Date: May 17 2001 16:55:39 EDT
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Subject: The Damned Newsletter

Welcome to a Fraggle-free issue of the Damned Newsletter.

In this issue:

Upcoming Dates
Cheap Plugs
and More!

Special Congrats go out to our good friend "Spazboy" (that is Allison
Danger's name for him) Jeremy Barron on his graduation from college this
week. Also similar congrats to Mike Adami (the San Franciso Treat TOOT
TOOT) for HIS graduation as well.


Thursday May 10th: I leave work and head to my place, where I meet up
with Draven, Chris F'n Venom and JC Marxxx. From there we head to the home
of Gorgeous Gino Giovanni, and get our rental car (once again we were
graced with a mad phat Buick Century, which is just awesome to drive). We
head out onto the road, making record time through CT. Around exit 30 or
so, Gino asks me to stop at the next service area so he can relieve
himself. Somewhere in the next 30 miles of nice weather, loud music and
open roads... I zone out and fly by the last service area doing something
like 85 miles per hour. A look of terror crosses the face of Gino, who
then asks "Is there a stop in New York??" Unlike the ballsy Dr. Heresy, I
refuse to stop in the BRONX so someone can urinate. He asks how long until
we hit the Lombardi Service Area in Jersey, a trip that takes maybe an
additional 10-15 minutes. I relay this info and Gino looks a little
pained... but agrees he can wait. BIG PROBLEM. Someone forgot to tell
the state of New York that Gino had to pee and in turn they had bridge
construction on the George Washington, backing up traffic for a little
more than an hour. We finally get over the bridge and head towards the
service area. By this time, Gino is turning yellow literally!!!! He is
curled up in a sitting fetal position and looking like he is the victim of
some horrendous third world torture. Finally, we hit the entrance ramp for
the Lombardi... and Gino starts to try and climb out of the moving
vehicle... "WHERE THE HELL IS IT???" Gino is yelling... not realizing that
you must go close to a 1/4 mile to park in front of the temporary
facilities that NJ has up while renovations are going on. Gino makes a mad
dash to the trailer to a chorus or our laughs. We all head up to the
bathroom and Gino happily walks out of a stall in his "Toby" personna.
Rumor has it, for that ten minutes, Gino could have subsititued
successfully for a firehose. We grab snacks and make it eventually to the
Sunnybrook ballroom for the Pennsylvania Wrestling Federation event. We
head in and Rob Feinstein lets me know that he has tape of the "J-Tex"
angle from the late 80's NWA/WCW for me. This is one of my favorite angles
EVER... so I'm already in a good mood (note: Rob kicks mad ass!)

The show contained one of the finest assortments of talent I have yet to
share a locker room with...

We faced the SATs (with Brian XL) and The Backseat Boyz (with Big 80's
Donnie B) in a three way elimination match defending our PWF tag titles.

While the Backseat Boyz music played, there was a phantom copy of "Foley
is Good" dancing in front of the curtains?!?!?! A small "Foley" chant
began. I wonder if Mikey Whipwreck had anything to do with that.

I am happy to say that there were like 5 "Holy Shit" chants in this match.
We were the first eliminated. After some amazing high flying by Draven,
Joe L Maximo and Johnny Kashmere, we dealt a heck of a beating to Jose
Maximo of the SAT. We set him for the Total Damnation, when little Brian
XL hits me from behind. I drop Jose and turn, grabbing XL by the collar of
his SAT jumpsuit and toss him directly into the powerbomb and we hit HIM
with Total Damnation. Ref PW Stryker counts the pin and stops just before
3... He would not allow the pin as XL was not signed to wrestle the match.
As Draven argues with Stryker, Trent Acid slid in and rolled him up for a
small package. 2 count... I reversed it for another two count. Joe Maximo
came in and tried to turn the pile and I hit him... and turned the pin
over thinking I had put Draven on top... when I hadn't. A three count and
we had lost the titles.

On our way back through the curtains... they seemed not to open. SOMEONE
WAS HOLDING THEM TOGETHER! As I blindly began to kick at the people
holding them, they opened to show Ty Street and Whipwreck laughing...

The match continued and the SATs upset the Backsetas with the amazing
Millenium Driver (double top rope moonsaulting rock bottom). Mikey
Whipwreck (the SATs trainer) and Red (their partner and PWF Light
Heavyweight Champ) all came out to end the show celebration to SAT and PWF

Also on the card:

Ty Street defeated Billy Bax.

Slambo the Clown defeated “The Lounge Lizard” Nicky Benz.

Rapid Fire Maldonado w/Allison Danger defeated Vince Bono

Immediately after the match, Lou E. Dangerously made his way into the ring
to pick a fight with the protégé of Steve Corino. As Lou distracted
Maldonado, who should come down the aisle but The Lord of the Old School,
Jack Victory. Victory was not alone, as he had a steel chair in his hands,
and he proceeded to do a number on Maldonado, busting him wide open, as
Lou held back Danger, forcing her to watch her charge get beaten to a
bloody pulp. Victory and Lou were not done however, as the proceeded to
drive the steel chair into Danger’s left knee, rendering her immobile. The
locker room cleared, and finally Lou and Jack headed towards the back.

“Doomsday” Danny Rose & Adam Flash defeated The Divine Storm.

Roman defeated Hadrian in a lumberjack match.

Reckless Youth defeated Ric Blade and Minoru Fujita in a 3 Way Dance.

Fujita, who had just arrived in the United States for the first time ever
earlier in the day, was very impressive. Fujita, who will be spending the
whole summer here in the States, has competed in the New Japan Super
Juniors, Big Japan, Michinoku Pro as well as various promotions in Mexico.

Red defeated “Gorgeous” Gino Giavanni w/Fun Athletic Guy and G-Barr to
successfully defend the Junior Heavyweight title.

Mikey Whipwreck defeated Guillotine LeGrande, but failed to bring home the
PWF TV Championship because the pinfall came after the ten-minute time

“High Profile” Dylan Night w/Candi defeated The Blue Meanie w/Jasmine to
successfully defend the PWF Heavyweight Championship.

Reverting back to his pre-match arrogance, Night once again challenged The
Sandman, who was more than happy to come to the ring with his trusty
Singapore cane by his side. Night placed BPA Barry in front of him for
protection. Barry ducked a cane shot, and while Sandman was trying to get
at him, Candi slid a second Singapore cane into Night, who proceeded to
level an unsuspecting Sandman. Showing his vicious streak once again,
Night delivered two piledrivers on the chair to The Sandman, who was left
laying. Lori Fullington and Jasmine got some measure of revenge on Candi,
but Dylan Night remains the PWF Champion. Look for Night and Sandman to
hook it up sometime soon, this time within the guidelines of an official

Steve Corino defeated Jack Victory w/Lou E. Dangerously in “THE WAR OF THE

As the fans applauded the courage and effort of both competitors, Lou E
called for Corino to come back down to the ring. When Corino refused, Lou
said that he was asking him as his friend Lou D’Angili, not Lou E.
Dangerously. This made Corino think for a minute, and after his
contemplation, he stepped back into the ring with Lou and Jack Victory.
Dangerously told stories of how the three had been everywhere together,
including family functions that only true friends would be invited to. Lou
went on to say that he did not want to see the friends go after each other
anymore, and that together they could build the PWF up to a higher level
then anyone thought possible. Jack Victory echoed that statement,
dismissing his former employer and praising his new one, which elicited a
strong PWF chant from the Pottstown faithful. Referee Mike Kehner had come
back into the ring at this point, and all four men, who had been best of
friends in ECW, raised their hands in acknowledgment of the fans and a
show of respect to each other. This respect would not last long, as Lou E
pulled a huge swerve, blasting Corino in the back of the head with his
cordless phone. From there Victory and Dangerously proceeded to pummel
Corino and Kehner until Corino’s protégé, Rapid Fire Maldonado hit the
ring, still bloodied and bandaged from the earlier attack. Wanting to
repay Corino for all of his help in the last two years, Maldonado
challenged Victory to match June 21. Victory and Dangerously accepted, and
on June 21 we will see that match, with one stipulation…it will be an
old-school bull rope match!

After the show, we got our stuff together and headed out for home. On the
way we made MANY irreverant song parodies, aiding in the pursuits of
keeping awake. The nice thing was that the ride home was completely
traffic-free and we flew home, making very good time. We arrived home in
time for me to get 45 minutes rest before heading to work. WHOO HOO!


Friday May 11: I get out of work after watching some of the RF Video
"J-Tex" tape (which I would strongly recommend). Adrienne and I travel to
get Draven and Kid Krazy and head to Portland. We made excellent time, so
we stopped for lunch and then headed for the show. We arrived very early
allowing us plenty of time to relax at the Stevens Ave. Armory. We suited
up and got ready for the Eastern Wrestling Alliance event.

We were scheduled to face Kildevil and Frankie Armadillo of the Hard-core
Insitute. They came to the ring along with Dr. Evertte Payne, Mistress
Vanessa, and The Shooters (Morisson and Booker). The ring announcer called
our names a few times as our music played. We did not come to the ring.
The HCI members all waited near the entrance way preparing to jump us,
while Kildevil waited in the ring. The crowd popped and we came in the
back doors, through the fans. We hit the ring and nailed Kildevil with
Total Damnation. By the time the rest of the HCI had figured out what
happened, the three count had already been completed, and The Damned
declared the winners. We stood in the crowd revelling in the win. Payne's
crew seemed very upset, but the fans had not seen the last of us this

Also on the card:

"Gigolo" Jeff Taylor beat El Tornado

Larry Huntley & Hardcore Honey beat Dr. Heresy & Bambi in a mixed
hard-core tag match.

"Big" Rick Fuller beat "Irresistible" Johnny Idol

Don Juan Desanto defeated Mike Steele to become the new EWA Champion in
the tournament finals.

"Extreme" Adam Hastey defeated Alexander Worthington III in a career vs.
career match. Therefore Worthington must retire.

The Asian Contingent (with "Iron Chef" Josh Shea) defeated Damian
Houston/Steve Ramsey and The Shooters. Once again, the Shooters seemed to
have the Tag Titles in their grasp. Our music came on and we stepped out
of the entrance way to the HUGE ovation of the people. (note: being
engaged to the soundwoman really helps to get your music played on
surprise run-ins LOL) The Shooters were completely distracted and Kamikazi
rolled up Ramsey for the pin.

After the show, we got our stuff together and headed to Sebago's brewing
company with much of the EWA roster. The place was pretty great. Their
"Lake Trout Stout" was tasty as hell. Josh Shea confided in me that seeing
as he workes near there... most of his free time was spent there. I
thought the place ruled and was all about meeting there after every EWA
show. We then headed and stayed at our buddy Nate's place after late night
Tekken Tag Tourneys and philosophy with BB LaFreak, Jade Apollo, and Josh
Shea about the merits of "selective random accupuncture" and the
thumbtack in wrestling. All Hail The BullGod!


May 12: We wake up and head to a local Denny's for breakfast. We then
leave for Natick High School in Natick, MA for the Atlantic Wrestling
Federation's double shot events.

Honestly, there isn't much to say due to the fact that I slept most of the
ride LOL!

We arrive at the High School and prepare for the show. The first show we
were scheduled against Mind and Matter w/ Captain Lou Albano. The second
against the Hott Boyz.

Despite the ring being a little rickety, we fought Mind and Matter
in a very good match. At one point, I debuted my new move (even though I
missed it); a top rope frog splash. Draven also hit a picture perfect
dropkick, to which even Captain Lou nodded and exclaimed "beautiful!" The
match ended in a double DQ when we all got fed up and tossed referee Larry
Rettig. I talked to Albano after, and he was very pleased with the match
saying that "you guys do very well... keep working at it". This wa snice
to hear from the man who basically WAS THE tag team wrestling manager in
the 70's and 80's WWF.

In between the shows we went to a small pizza parlor and met up with Tim
Kilgore and JC Marxxx. They and Chris Venom, along with SCCW manager Devin
would all be in the crowd watching. We witnessed a really cool little dust
devil happen when all of a sudden a Thunder Storm came out of nowhere.

The second show's match was even better, with us losing by pinfall to the
Hott Boyz. The match was REALLY tight, even though the ring was HORRIBLE
by now. This would have been our best match with the Hott Boyz if the ring
was better. Regardless, the fans were behind the match and really seemed
to enjoy it.

I apologize at not having results of the rest of the show, but I was
unable to get a hold of them as of press time.


Sunday May 13th: Tim Kilgore, JC Marxxx and I headed to see my little
sister Laney in "Oklahoma" (the musical, not the state). She was way
awesome. We then headed back and I did the Mother's Day shiznit with my
parents. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you Mothers!!! (LOL)


My Commentary:

Well, the time for another Commentary has come along, so I guess I will
have to ramble on about SOMETHING. hmmm let's see. Okay here we go....

"Foley is Good" aka the new book written by Mick Foley. It will debut at
#1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list. I just bought it on Tuesday,
it is so far just as entertaining as the first. In fact, I can place some
of the blame on the late Newsletter to me reading the book. I have been
totally engrossed in it. Hell, with a chapter called "The Legend of the
Penis Suplex", how can you lose?? The book is a little pricey, but if you
go to the right stores, you can get it for like 15% off. The same day I
also bough the new George Carlin Book "Napalm & Silly Putty". Again, his
first book "Braindroppings" was pretty classic, so i hope that this will
be as good.

Let's see.. this is pretty random, as I have nothing to really vent.

Another thing that was pretty cool, was last night we went to the "Comedy
Connection" in East Providence, RI. I get mail from the amazing "Mr.
Wrestling IV" (LOL) and he is letting us know he won a party for up to
thirty people at the Comedy Connection. So it ended up being Mr. & Mrs.
Wrestling IV, Ref Slick Willie Jackson and his female guest, PLW legend
Dutch Davison and his girlfriend (and my childhood friend Jaime), Tommy D,
CW Tag Champ Edward G Extasy, and Draven, Adrienne and myself. Overall the
show was fun. I have to admit that our table probably had more fun than
others with many of our muttered private jokes concerning the word "Hog".
I ended up witha half-decent beer buzz off of some Sam Adams. The best
thing coming out of the night is the Phrase... "Cut a grinder". The host
of the night used this term... His name was something or other Steiner,
which I remember because one of the people at our table goes "any relation
to Rick and Scott???" More on that word in a few minutes... or actually a
few seconds, depending on how quick you read.


Draven's Commentary

Ok, after having no idea of what to write about, I'm gonna go on a mini
rant about something that pisses me off. Have you ever been somewhere
after a sporting event or maybe even a movie of some sort, waiting for the
"stars" to come out so you or your children could get an autograph? Then,
after what seems like an eternity of waiting, the stars you've been
waiting for make their way out of the building only to walk right by you
without even looking your way.

Those are the guys that irritate me. They seem to have forgotten the
reason why they are where they are. It's those children who hang on every
thing they do…what's it going to take for people to remember that? I got
into this business almost 8 years ago; my influences were guys like Jake
Roberts, The British Bulldogs, Bret Hart and Shawn Micheals…. Fortunately
I got to meet all but the Dynamite Kid and Shawn Micheals. All of the men
I did meet, however, sat and talked with me, they took the time to answer
my questions. Hell my biggest memory is from the time when I was 14; I
waited outside of the Providence Civic Center, on Crutches, so I could
meet Jake Roberts. After an hour or so he finally arrived and got out of
his car with Jim Duggan. The car was immediately swarmed with people
seeking autographs. In the rush, I got left behind because of the
crutches, but I did get to see Jim Duggan take off and run right inside of
the building. After seeing that my mood dropped a little bit, then I saw
the line in front of me and my mood was lost. I wasn't going to meet Jake
Roberts, so I just stood there and watched others get the autographs I had

It was then that Jake Looked up at the crowd and left a big impression on
me. He had obviously seen the others run around me, he pointed at me and
called me to the front of the crowd. I was in disbelief, a 14-year-old boy
being called by one of his heroes. Well despite all of the bad things you
may hear about Jake Roberts, he made a damn good and lasting impression,
on a kid that day. He called me to the front of that crowd, signed an
autograph for me and then took me backstage where I got to meet all of the
other guys. It was a dram come true for me, and something I hold close to
me even now.

This all leads back to my original point. Thanks to guys like Jake
Roberts, I saw what I wanted to be. I knew I wanted to be a wrestler and
thanks to just a few minutes of a mans' time, I was able to keep my hope
and love for the wrestling business alive. Now I'm living that dream,
working in rings and arenas with guys I grew up Idolizing. Even if I
never go further than the Indy scene, I can still say I achieved one of my
dreams and got to do something that I love.

I owe all of that to guys taking the time, no matter their character, to
stop and talk to a kid. Remember, it's not hard to put a smile on a
child's' face, especially if they're looking up to you. It's the people
who think they're bigger that piss me off, we're all here for a
reason…..Make sure you make the most of it…

As always, thanks for the support……..


Upcoming Dates where you can be Damned:

Where you can Be Damned in the Upcoming Months:

Saturday May 19: SCCW at Crapo Field in Dartmouth, MA

Sunday May 20: PLW's Powerfest at St. Rapheal's Academy, Pawtucket, RI
*** vs. Adam Booker & Nick Steel***

Friday May 25: SCCW at the PAL in Fall River, MA
*** Tag Title shot against Punisher/Blacheart... AND JOE RULES!!!***

Sunday May 27: NCW's Wrestlefest at the VFW Hall in Natick, MA.
***Tag Team Title Tourney: 1st round vs. Mind & Matter***

Sunday May 20th: PLW's Power Fest at St. Raphael's School, Pawtucket RI

Friday May 25th: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall in Reading, PA

Friday June 1: EWA at the Stevens Avenue Armory, Portland, ME

Friday June 15th: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall in Reading, PA

Wednesday June 20th: Mad Dog turns 26!!!

Thursday June 21st: PWF at the Sunnybrook Ballroom, Pottstown, PA

for more info visit the following websites:

I know there are more dates and I will update them next week when I get
them all solidified!!


WORD OF THE ISSUE: This issue gives us a PHRASE instead.

"Cut a Grinder"

Origination of this usage: The Host at Comedy COnnection last night.

Use: Another Euphemism for taking a crap, dropping a deuce, pushing brown,
dropping the Cosby Kids at the pool, etc.

Ex: After eating to much at the buffet, I rushed home to cut a grinder.

There is your new phrase.... use it, learn it, make it known!


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See you people on the flippity flip side!

"WHY DID I USE TONGUE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"