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Welcome to another issue of the Emmy Award winning Damned Newsletter!!

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Upcoming Shows
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Saturday May 19th: I pick up Draven and we head to the Dartmouth Pride
Festival at Crapo Field in Dartmouth, MA for South Coast Championship
Wrestling. We knew well ahead of time that we were scheduled to face the
Mighty Cubador and Adam Booker managed by Dr. Heresy.

We got in the ring and realized there were some major problems. The ring
had boards falling through the beams a bit, there was NO bump, and the
ropes were soft, when they should have been tight. We went into the match.
I started with Cubador, basically reversing and out-powering the masked
Cuban on everything he tried. Draven tagged in and we worked some double
team stuff on Cubador, incuding some stiff chops, to the delight of the
crowd. Cubador managed a cheap shot on Draven and tagged in Booker. The
two of them isolated Draven in their corner and worked him over for a
little while. Finally Draven was able to make the tag and I came in and
cleaned house. Booker was dropkicked to the outside and Draven hit MY half
of the Total Damnation (Last Ride) and I did his (frogsplash) for the win.

Also on the show:

1. The Portugese Stallion d. Robbie Ellis & Amanda Storm in a 3 Way Dance
to win the SCCW Lightweight Title
2. The Damned d. The Cubador & Adam Booker
3. Nick Steel d. Shawn Candido
4. Tony Atlas d. Don Vega
5. Brian Black d. Hilight Kid
6. Frankie Armadillo & Damian Houston d. Mr. Wrestling IV & Scott Ashworth
7. Johnny Angel d. Dr. Heresy to retain the SCCW Heavyweight Title
8. Doink the Clown d. Chris Blackheart

(results courtesy of

After the show we grabbed some clam cakes and headed to the movies in
Providence. After a lot of whining by Reggie Heresy, everyone agreed to
see A Knight's Tale. Damn Heels (Heresy, Armadillo, and Booker) talked
through most of the film. Thank God they left. Honestly, if you get past
some weird anachronism (look up that one kids), a really cool story lies

After we met up with the Fraggle, Chris Venom and Tim Kilgore at the
Jefferson Blvd Bickfords for Coffee. We sat and shot the breeze for a
little while and then drove home. Over all a rather entertaining day, save
for the horrible ring LOL.


Sunday May 20th: I pick up Draven and we head only a mere stone's throw
from his house. St. Raphaels Academy would be the site for Power League
Wrestling's Powerfest 2001. We arrive to find we are facing The Original
Shooters of Adam Booker and "Nightmare" Nick Steel.

The ring that was being used belonged to me at one time. I was watching
the thing go together and it just wasn't looking right. I kinda took over
as ring general and began putting it together. The current owners have
DESTROYED what was once an awesome old ring. I did the best I could to
make the ring safe for the boys (and didn't do such a bad job). The NCW
guys who train with us, Tommy D and Maniacal Mark were all instrumental in
helping get it done.

The show opened with a battle royal. I went in there totally goofing
around. I gave three wet willies and a number of chops. When I was
eliminated, I jumped back on the apron, back-chopping Maniacal Mark,
popping the small hot crowd. Draven once again established his reputation
as one of the hardest chopping guys in the indies. He dealt quite a few,
and I could swear I saw his hand turning purple LOL.

Our match versus the Shooters went fantastic. It started technical and
spilled to the outside. Mike Dutch made a guest appearance as ref. When he
was pushing me back to the corner, I made sure to give hima titty twister
and to constantly rib him. He had a hard time keeping a sraight face.
Outside the ring, the match got interesting. The 275 pound Booker hit a
forward somersault of a stage onto Draven, Steel and I. He got up and
worked my "injured" knee from the last PLW show. While he and Steel began
a double team assault on me outside the ring, Draven went to the stage and
hit his Cannonball Senton off a chair onto Steel and Booker. Booker
reversed me into the closed bleachers and Steel tossed Draven into the
bleachers. The Shooters brought me in the ring and hit a combo
Clothesline/Spear on me. They then brought Draven in and hit a Clothesline
from hell by Steel. They picked him back up and went for a whip intoa
Booker Spear. Draven reversed Steel into Booker's spear... as Booker
checked on his partner, I slid in and hit him with an enzguri spilling him
out of the ring. That left the already hurt Steel easy prey for Total
Damnation and the win by the Damned.

also on the card:

1. Universal Soldier II won a 20 Man Battle Royal
2. Chris Venom d. Kid Krazy via DQ (Krazy retains the PLW Lightweight
3. Elements of Suicide d. Terry Thomas & Frankie Armadillo to retain the
PLW Tag Team Titles
4. The Damned d. The "Original" Shooters(Adam Booker & Nick Steel)
5. Chris Blackheart d. Johnny Angel to win the vacant PLW New England Title
6. Robbie Ellis d. Tripleicious
7. Shane Simons & Derek Molhan d. Don Vega & Sub-Zero
8. Don Juan DeSanto d. Dr. Heresy via DQ (Heresy retains the PLW
Heavyweight Title)

(results courtesy of

After the show, we headed to Kid Krazy's place, with Fraggle in tow, to
watch the WWF Pay Per View. I thought it had a few high points
(Benoit/Angle), but nothing came close to the quality of the next night's
RAW main event (Austin/HHH lose the WWF Tag Titles to Benoit/Jericho). I
also found out that next night that HHH suffered a quad tear in the match
and will be out for like 3 months. This is a tremendous blow to the WWF,
as HHH is currently (in my opinion) THE top guy overall right now in the


Commentary (due to a few time constraints Draven's Commentary will return
next week):

Four PM, this Sunday at the American Legion Hall in Natick, MA; there
won't be any "huge wrestling stars". Yet I dare say, if you go and pay the
five dollars to get in, you will see some of the most talented youngsters
breaking into the business putting on a great show. Northeast Championship
Wrestling presents Wrestlefest!!! Augmenting the local guys will be some
of the stars of SCCW and EWA in Maine.

On the card that night you will see the main event of NCW Heavyweight
Champion "The Revolution" Chris Venom versus #1 Contender Tripleicious.
Tripleicious, the former champion, has fought for months to regain his
title. Venom has successfully defended the title against all comers, truly
bringing a new respect to the NCW during his reign. This is a feud that
has raged through quite a few promotions locally, including a match in
Maine for the Eastern Wrestling Alliance. Venom is very close to making
the next step and starting to get his name out on the indies, while Trip
is hungry to regain the NCW title and continue the rising level of respect
that Venom has brought the NCW Strap.

Two of the most talented youngsters in the area face in a Last Man
Standing match. KL Murphy and New England Champion Tim Kilgore face each
other in another long running grudge match. Both are extremely talented
high fliers. Kilgore uses his martial arts skills, while Murphy utilizes
technical and mat wrestling. Both are ready to take the next step up. The
winner gets the NCW NE Title, but if the match is as good as it has the
potential to be, both may catch the eyes of area promoters.

The greatly improved Richard Pacifico takes his knowledge of submission
holds and attempts to beat the NCW TV Champ, the gravity defying Rukkus.
If Pacifico is on his game, this match could very well be a great mix of
wrestling and high flying. Rukkus has some aerial offense that will blow
your mind. Definitely will be a face that will be well known in a few
years, if he can keep healthy... as highfliers constantly put themselves
in physical risk.

The EOS finally explode. The former NCW Tag champs get each other in the
ring as Onyx faces Cinna. In the past, these two have lit each other on
fire, thrown each other in barbed wire and thumb tacks. Who knows to what
extent these guys will go to in Natick.

The always entertaining "Portuguese Sensation" Ruy Batello faces a mystery
challenge. Ruy has been working EXTREMELY hard in the ring trying to
improve. He has shown more desire than we could have ever expected. His
work is paying off. Look for the man with some of the best charisma in NCW
to make you hate him!!!! Make sure if you go to chant "Louie Louie Louie"
at him.

Adam Booker faces "Big League" Brian Black as two of the best new big men
in the sport meet. Booker, at 19, has already wrestled a great number of
matches, including one versus current WWF Lt Hvywt Champ Jerry Lynn (which
was a great match! ). Black has only been in the business wrestling for
maybe 6 months, and is already gaining th erespect of his peers for his
dedication and pro look.

The NCW Tag Title Tourney is going to be really hot.

The Damned (us!!!) face Mind & Matter in the semi-finals. The last time we
faced Heresy & Desanto, they had Lou Albano in their corner... and it was
a really solid match. The first time we got in the ring, Smart Mark video
named it one of the best indy matches of 2000. The last NCW event, Don
Juan led to my loss to Chris Venom. There is definite bad blood for this

The other semi-finals has The Flying Armadillo Brothers: Frankie and
Johnny facing The Phoenix Brothers, Ken & Mike. The Armadillos have been
busy between EWA and SCCW, while the Phoenixes are fairly new to the
business, but claim legend Killer Kowalski as their mentor. This should
prove to be a great high-flying match. Both young teams would love to make
it to the finals and upset for the straps.

I'm not positive, but I believe that Damian Houston may also be in
attendance for the show. This guy is really starting to come together and
his luchador-like style is really getting sharp. Also appearing will be
Kid Krazy, the 16 year old phenom, who has taken titles everywhere he has
wrestled. His highflying and mat skills are top notch. Watch this kid in a
small setting, before he hits the big time.

Bill Walkowitz will be there as well with his classic wrestling tapes
stand. Some of his stuff is AWESOME. Wrestling collectors will love some
of the rarer items he has on video.

Five bucks is all it will cost you for this show. I'm urging any of you in
the area to make the trek down to Natick,MA to the American Legion Hall.
These guys really are busting their asses to earn the respect of their
peers and the fans. Come down, grab a brew, and watch these guys prove
that New England Indy Wrestling has one hell of a bright future!!!! for more info


Where you can Be Damned in the Upcoming Months:

Friday May 25: SCCW at the PAL in Fall River, MA
*** Tag Title shot against Punisher/Blacheart... AND JOE RULES!!!***

Sunday May 27: NCW's Wrestlefest at the VFW Hall in Natick, MA.
***Tag Team Title Tourney: 1st round vs. Mind & Matter***

Friday June 1: EWA at the Stevens Avenue Armory, Portland, ME

Saturday June 2: JWA at the KofC Hall in Guilford, CT
**Guillotine LaGrande, Rick Silver, Joe Rules, The Damned, Bulldog
Blanski, "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush, JP Black and more***

Friday June 15th: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall in Reading, PA

Wednesday June 20th: Mad Dog's Birthday... AND
PWF at Academy Hall, Pottstown, PA (note date change and location change)
**The Damned attempt to regain the PWF Tag Titles in action verses one of
the top indy tag teams.... The Backseat Boyz w/Donnie B.**

Friday June 22nd: ICCW at the St. John's Carnival, Plainfiel, CT.

for more info visit the following websites:

I know there are more dates and I will update them next week when I get
them all solidified!!



"Mama-say Mama-sah, Mama-mah-coo-sah"

Orgination of Phrase: Michael Jackson's Thriller "Pretty Young Thing"

Origination of this usage: Comedian Mike Baker (not Brickhouse) at Comedy
COnnection last week.

Use: When getting in a heated arguement that could lead to a fight...
instead say this... and DANCE. Don't fight.... DANCE (LOL)!


Bob: Okay... dickhead... you wanna take this outside?
(Bob raises fists and threatens to punch Arlo in the face)

Arlo: Mama-say Mama-sah Mama-mah-coo-sah
(does a quick head snap into a Jackson-esque crotch grab)

Bob: HOMO!
(Bob proceeds to beat the piss outta Arlo)

((We never claimed it would actually work... ))

There is your new phrase.... use it, learn it, make it known!


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Finally for the Website of the Week:

"Shift Bam's" site has all kinds of footage of japanese wrestling. I know
that I passed this one to Damian Houston... and he hasn't slept since.
Check out some of the crazy stuff overseas, as well as recent PWF
competitor Minoru Fujita, Great Sasuke, Tiger Mask IV, and many more.

Our guitarist hated "Milk and Wookies" and "Chocolate Chip Wookie"...

We suggested "StuntCox" (fans of Orgasmo will get that one). We'll keep
wearing away at him. Hopefully in the future we'll offer the EP of
original stuff when it is ready. T-shirts could be the NEXT item

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