Date: May 29 2001 15:15:38 EDT
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: The Damned Newsletter

Welcome to another issue of the historically insignificant Damned
Newsletter. This issue is specially dedicated to a guy who "wouldn't take
one for the team". (LMAO)

In this issue:
Upcoming Shows
Usual Schwag!

Let's get to the crap!


Friday May 25th: We head to the PAL in Fall River, MA for another exciting
night of wrestling by South Coast Championship Wrestling. Once again, SCCW
sticks us with their floor ring, which I lovingly refer to as "the Death
Trap". Anyhow, we are scheduled to face "ManBoobs" Blackheart and
"Punisher" Don Vega for the SCCW tag titles. Overall, the match was very
tight and the crowd seemd to be behind us for the most part. The finish
came when it seemed we had the match won, and with the ref distracted,
Vega hit me with one of the tag straps and Blackheart made the pin.

Also on the show:

Frankie Armadillo def. The Highlight Kid

Mark Strongbow def. "Nitemare" Nick Steel by reverse DQ

Caesar Suave def. The Hott Boyz (AJ & DJ)

Adam Booker(w/ Dr. Heresy) def. Shawn Candido(w/ Devin)

Amanda Storm def. "As Seen On TV" Joe Rules
** Joe Rules is now officially Amanda Storms Valet**

Zanic & The Russian Terrorist def. "Big" Brian Black & "The Dancing Devil"
Damian Houston

"Dancing" Don Juan DeSanto def. "The Mighty" Cubador

"Heavenly" Johnny Angel(w/Ariel) def. Dr. Reginald Heresy(w/ Adam Booker)
to retain the SCCW Heavyweight Title

After the show we packed up and headed south to the land of the Fraggle.
On route, we stopped at the weigh station in Waterford, CT for some free
coffee to support the Waterford High School Music Boosters. We talked
about being wrestlers with the old guy running the stand (actually sitting
at a picnic table while others ran the booth). We headed back on our way,
which was running amazingly traffic free once again. Early in New York we
hit traffic. We figure we have arrived maybe 15 minutes after the
accident has happened. Once again, a simple stop for coffee or whatever
has kept us out of an accident we most likely would have been involved in.
The car involved was on its roof and there was even blood on the pavement.
To get the grisly image out of our minds, we cranked up the comedic
aspects of Insane Clown Posse.

We arrived at Fraggle Rock and I took advantage of the Jacuzzi off of my
room for like 30 minutes and then headed to bed. Talk about helping sore
post-match muscles!


Sunday May 27th:

We head from New York to Natick, MA for Northeast Championship Wrestling's
return to the American Legion Hall. The show got off to a little late
start and that time DID give the hall another chance to fill up. We were
originally scheduled in the tournament for the vacant NCW Tag Titles. Our
first round opponents were Mind & Matter (Desanto & Heresy). Now
regardless of angles and whatever... readers of this newsletter know how
close we are with Mind & Matter. We travel together and owe some of our
early bookings to them. When we saw that we would be in a semi-final with
them and the other bracket had two younger teams, we kinda felt like the
fans would be seeing the true finals BEFORE the finals. When Mind & Matter
got in the ring, we told them that we had major respect for them (as well
as ribbing a few EWA personalities in the crowd). We thought that the two
best tag teams in New England were in the ring and the titles should go to
the winners. All of the other tag teams present came to ringside seemingly
to argue the point. We told them that they were all talented, and had
great futures, but currently they should step aside and let the two best
tags teams around vie for the straps. NCW Owner JC Marxxx came out and
made the match official. The match was on. We also had the benefit of our
new manager Devin. She had been in our corner one other time and is a
trained wrestler as well. She is beautiful and talented (OK... I put ya
over now Devin LOL).

Right in the opener, Draven and Heresy hit heads on a miscue. Normally I
would make some sort of joke about Heresy's potential for concussions, but
this time it was Draven who would get the concussion. No one in the match
even knew this though. The match was over twenty (legit) minutes of back
and forth psychology and high spots. The crowd was very into the match and
even cheered for the near falls. Devin got involved hitting a spinning
head scissors on Don Juan, only to be nailed witha hanging fisherman's
buster by Dr. Heresy. I couldn't allow this to go unpunished and hit
Heresy with a tribute to another of our Damned faves. I grabbed Heresy in
the position for a reverse DDT yelled "Old School!!!" and hit Steve
Corino's "Old Scool Expulsion" on Heresy. My pinfall attempt was
unsuccessful only due to the breakup by Desanto. The match went on with
another Triple Jump Cannonball Senton by Draven, a Plancha Suicido also by
Draven, I hit the frogsplash (finally). There were so many things
happening, that honestly I lost track. The match came to a close when Mind
& Matter attempted their Mind Bomb finish. I grabbed Heresy's leg and he
did not get as much of Draven as he had wished. He also rolled out of the
ring holding his knee. Don Juan went for another Don Juan bomb, only to be
rolled up by Draven for a sudden three count. The crowd applauded the
efforts of all of us and we held the Northeast Tag Championships for all
to see. When we got in the back, Draven was feeling the effects of the
collision some 25 minutes prior. He nearly collapsed in back. after
getting some air, I thought he was feeling better and I headed in to watch
some more of the show... a little while late I was informed that he was
once again not feeling well. I rush to the back where he is laying with
ice and towels on his head. Our good friend Crystal from EWA was with him,
as were many of the locker room of NCW. NEWA's Quentin Michaels was in
attendance and is an EMT, he attended to Draven as well. In the long run,
Draven was shhooken up, a little foggy, but okay. It was a scary moment
though... more to come on the injury reports.

Also on the show:

Adam Booker d. "Big" Brian Black

"Primetime" Randy J (w/ Matt Burns) d. Damian Houston

Richard Pacifico d. "Hollywood" Johnny Nash

The Phoenix Brothers won a Tag Team Battle Royal. (Stretcher Crew, Playas
Club, & Maniacal Mark/El Pequito were involved in the match.)

Kid Krazy d. Ruy Batello & Frankie Armadillo in a 3 Way Dance

Onyx d. Cinna (w/ Matt Burns)

KL Murphy d. Tim Kilgore to win the NCW New England Title in a Last Man
Standing Match

Tripleicious d. Chris Venom(w/ Matt Burns) to win the NCW Heavyweight

I will get more in depth about the guys in the show and such in my
commentary a little later.

After the show, Draven, Crystal, Kid Krazy, Hard-core Larry Huntley, "Iron
Chef" Josh Shea, and "Lord Hot Dog" Chris Santone went to the "NEEDHAM?
Nope I already Got Em" Bickfords for food. After an hour of raucous
silliness, it was time to leave. Personally I know there were many jokes
cracked, and even the debut of the "Gravy Willy"... Just am not recalling

After the trip home, I crashed hard, but happy knowing I had monday off
for the holiday.


Mad Dog's Commentary:

NCW... a true evolution.

A little over a year and a half ago, a bunch of us started going to the
shows put on by a backyard fed calling themselves NCW. They would rent a
hall and a ring and run. The first show we went to actually can claim
WWF's Spike Dudley as an audience member. He also left half-way through
the show. Basically, at the time, we would go and rib the kids in the ring
and act generally as assholes. Now I don't look back and claim this was
the right or professional thing to do, but at the time, it is what we did.
There were a few guys who seemed to have a little clue, but for the most
part, the show was horrendous. Through working for UCW, I had gotten to
know JC Marx (It wasn't until I renamed him MARXXX that he took to using
more X's). JC asked how we could help out.

Around that time we had begun to train regularly at SCW's "Karoba Dome".
Coincidently, this was once the home of Joe Eugenio's Top Rope Promotions,
where I had actually gotten a bunch of my training. We began to train guys
there for SCW/Mayhem. JC took a trip up to see the way SCW was running and
eventually they were running together and the NCW roster was required to
get training to work shows.

There have been tons of improvements, but lets jet forward to Sunday May
27th, 2001.

In its last few shows, NCW had shown some improvement and promise. In its
show before this, NCW seemed to step out as a free-standing independent
promotion. It had to prove that it could once again step up to the
challenge of a good show. NCW delivered! With the dedication of the boys
who have been training with us, training with Walter Kowalski's school,
and up in the Southern Maine Wrestling Academy in Portland, this show was
beyond anyone's expectations.

"Big League" Brian Black wrestled Adam Booker in a great opener. Combined,
neither man has 3 years in ring experience, yet both showed the polish of
ring vets. This could be due to Booker's time wrestling guys like Jerry
Lynn in Wisconsin, or both their regular schedules at SCCW. Both also
dedicate time weekly to train with local mainstay and Scotty "2 Hotty"
Taylor's former partner Steve Ramsey.

Damian Houston and "Primetime" Randy J also gave the crowd a great show.
Randy is a fantastic and amusing heel. He is almost likably hatable, if
that makes sence. He is really talented in the ring and his manager Matt
Burns is like top quality icing on the cake. Houston is a completely
different athlete than I saw about 20 months ago in Lewiston, ME. The guy
who was in NCW was tight and polished. His work looked credible and his
high spots are simply awesome. It is easy to see that he has the desire
and talent. I think what he needs is to get in the ring with some guys
like Ric Blade, Reckless Youth, or Mike Quackenbush to make him work on
stepping it up even more.

Richard Pacifico faced "Hollywood" Johnny Nash. Pacifico is still working
on finding his niche. He is getting close. I look at Richard and see a lot
of myself back in the Kid Liberty days. He works his ass off at training
and has legitimate desire to succeed and improve. Working Nash may have
been his best match to date. Nash has the tools to be a force in the local
scene. He simply needs more experience. He has a good look and some good
ideas on how to use them. This match honestly surprised me in how good it
ended up being. Both have come a long way from their backyard and EWF

There was a Tag Team battle royal. The Phoenix Brothers are both from the
school of the legendary Walter "Killer" Kowalski. Once they get tighter
with Psychology and learn a little more about ettiquette, they will be one
of the top hot tags around. They have the look, the talent, and the
enthusiasm. The Playas Club came down froM Albany, NY area. They also fit
in the category of major potential. Again, more ring time and the help of
the veterans will make these guys a strong and hatable heel tandem. The
Stretcher Crew of Postal Pete and Mighty Moco were eliminated early. They
have spent a great deal of time doing hard-core underground and are great
at innovating sick stuff. Both need to work on the technical work aspects
of the biz if they want to get work at bigger shows, but watching Pete
light his hand on fire to deliver an overhand chop never ceases to amaze
me. Maniacal Mark and El Piquito were thrown in for some comedy element.
Mark has basically become the color man for the NCW TV show. He is
excellent at that. As for choosing partners.... They were the first team

The three way dance between Kid Krazy, Ruy Batello, and Frankie Armadillo
was also entertaining. Armadilo and Krazy both showed that their time on
the indy circuit has made them talented veterans. Armadillo, like Houston,
has come such along way from the night I saw him in Lewiston. Krazy is
quickly becoming one of the best in the area. Ruy has come light years
from the days of "John Pimental". He still has a ways to go, but there are
not many guys with more heart and desire when it comes to training in the
ring. If he can keep working with guys who can help carry him in the
department of PSYCHOLOGY... Ruy will continue having great matches.
Eventually this kid is going to break out and with his charisma and sense
of humor... he will definitely have a fan following.

Onyx and Cinna had another match in their storied rivalry. They started as
enemies... teamed up as Elements of Suicide. Now work as EOS some places
and feud in others. Keep an eye on these guys who do return to EWA this
Friday to face the Veteran combo of Houston & Ramsey and the young
upset-king Tag Champions "Iron Chef" Josh Shea's Asian Contingient.

KL Murphy and Tim Kilgore came into the ring for the blowoff of a huge
angle. On top of that was the New England strap which was also on the
line. The match was stipulated as "Last Man Standing". These guys pulled
out all the stops. Both showed that they are ready to step up and exhibit
how talented they really are. This by far was match of the show. Both
currently train under Draven and myself, while Murph has also worked out
on some occasions with "Hardcore Hippie" Nick Richards. The two had it
all... Psychology, great spots, and a great finish. Highlights included
Kilgore's insane bumps. He took a huge back drop. He went for a spear, but
was sidestepped and flew some five feet through the ropes and headfirst
into the wall. A springboard moonsault and of course his devastating
martial arts kicks. Murphy ALSO stepped it up with high flying, grappling,
his "Goodnight Kiss" (a moonsault into an impaler reverse DDT). The finish
came when Kilgore tried to spike Murphy on a chair. Murphy landed feet
first and then managed to change Kilgore's momentum into a huge piledriver
on the chair. Murphy regained his title when Kilgore could not answer the
ten count. Neither went home a loser though, as a local promoter
approached both to compliment them on the match. Who knows who you will
see on the next level soon, largely in-part to the strength of this match.
KL has some of the best natural ability I've seen in a trainee in a long
time. He has the build and the talent. Kilgore makes up for the lack of
build with his work ethic. NO ONE I know trains harder than Kilgore. He
wants to bump louder, harder and higher than everyone else. There are
times we need to tell him to take it easy, when he is hurting but refuses
to compromise what he considers his level of practice. Congrats to both as
I know that they have earned the compliments many are giving from this

Chris Venom and Tripleicious also had the final match of their storied NCW
feud. The match was great. The fans were supportive of Trip and hated
Venom. Somewhere in the match, Trip went for a 360 legdrop he does off the
top with great accuracy. Somehow this one was off and Venom got hit witha
heel across the face... busting him wide open. I wanted to official
compliment both men on their work ethic. They finished the match. I know
that Trip was worried about Venom's well-being, and Venom was losing some
decent color. Both finished the match, giving the fans the main event they
had wanted to see. Trip regains the title, but both reinforced our views
of thier dedication to NCW, and the biz as a whole.

NCW's show made me proud to be involved with the promotion and more-so the
men we train. The guys did us proud... and I want each and everyone of our
readers to know that we totally appreciate the effort the boys put in.
They made all the long hours of training worth it for us. They showed
respect to us and the business by acting and looking like professional
wrestlers out there. Thanks also to all who supported the show. Some
people travelled from Maine and New Hampshire for it. Special Thanks to
Josh Shea, Larry Huntley, Bill Walkowitz, Chris Santone, and "Mistress
Vanessa" for coming and supporting other members of the DAMNED family!


Due to Draven's Concussion... I am not bugging his ass for a commentary!!


Where you can Be Damned in the Upcoming Months:

Friday June 1: EWA at the Stevens Avenue Armory, Portland, ME

Saturday June 2: JWA at the KofC Hall in Guilford, CT
**Guillotine LaGrande, Rick Silver, Joe Rules, The Damned, Bulldog
Blanski, "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush, JP Black and more***

Friday June 15th: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall in Reading, PA

Sunday June 17th: PLW at Our Lady of Fatima High, Warren, RI

Wednesday June 20th: Mad Dog's Birthday... AND
PWF at Academy Hall, Pottstown, PA (note date change and location change)
**The Damned attempt to regain the PWF Tag Titles in action verses one of
the top indy tag teams.... The Backseat Boyz w/Donnie B.**

Friday June 22nd: ICCW at the St. John's Carnival, Plainfiel, CT.

Sunday June 24th: NCW returns to the American Legion in Natick, MA.

Friday June 29th: SCCW at the Fall River PAL.

Saturday June 30th: EWA at the Steven's Avenue Armory in Portland, ME.

for more info visit the following websites:

I know there are more dates and I will update them next week when I get
them all solidified!!




Orgination of Phrase: Adrienne, my fiancee, and I were watching Talk Soup
on E! and they were talking about fake testicals for dogs/cats called
Neuticals... and somehow Dudicals came out of the joking.

Resurgence and innovation of this Phrase: New term that Draven is using
for "nuts" or "balls".

Use 1:


Bob: Whazzup Dudicals?

(as opposed to hey bro.. or whazzup homey??)

Use 2:

Bob: Whazzup Homeslice (to Arlo)

::Arlo proceeds to kick Bob SQUAHR in the dudicals.::

There is your new phrase.... use it, learn it, make it known!


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Next issue we got plenty of fun... including Rick Silver, Joe Rules,
Guilotine Lagrande, and Bulldog Blanski under one roof!!! Now that is
excitement! (and I assume a locker room full of ribs and great stories)

Anyhow... Until we ramble on again.

"You all Hate Me!!!!!" - Tim Kilgore