Date: Apr 25 2001 16:37:00 EDT
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Subject: The Damned Newsletter

Welcome to this issue of the Damned Newsletter. In this issue we address
world hunger, the nuclear arms race, and missing banana guacamole.... who
am i kidding...

Upcoming Dates
Cheap Plugs
and more

(By the way... the first person to correctly identify the origins of the
banana guacamole reference will receive SOME sort of prize...send mail to


April 20: South Coast Championship Wrestling at the PAL Hall in Fall
River, MA. The PAL was almost packed with a pretty hot crowd.

We arrive a little early and get settled in. Adrienne manned (or is that
wo-manned) the new Damned-Camera. We will be trying to get a lot more
video for the New Video in the works. We head downstairs and get ready to
roll. We had the distinction of tagging with "Manboobs" Chris Blackheart
against The Portuguese Stallion and the Hott Boyz. We had Kevin Castro in
our corner. He proceeded to talk about how his team were the dominant tag
champs... blah blah. At this point, we got a bit heated and reminded him
on how they stole our titles a few weeks back. Finally, we made up, just
to get attacked by the local boys. The match was pretty much in our hands,
showing some tag team skill even WITH Blackheart tagging with us.
Blackheart injured his knee allowing the local boys to find an opening and
get the win following a double superkick by the Hotts on Blackheart
followed by a Stallion senton over the ropes. After the match we were
arguing with Blackheart over the loss... The crowd wanted to see us beat
him up... instead we hugged and made up and started to leave the ring when
Manboobs attacked us from behind. We got back up and beat him until he ran
for the backstage area. (Actually limped with his bad knee).

Later in the night, following Punshier Don Vega's loss to Don Juan Desanto
in the Interstate Title Tourney, he, Blackheart and The Mighty Cubador
triple teamed Desanto. Frequent readers will know that regardless of
angles, Desanto is like Damned family. We ran out and saved him. The crowd
was suddenly solidly behind us as we challenged the champs
Punisher/Blackheart for the next event.. and Desanto challenged Cubador.
It looks as if the trend of fan favorite Damned continues.

Also on the card:

Robbie Ellis def. Shawn Candido (w/Devin) to retain the SCCW Lightweight

"The Mighty" Cubador def. "The Dancing Devil" Damian Houston

Amanda Storm def. "Dangerous" Dan Strikes

"BIG" Brian Black def. The Highlight Kid

****Special note: "Big League" Brian Black is looking better and Better
every week. This match was hard to follow as the crowd was simply off the
rockers with the screaming and yelling for both competitors. Hi-Lite
manged to hit an amazing frogsplash on Bran Black through a table off the
balcony. This elicited "Holy Sh*T" chants from the crowd. They chanted the
same thing even louder when Black kicked out following the move and a pin
attempt. The chamnpionship committee is going to have to take a serious
look at Black and make him one of the first guys who get a shot at the new
Interstate Champ.****

"Dancing" Don Juan DeSanto def. "The Punisher" Don Vega (w/Kevin Castro)

Dr. Reginald Heresy (w/ 5 falls) def. The Flying Armadillo Brothers
(Johnny & Frankie)

"Heavenly" Johnny Angel pinned "Nitemare" Nick Steel (w/ Kevin Castro) to
retain the SCCW Heavyweight Title

After the show, we hit the Chicken Coop (LOL)... Our friend Jack's bar
"The Charles Street Bar & Grille" to see Sonny D. It was a great night...
we cut it a little earlier than normal as Draven and I went to Fraggle
Rock for the next night.


Saturday at the Fraggle Rock: In brief... Mad Dog and Draven drank lots.
Pasta flew to the ceiling??? That would be the extent of it. LOL
Tomorrow... IWA in Reading!


Sunday April 21st: Intercontinental Wrestling Association at the Riverside
Bene Hall in Reading, PA.

Draven and a hung-over Mad Dog headed out early enough that we should have
made it to the Riverside hall in plenty of time. The traffic, as it has
been lately, sucked anal crack. The weather was awesome though. We made it
to the show with about 15 minutes to spare and had to gear up quickly for
the "Chopfest Battleroyal". Essentially, this was fight and chop until you
give up LOL. I actually quit because my chopping hand went numb. I took
chops from almost everyone in the roster and dealt them back. Draven,
who's chops are becoming brutally notorious, also did the same. When we
walked back with slightly red chests and compared them to guys we chopped,
we had to chuckle a little bit.

Our actual match for the night was a title defense against the "Best Team
in the Indies" The Backseat Boyz with "Big 80's" Donnie B. The fans who
expected a wrestling classic were definitely let down. This match was a
fight. Eventually it spilled into the streets of Reading, PA. We brawled
all over with Draven hanging Trent Acid off a balcony with the noose after
I used it to toss Johnny Kashmere over a chain link fence into someone's
yard. They did fight back though and Trent hit a Plancha on Draven off the
same porch. Johnny knocked me down some cement stairs. Kid Extreme came
out sometime and Donnie B made him his bitch. It was chaotic. At one
point, we spilled into the back door of the locker room and were separated
by the other wrestlers.

Later in the night, Doink approached us asking us to help him in his match
with Slambo if he needed it. after a number of rejections of offers of
Silly String and Monopoly money, Doink finally produced the right amount
of cold hard cash. He needed the help... so it seemed. Slambo was en route
to winning the match and we ran out and began to hit him. The Backseats
tried to make the save, but we cut them off. We prepared to whip them
intoa chair-wielding Doink. The Backseats reversed and Doink BLATANTLY
hit us with the chair. The crowd popped as Doink unmasked and was DONNIE
B!!!! Slambo rolled Donnie up for a quick pin and we jumped back in to
attack Slambo and the rest. Draven got nailed by the Backseat Triple
Superkick and I by a Trent Acid Superkick and we high tailed it as The
four clowns... uh Backseats, Donnie B, and Slambo celebrated to end the
show. (By the way... props to the Backseats for their work on WWF
Sunday Heat with Albert as the Backseat Dudleyz). I will mention that we
got a little footage with them for the new Damned tape... it should be

Also on the show:

Chop Fest Battle Royal ended in No contest with Roman and Hadrian
remaining...Oxx Hogg successfully defended the Triple Threat title against
Tommy Golden and Psycho Bitch...The Divine Storm and ??? d. Evan Leppy,
Billy Bax, and Vince Bono... Ty Street b. Brett Thomas...Hadrain d.
Roman...Kevin Kinght d. Rapid Fire Maldonado with Allison Danger...Biggie
Biggs d. IWA Champion Dylan Night with Candi by DQ...

Following the show we hit Hooters with Mike Kehner, Allison Danger, and
Camp IWF. Rapid Fire Maldonado showed up in time for me to dupe him into
eating a REALLY hot buffalo wing after convincing him it was mild due to
my "ulcer". Bret Thomas, celebrating a birthday April 23rd, got the
Hooters Birthday treatment. We all got right behind the girls
(support-wise... although the view woulda been good PHYSICALLY behind them
LOL). Happy Birthday goes out to the PWF "Rookie" who for some reason
Leatherface has it out for.

The trip home looked as if it would be done in record breaking time for
us. The weather was awesome and the tunes were PUMPING. Until we hit 2
hours of traffic strictly due to TOLLS.
You'll see more in Draven's commentary on that.

Instead of at 11:30, we arrive home after 2AM... YUCK!!!


Mad Dog's commentary:

Today, in this issue, I'm going to talk a little bit about the shitty end
of the pro wrestling business. Guys who act up front like they are your
friends and behind your backs cut you down. I guess this happens
regularly, but recently have heard of a few cases of it concerning me or
us. I won't name names here... but I gotta vent.

The first count was a while before we showed up to train. One of the guys
we have known for a long time asks another worker who ran a "shoot-style"
promo on me... That was legit wasn't it? To which the worker replied "Hell
No." (The promo centered on how tag partners have always carried me,
etc.). The other guy then went on a rant about how he feels that the only
reason I get work is because of Draven carrying me etc... while never once
saying anything to my face about this sort of issue. Now the actual things
said don't bother me. I know that Draven and I bring different aspects to
the table which as a whole make the Damned successful. That is why before
we got work, but not the quality and quantity we do together. What
bothered me was this is a guy I considered a friend. I have known him for
years, he decides to shoot on my ability... in front of 12 guys Draven and
I train. How does that look when another worker shoots down your
credibility in front of the guys trusting you to teach them the skills
they need to get on the indy circuit? I chalk it up to jealousy. This
comes from a guy who for the most part only works for one indy now, due to
his attitude and constant desire to be the focus of the top angles has
slowly gotten himself weaned out of most local promotions.

The second count comes from a business deal that fell through. Many of you
know that Draven and I act as advisors and mentors for the talent and
staff of Northeast Championship Wrestling (a developmental fed for the
workers who train with us and other area schools). Recently, a show fell
through for them because the ring they were renting was supposed to also
come with insurance docmentation. As deadlines to the show approached,
this guy stopped returning calls and even telling other people at the
place they store their ring that "if anyone from NCW calls... I am not
here". He went so far as to even mock JC Marxxx (the promoter of NCW and
employee of RF Video). I know the guy who was supposed to be renting it to
them. (Mind you this guy runs the renting aspect of this ring, but has NO
knowledge of the business itself... he is like 21 years old). I basically
wrote him an e-mail telling him that a bunch of indy guys were coming in
for the show and it would hurt a lot of people's credibility if the show
fell through. No Reply. When the deadline passed, I sent him another mail,
basically telling him that he hurt himself credibility-wise, the local
wrestling scene (as cancellations ALWAYS seem to deter people from wanting
to bring in another show), and the promotion (as they stood to have
financial gain... which is always good for a fledgling promotion). I also
told him that his unprofessionalism in the matter (not returning calls and
not being accessible) hurts the promotion he works for as a whole. I find
out a few nights later that this guy is bad mouthing us to a friend who
trains at their gym. He says that "The Damned think they are so great,
when they are not half as good as they say" "They run NCW and anything
Matt says Draven just follows along". I'll be the first to admit that we
may have had a little chip on our shoulders at first when it seemed like
we were getting a lot of work (like a year ago). We shut this down VERY
quickly, and try and be very humble. As far as being as good as we say...
I always put the guys we work over when talking about what we did... If we
looked good, it was due to the great quality of talent we have been
fortunate enough to work. The promoters who continue to use us and push
us into angles with some of the best talent out there today do the talking
for us. As for the NCW thing... we have NO say in the workings. Sometimes
angles are run by us to see if they make sense, or for brainstorming. At
shows, the workers will ask for help with finishes (ask guys like Steve
Corino Donnie B. or Mike Kehner... we've asked them for ideas too). Does
that mean we run the promotion? Nope... Just lending our experience to
people eager to learn from us. As for Draven following what I say/do...
LMAO. Draven is one of the most strong minded guys I know (Damn stubborn
Italians). We often share brain cells, and that may make it seem like
such... but this can often by chalked up to the fact that we hardly ever
enter any kind of arguement or dealing without previously conferring with
each other... this is good business practice. Often I act as the
spokesperson (because I have a big mouth). Unity makes a business stronger.

So here's where I come to. People can have their heat with us. It will
happen when we get the push others feel they deserve. The backstabbing and
backbiting has to go. You got a problem? Bring it to us. We aren't looking
for fights, just for mellow locker rooms. One less person who has heat
with us and has felt they had their chance to voice it to us... one less
ounce of tension.

On a completely different subject... Congrats go out to "The King of Old
School" Steve Corino for defeating Mike Rapada in Tampa, FL last night to
become the new National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion.

Anyhow... On that note, I will see you guys next issue!


Draven's commentary:

Draven's commentary returns next issue...


Where you can Be Damned in the Upcoming Months:

Sunday April 29th: PLW at Cranston East High, Cranston, RI
***Benefit for Freddy Benedetti, a boy with leukemia***

Thursday May 10: PWF at the Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA.
***We defend the PWF Tags Straps against the Backseat Boyz and the SAT***

Friday May 11: EWA at the Stevens Ave Armory in Portland, ME
*** Versus Kildevil and Frankie Armadillo***

Saturday May 12: TBA... 2 Shows in MA

Sunday May 13:NCW tentative date.

Sunday May 20th: PLW's Power Fest at St. Raphael's School, Pawtucket RI

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Origination of this usage: Ty Street

Use: Much like the Smurfs used the word "Smurf", use gimmick anytime as a

Ex 1: Where the hell did I leave my gimmick ? (in this sentence "gimmick"
means "keys to my 1979 Grenada")

Ex 2: Make sure you gimmick those boots up. (Meaning "Tie")

Ex 3: GIMMICK!!!! (Meaning "FUCK!!!")

Ex 4: (credit to Donnie B.) Make sure your gimmicks don't fall out!
(refering to a young lady's breasts.

There is your new word.... use it wisely lil troopers!

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