the friendship. Corino obviously disputed this fact, and he
surprised Victory by coming down to the ring, bloody bandages and all. The
two had to be separated by the entire locker room. The big announcement
out of all of this is that these former allies will lock horns for the
first time ever on May 10th, in a falls-count-anywhere match!

PWF Heavyweight champion “High Profile” Dylan Night successfully defended
the belt against Reckless Youth in a 2 out of 3 falls match with help from
Kevin Knight. Then, claiming that he had defeated The King of Old School
and The King of the Independents, Night called out Hardcore Icon The
Sandman, who had joined us at the broadcast table. Spitting a beer in
Sandman’s face provoked the Icon into the ring, where he proceeded to cane
the daylights out of Night and take Candi over his knee and deliver a good
old-fashioned spanking. Needless to say, the crowd was very appreciative
of The Sandman’s efforts on this night.

Guido Maritato, looking to claim the $25,000 bounty on Rapid Fire
Maldonado, was victorious in the match, but in a show of respect, he shook
hands with his opponent after the match. Some others in the building were
not as honorable, as The Damned and The Knights of the Squared
Circle(Night and Knight) hit the ring, looking to take RF out. Guido
jumped in to help Maldonado, and was soon joined by Reckless Youth, The
SAT, and The Backseat Boys in what turned into a pull-apart brawl.

A few other notes from the show:

The whole brawl between Corino and Victory was really well done. By the
end, the whole locker room was holding back Corino, and Kevin Knight,
Draven and myself had Victory. Victory is such a big guy. I am 6'1", 280
lbs. Standing next to the former "Jack-o" was humbling.

In the final match of the night, we attacked Rapid Fire Maldonado. Little
Guido made the save. PWF is a lot of fun as the locals/indy guys are
always getting involved in the angles with the "names". This makes the
entire roster look strong as hell.

Sandman was there by his own volition. He showed up to help out as needed.
He entertained the crowd while they waited for a ring doctor, and made
sure things backstage were kosher. His impromptu action with Dylan Night
and Candi was very appreciated by the fans.

The drive home was not bad at all. We hit the diner with our car and the
Fraggle, along with his friends. The whole night ended up being a food
fight/rib fest. Mike Dutch and I ended up hitting each other with
beverages and marinara sauce. After a filling meal, we headed home. On the
way home, Mike Dutch made G3 tap out following a Kamala Splash. Blade wore
not one, but 2 Mike Dutch Ass Hats... and umm.. I'm blanking on the rest
as I was tired as hell. Anyhow, the show was a big success.


Friday, April 13th. We head out around noon and pick up Draven. We leave
and make it to Maine with little traffic or delay. The first thing that we
notice as we arrive to the Stevens Avenue Armory is that the new Entrance
Way that EWA has built looks AWESOME. We got our stuff together and took
some promo shots.

We were scheduled to face our old rivals Onyx & Cinna, The Elements of
Suicide. Being in a particularly bad mood from our last show in EWA, we
came out with demolition on our mind. I don't mean the old WWF tag team
either. We beat EOS in less than 4 minutes. With Cinna laid out with the
neckbreaker/powerbomb, I hit the elevated Powerbomb on Onyx, which Draven
followed with a frog splash.

Later in the evening, when it seemed that the Shooters (of the Hard-core
Institute) had the tag titles wrapped up, we came out and they ran like
the wimps they are. This led to a tag title change.

Other results:

Dr. Heresy def. El Tornado and Damien Houston in a triangle elimination
match after Heresy pinned both competitors with The Couch Trip.

The Damned def. The Elements of Suicide via pinfall.

EWA Tag Titles: The Asian Contingent def. Adam Hastey/Alexander
Worthington, The Shooters and Frankie Armadillo/Chris Venom in a four-way
dance win the EWA Tag Titles.

Rick Fuller pinned Johnny Idol.

EWA Hardcore Title: The Dirty Bird Bouncer Larry Huntley def. Kildevil and
Hardcore Hippie Nick Richards in a three-way dance to retain the title.

EWA Heavyweight Title Semifinals:
Match 1: Mike Steele pinned Dominic
Match 2: Don Juan DeSanto pinned Steve Ramsey

Overall, the show was excellent. The draw once again was considerably
better than the last show. Basically in three shows at the Stevens Ave
Armory, the draw has almost gone up 50%. This is an awesome trend for an
indy to build on. Steve Ramsey's former tag partner (and former WWF Tag
Champ) Scott Taylor was present backstage. He looks like he is getting
back into ring shape following his injury and rehab. He should be back in
the WWF soon. His compliments and advice after our match were greatly
appreciated. It is cool having guys like him willing to take time out and
work with us indies on getting our product better.

The Asian Contingent Tag Team has come LIGHT YEARS from their debut at the
Skowhegan Fair (our first EWA title defense). These guys have worked their
butts off and both would be great contenders for EWA's most improved
wrestlers (if there was such a category).

After the show, we headed to the local Denny's for some grub. Adam
Booker's girlfriend, the ultra-cute, Erin drank one of the nastiest DAMNED
concoctions yet. It had just about everything under the sun in it. Erin
drank not once, twice, but Three times for the table. INSANE!!!

Special Birthday Wishes Go out to Bill Walkowitz (4-12)...
For a guy who just turned 59, you don't look a day over 45.

The trip home was quiet and uneventful as I slept a lot of the way. I
looked forward to the next day and being able to sleep in.


Saturday April 14:

With Draven hanging at Fraggle Rock, I decided to take in the YPW show at
Whitman-Hanson Regional High School. The show was to be headlined by "King
of Old School" Steve Corino facing "Gorgeous" Gino Giovanni.

Before the show I talked a little with Corino about the last show and him
match the night before in TX. He defeated former ECW wrestler "REDD DOGG"
Begnaud to win the vacant NWA North American Title. We also joked about
Metal Maniac and Backdrops.

Adrienne and I arrived there and met up with Reggie Heresy and Don Juan
Desanto. A little while later Johnny Nash and Devin joined us. The group
of us hung together to watch the show.

Results of the show & Notes:


This is my first time seeing Vasquez. They put together a decent opener
that was entertaining. Great spots.


Stryker is left laying in the ring. The refs leave and no one comes to
help him out.



GOD, Danny Whiplash has a HUGE FRIGGIN HEAD!!!!!!


Ashworth was in rare form tonight. When Ash is in there having a good
time, there aren't many better in putting together a great gimmick. He was
so entertaining, he made it really easy for the fans to hate him. Us
workers, however, loved every minute.

w/Miss Kara.

Due to an unfortunate incident, Krazy looked more like a Mexican Mini
version of Reginald Heresy. This was a really good match. I am very
impressed over all with the way Mercedes is improving. For someone as new
to the biz as she is, Mercedes has a lot of charisma. This is unusual up
here at least. Miss Kara is simply talented. Her work all over the NJ/PA
circuit has made her a great valet to watch. (It helps that she is DAMN
easy on the eyes YUM!) Krazy worked this match with a foot injury stemming
from the EWA show the night before. Only the most trained eye could have
told this. He was in pain walking, but put on a great match for the fans


Following a bad reffing decision, the popular Jaxx dropkicked ref Tom in
the gonads after the match. All sorts of personelle come out to help Tom,
but no one for Stryker.... HMMMMMMM.

8. CURT DANIELS w/Mercedes defeated BRICKHOUSE BAKER w/Kevin

This was the second best match of the night (next to the main event).
Hometown boy Daniels and YPW's best heel Baker tore into each other. This
match was just fun to watch.

"GORGEOUS" GINO GIOVANNI w/Miss Kara in a Falls Count Anywhere
In the Building Match

Gino stepped it up and worked his best match to date. For the first time
ever, Gino bled in this match. He was busted open with an inflatable
Hammer!!!!! (Where the hell was the warning label on that????) Allison
Danger wore one of the hottest outfits I had ever seen her in (DAMN!!!
Those boots ruled!). She and Kara gave the fans what they wanted... a CAT
FIGHT! The match went all over the gym, including on the bleachers right
near us. At one point, the crowd was chanting "Table. Table.". Corino and
Danger "3-d'd " Gino through one! After the match (which Corino won with a
Stunner). Corino pulled an 8 year old kid in the ring. "Derek" hit Gino
with a Bronco Buster. The crowd went nuts. As usual, Steve put over the
entire YPW crew. We left after enjoying a GREAT show.

After the show, Bickfords with Steve Ricard, Heresy, Desanto, Krazy and
Tommy D. We got lost on the way home and got back at some in-humane hour.
I crashed out and Easter was soon on its way.

Good Luck goes out to YPW Booker Bobby Cruise. Cruise, who has always been
really cool to us, has decided to resign from his position at Yankee Pro.
The Damned wish him the best in all his future projects.


Easter Day: Happy Easter (belated) to you all.

Special Congrats go out to good friends of the DAMNED and newlyweds Mike &
Patty. Our wishes go out to you for a long and fruitful marriage.

Draven, the Fraggle, and I hit the Bay with our friend Steve on his KILLER
Boat "Tex's Dream". It was a great way to enjoy the weather and the

Mad Dog's Commentary:

In place of my commentary, I'm going to put the following column in.

I mentioned Santiago Beltran's needs for an operation and the PLW's
efforts to try and help last issue. The following article was in THE TIMES
newspaper (out of Pawtucket, RI)... It ends with the address I promised,
if anyone wishes to help this courageous little boy...

CENTRAL FALLS -- A crowd of more than 150 people swarmed to Central Falls
High School Sunday, to watch wrestlers grapple and body slam each other --
all in good faith.
The 10-bout Power League Wrestling event sponsored 7-year-old Santiago
Beltran's fund-raiser for an operation.

The thin, high-spirited boy has been diagnosed with a severe form of
muscular dystrophy -- a muscle-degenerating illness -- and only a $150,000
operation could save his life.

That clinical operation is only allowed in Brazil and Korea. Researches
are testing the operation in the United States, but the surgery, a form of
transferring healthy cells to a person with muscular dystrophy, has not
yet been approved here.

Officials say it could be approved within a few years, but Beltran's
muscles could be too weak to handle the surgery then. He could be confined
to a wheel chair within two years.

So his family and friends instituted a fund-raising drive, hoping to
collect the money needed by next September.

The $150,000 would cover the operation costs, and follow-up trials in
Tennessee -- where the surgery is being studied.

Having already raised $13,000 in buffet parties, the fundraiser was fueled
another $1,500, thanks to the wrestling event.

"The people there were really supportive and interested in the show," said
Carlos Arena, director of Power League Wrestling, one of many independent,
professional-entertainment-wrestling leagues in New England.

"Santiago had a real good time."

PLW often collaborates with other wrestling leagues, Arena said, but
usually donates its profits to people in need, such as for church groups,
or in Santiago's instance, medical operations.

"The family was fully appreciative, and asked us to do another show," he
noted, saying he asked the family to find a place, and time and the PLW
will be there.

The crowd welcomed Arena, who stormed to he ring Sunday as the Colombian
Crusader, carrying a Colombian flag while playing Spanish music -- in
honor of the Beltran family, which is also Colombian.

Anyone interested in contributing to the fund can send a check or money
order to the "Santiago's Myoblast Fund," P.O. Box 42, Central Falls, R.I.


Draven Comments on……..The unnecessary abuse of Porta-Johns (or the dangers
of ribbing a Fraggle)

Ok, there's a story leading up to this one, this story involves the

Picture this, Easter Sunday..Providence Rhode Island, 2001. There's a boat
about to be launched, and the Damned and our lil Fraggle are invited on an
Easter fishing trip. What kind of friends would we be to say no to such
an offer. Anyhow, the day goes on, our friend Steve kicks the motor of
his boat open and we had under the Jamestown Bridge towards 'Beaver Tail'
. For those of you not familiar with the area, Beaver Tail is at the
opening of Narragansett Bay…basically where the Atlantic and the Bay meet.

We finally get there and grab our fishing poles and begin casting in hopes
of catching a schoolie, even though it's still relatively early in the
year. Because of the rough waters we have a little problem with one of
the lines and it gets wrapped around the outboard. So, me being the guy I
am I lean over the side and begin to untangle the line. It's at about this
time that an idea for a rib comes to mind.

With the line untangled we can now head home…so Spencer, who had recently
had his rip aways torn off before being doused with some VERY cold
seawater, turns around. I take his car key out of my pocket and show it
to Steve who immediately begins to wonder what the hell I'm up to. Mad
Dog on the other hand catches on and reaches behind my back to take the
key. At about this time the Fraggle turns back around to see me stand up
patting my pockets down. He asks what's wrong and I tell him his key is
gone. At first he doesn't believe me, until I remind him that I did lean
over the side of the boat….."It probably fell in then" our friend Steve
adds. Spencer turns about six shades of red and lowers himself into his
seat. Obviously very heated, but does this stop us?? Hell no!!!!!!

We begin to discuss various ways we can get his spare key from NY to the
place he's crashing for a few days. Finally we agree that he can have a
friend use the spare key to Fraggle Rock , get his key and Fed-Ex it to my
place. That is of course after Steve offers us a ride back home…or to get
the car running without a key….either way, the car would be safe. It's at
about this time that true horror hits Spencer. He remembered that he got a
promotion at work this past Thursday and was given the key to the
store…guess where that key was….on the ring with his car key!!! God does
it get any better?

Now, we have a fuming and very frightened Fraggle sulking in his seat, so
what do we do?? Kick the power on the boat up to watch him slide out of
his seat. After a few bursts of laughter brought on by Spencer yelling
"mommy, make the bad men stop" and "I'm going to fall out" …we decide to
give Spencer a break and start talking about the keys again. We assure him
that it'll all be fine, but wait…how is Mad Dog supposed to get into his
house….and me into mine? Our keys were locked in the Money-Twuck!!!!!

Finally we get back to shore and Spencer assures us that he can get into
the trunk because it never locks. Once again the Fraggle is a fountain of
misinformation as the trunk is most definitely locked. Mad Dog then heads
to the other side of the car to try out the door. After selling that it
was indeed locked and showing his displeasure, I casually reach into my
pocket and press the alarm switch. Spencer looks to the car as the alarm
shuts down and ALL of the doors unlock.

As we start laughing he goes to the Nearest Porta John and begins beating
the hell out of it. He swings like a drunken bitch as we laugh and hope
that it falls over so we can see him get covered in "Poop Soup" (Credit:
Mad Dog) and throw him into the bay for cleaning. Finally after releasing
his frustration we calmly ask the Fraggle what the John ever did to him.
It was an innocent bystander in a prank where absolutely no one was
harmed. The Porta John now has permanent scars on it from Abuse that
should have been kept in check!

From what I can see, this has potential to become a deadly pastime in the
US. Picture the ramifications of such a horrible and heinous crime. What
I suggest is that we come up with a way to stop this before it gets out of
control. Though the Fraggles case was a rare outpouring of homicidal
tendencies, I propose that all Newsletter subscribers join
P-JAPS…Porta-John Abuse Prevention Society….without them more Ants would

Cheap humor there I know, but some people will get it….I hope you all had
a great Easter !!! As always, my e-mail box remains empty and void of
suggestions, it feels very unloved right now! So if you have any
suggestions for future commentaries….mail them to


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Sunday April 29th: PLW at Cranston East High, Cranston, RI
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Thursday May 10: PWF at the Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA.
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Friday May 11: EWA at the Stevens Ave Armory in Portland, ME
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Saturday May 12: TBA... 2 Shows in MA

Sunday May 13: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall in Reading, PA

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