Date: Jun 05 2001 15:15:38 EDT
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Subject: The Damned Newsletter

Welcome to the new and improved Director's cut of the Damned Newsletter.
It is digitally remastered with previously unreleased footage available
only on DVD.

In this issue:

Upcoming Shows
Random Silliness


Friday June 1: With Adrienne driving, The Damned and Kid Krazy/El
Tornado head up to Portland, ME for the Eastern Wrestling Alliance event
at the Steven's Avenue Armory. We are about 45 minutes away when we get a
call from some of our students who travelled up with Chris Venom. They
would have the opportunity to work the event. We were psyched and were
ready to congratulate them, when the following words came through the
phone. "Yep, handicap match versus Rick Fuller." Draven, Krazy, and I
prayed their chests were ready for the chopping onslaught of the former
WCW wrestler. We finally arrive and say our hello's to the EWA staff and
wrestlers already there.
A little while later Draven's new girlfriend Crystal arrive much to my
partners pleasure. They end up hanging out together, as it is the first
time they had been able to see each other since the NCW injury he
sustained. Feeling left out (just kidding there), I needed to do
something. I decided to kidnap EWA ref Tom Wilson and made him show me
where he had bought his Mountain Dew Code Red, which I am pretty much
addicted to now (DAMN YOU TIM KILGORE!!!!). I return and start to get into
gimmick for the show.
As I go to give Adrienne a newer copy of our music, I notice a guy
with his back to me who i didn't recognize. Turns out that it is Chris
Hamrick (of the former ECW). He was in New England and decided to travel
up with Steve Ricard to take in the show. I inroduced myself and we talked
briefly and then I headed to prepare for our match. Intermission signing
autographs and taking pictures with the crowds that would spit and scream
obsenities at us only 3 months ago is still strange to me, but oh well. We
head back after intermission and are ready to face Kildevil and Chris
Venom managed by Dr. Everette Payne and accompanied by valet Mistress
We walked out of the entrance way to a great ovation from the crowd.
We headed to the ring and the HCI members fled. We began to take off our
jackets when they tried to Pearl Harbor us. We turned the effort around
and the HCI fled the ring. We followed them out and worked them over. We
brought Venom in the ring and hit him with a few kicks and splashes. Payne
tried to interfere and was cut off by Draven. Venom and Kildevil tried to
hit Draven from behind, but I spun them around and hit a double
clothesline. As ref Tom wilson made me get out of the ring, Mistress
Vanessa slid in and hit Draven SQUAHR in the Dudicals. I don't think
Draven's girlfriend Crystal appreciated this one bit. ANYHOW, this gave
the HCI the opening they needed and they tore into Draven. He took quite
the beating, even a few slaps from Vanessa. I tried to break up the
illegal double and triple teams, only to be pushed back time and time
again by Wilson. Finally, Draven was able to block an attempted Superplex
by Venom and pushed Venom off the ropes. Draven climbed up and hit his
patented headbutt of the top. He crawled over and made a tag to me. I came
in and hit a flurry of punches, clotheslines and bodyslams. Finally,
Draven got up and paired off with Venom and both spilled to the outside
taking Wilson's attention with them. I sent Kildevil across the ring for a
big splash. In mid run, Payne popped onto the apron and I stopped ready to
pull him into the ring. Vanessa slid Kildevil a chair, which he slammed
solidly across my back. Adrenaline must have dulled the pain from the blow
as I felt none of it. I turned and Kildevil looked at me in fear. He
dropped the chair and was met by a boot to the gut. I picked up the chair
and firmly took a casting of his head with it. (Dented the sucker on his
melon). Wilson turned just in time to see this infraction and disqualified
us. We chased him out of the ring and turned to see Venom just climbing
in. We hit him with Total Damnation for his troubles. We exited to a big
pop from the crowd. We didn't get de-gimmicked as we had to get in the
battle royal for the new EWA New England Title.

Draven and I hung around for quite a while. After we all teamed to
eliminate Rick Fuller, I went to hit the ropes and clothesline EOS Rukkus.
HCI members grabbed the ropes and I toppled to the floor. Draven grabbed a
chair and hit his somersault senton on everyone attacking me. We brawled
back to the dressing rooms, where EWA officials broke the brawl up.

Also on the card: (courtesy of Josh Nason)

Steve Ramsey/Damian Houston d. Adam Booker/Dr. Heresy
*Booker's usual teammate Aaron Morrison was not at the card, so Heresy
filled in admirably.

Frankie Armadillo pinned Larry Huntley to win EWA Hardcore title.
*"Mr. Muscles" won his second Hardcore title with an impressive win over
The Dirty Bird Bouncer. Huntley got distracted by a local DJ who
accompanied Armadillo to the ring.

Bubba The Lovable Redneck d. El Tornado
*Bubba revealed himself to be Alex Worthington's 'cousin' despite
similarities to his recently retired relative. Bubba had friends in
Bernadette and Domihick join him at ringside in a hilarious sequence.

Rick Fuller d. Tim Kilgore and K.L. Murphy
*Big chops that left the youngsters' chests beet red and bleeding...enough
said. Fuller is vicious!

Elements of Suicide d. Asian Contingent to win EWA Tag Titles
*Asian manager Iron Chef turned on his team and joined the EOS flanked by
impressive newcomer Rukkus. Onyx and Cinna now have the former Chef in
their corner and have added the EWA tag belts to their resume.

EWA Champion Don Juan DeSanto d. Adam Hastey
*A great match. DeSanto has a nasty attitude now which came to play Friday
night. "The Extreme" Hastey did a dive off a U-Haul truck in the building
that was shocking to say the least. DeSanto and friend Dr. Heresy
continued their troubles as a duo, even without Bambi in attendance.

El Tornado won the EWA New England title in a special battle royal.
*A lot of high spots and a great one-on-one between Adam Booker and
Tornado to close out the match. Tornado is a high-flyer who is a great
first New England champ.

As many of you know El Tornado is a very good friend of Draven and I. I
trained him and he acts as an assistant trainer at the Damned Training
Program. It was awesome to see him win the match over the amazing Adam
Booker. Also the show was filled with great work by the whole roster. I
was very proud of guys like EOS and Kilgore/Murphy who have formerly or
currently train with us. There really wasn't one weak match on the show.
This only shows how deep EWA is talent-wise.

After the show, we hit Sebago's with Josh Shea. This place is awesome.
Great micro-brews and cheap food. We all sat and enjoyed the meal (we had
2 huge tables upstairs and downstairs with like 15 at each). After we
chowed/drank, we hit the Industry for a little look at Portland's
impressively happening night-life. Crystal and Hard-core Honey showed they
can REALLY dance, and Josh almost got kicked out for climbing a fence and
pelvicly thrusting at the dancing women.

After we went back to Shea's place to crash and watch "Dazed and
Confused". A good sleep and gotta head back to Rhode Island.


Saturday June 2nd: We wake up and head out to breakfast with Don Juan, our
friend Jen, Josh, Draven, Krazy, Crystal and her "Spawn". It was about as
good as a Denny's breakfast can be. We then said our goodbyes and headed
back. We had enough time to get home and for me to grab a shower and then
we had to head to Guilford, CT.
We picked up Kilgore and Venom and headed to the Knights of Columbus
Hall for the first JWA event. A bunch of the guys were people we knew,
while many others were new to us. We went around and said our hellos. Once
again Chris Hamrick was there. Big Unit founders Joe Rules, Rick Silver,
and Dave Desire were there as well as Reckless Youth, Mike Quackenbush,
Guilotine Lagrande, Ron Zombie, and JP Black. I know Luxurious Lyne would
kill me if I didn't mention her involvement in the show (more on that in a
minute) as well as Kristy Kiss and Patricia M Steinman.

Our match was scheduled to be one of the Damned vs. JP Black w/Luxurious
Lynne. I won the Damned Paper/Rocks/Scissors game and the match was on.
Black and I proved that we were fairly equal strength-wise. He eventually
used a thumb to the eye to try and get the advantage. I reversed and hit a
quick barrage of a backdrop, clothesline and worked JP back into a corner.
I whipped him across and hit a splash. I looked to the crowd to go for
another and was levelled with a boot and clothesline. I fought back and
managed an unsuccessful backslide. Luxurious Lynne made her presence
known. She choked me over the bottom rope. (Despite her claims... she is
most definitely a CHEATER!) JP hit a high leg lariat for a 2 count. As he
argued with the ref, I managed to get up and then trun his whip attempt
into a Bossman Slam. Black quickly rolled out of the ring and swept my
feet. Before he could try to do anything more, Draven ran over and gave
him a few punches. Black grabbed Draven and whipped him head first into
the ring post. As I grabbed JP to suplex him back into the ring, Lynne
once again interjected tripping me and holding my leg as Black got the
pin. As I got up, Black was celebrating. Three Jabs and a
Flip-Flop-and-Fly followed by the Atomic Elbow and JP Black was sent

1) Hot Rocker draws a bye
2) Fred Curry, Jr. vs. Ron Zombie ended in a time limit draw
3) Hubie Volk pinned Rick Flutie
4) Red Hot Russ pinned Great Cerenzio (with Patricia M. Steinman)
5) Rick Silver pinned Bull Dredd
6) J.P. Black (with Luxurious Lynne) pinned Mad Dog (with Draven)
7) Purty Kurty pinned The Steamroller
8) Mike Quackenbush pinned Guillotine LeGrande

9) Tiger Mulligan pinned Reckless Youth

10) Foxy defeated Luxurious Lynne

11) As a result of Curry and Zombie both being eliminated, Hot Rocker
receives a bye
12) Hubie Volk vs. Red Hot Russ ended in a double DQ
13) Rick Silver pinned J.P. Black
14) Mike Quackenbush pinned Purty Kurty

15) As a result of Volk and Russ both being eliminated, Hot Rocker
receives a bye
16) Rick Silver vs. Mike Quackenbush ended in a double countout

17) As a result of Silver and Quackenbush both being eliminated, Hot
Rocker receives a bye, and is therefore awarded The JWA World Championship

18) Bulldog Blanski & Kristy Kiss defeated Joe Rules & Dave Desire

After the show we found out that Beast from ICCW and the Fraggle had come
to the show. We all went to get dinner at a diner, where our waitress was
ALL about Tim Kilgore. The ride home was filled with lots of conversation
and music. I arrived home kinda late so i went right to bed.



Draven Comments on….Toys and their misuse/random thoughts

Alright, I'm back after a couple weeks away, or was it just a week…oh well
who cares. The point is I'm back. This week I want to make some comments
on a subject that really pisses me off.
Everybody has one of those friends who'll go to a toy store and buy two of
everything, one to be opened and one to be packaged away for a later date
because it might become a "Collectors item" . How horrible is that.

Toys are produced with one purpose in mind, being played with. As each one
is pieced together and then packaged, they leave the factory with one
mission in life….to be used. Not to sit in a box in someones' closet
because they feel it might be worth something. Their one and only driving
goal is to break free from those little twist tie chains , tear through
the plastic and cardboard barrier that seperates them from their destiny
and finally shout….i'm freeeeeee… with me!!!! How the hell are they
supposed to do that if they're kept in a box??? Think About it.

Random Thoughts:

Mad Crazy props go out to our boys Tim Kilgore and K.L Murphy….they showed
the entire EWA why we have so much faith in them. They've taken what we're
teaching them and turning themselves into first rate wrestlers….we're
proud of you boyz!

Universal question: When the snow melts, where does the white go?

I hear that Mike Quackenbush has one hell of a hat collection building
these days….adding a certain Marine beret to it….way to go Quack!

Is it just me or do Joe Rules and Steamroller seem to have a certain
matching quality?

Why doesn't a person have enough random thoughts when he needs them??

Ok, I don't have any more random, or even non-random thoughts so I'm gonna
end this horrible commentary…catch ya all next week……

As always e-mail commentary ideas to……


Mad Dog's Commentary:

Right now Draven and I are a part of many different promotions. In this
issue, without putting down ANY of the ones we work for as we love them
all, I wanted to talk about the two we love the most.

As far as talent goes, none can hope to compare with the Pennsylvania
Wrestling Federation. With a locker room bragging some of the former ECW
greats like regulars Steve Corino, Jack Victory, Mikey Whipwreck, Sandman
Mike Kehner, and Lou Dangerously (as well as others like Guido, Meanie,
and Jasmine who have been at events as well), Veterans like Reckless
Youth, Ty Street, The Backseat Boyz, Kevin Knight, Biggie Biggs, Dylan
Night, and more and some of the finest young talent like The SATs, JD
Powers, RF Maldonado, Bax and many more. Who would I be to forget two of
the best beautiful brawling managers in the biz Candi and Allison Danger.
These two beat each other up routinely on shows, as well as have been the
targets of some assaults as well. Last show, Danger had her leg injured by
a Victory top-rope elbow, and Candi has been spanked by Sandman. With an
influx of guys like Minoru Fujita from Japan, and the great stories being
told on the shows... there is no comparison to the quality of these shows.

Heavyweight Champ "High Profile" Dylan Night (always flanked by his
manager Candi) holds victories over Corino, Reckless, Blue Meanie and
more. He is on a collision course with the ECW Hard-core Icon, while
bringing credibility to his PWF strap. TV Champ Guilotine Lagrande is
hated by the fans, getting some of the most negative heat on the shows. He
has managed to retain the strap against Mikey Whipwreck most recently,
when the issue time limits helped him retain. Red, the lightheavyweight
champ, has shown he can defy gravity with his amazing high spots. Trained,
like the Tag Champs Joel & Jose Maximo, by Mikey Whipwreck, Red is seeing
great regional success. The tag champs beat us and the Backseats in what
is looked at as an upset. The Backseats are generally considered the top
Indy tag in the US, and we have been called the top in New England. The
Backseats also have their manager, Donnie B in their corner. Over all the
tag division is red hot with Gino Giovanni/JD Powers (with Rob "Fun
athletic Guy" Feinstein in their corner) and "Doomsday" Danny Rose/Adam
Flash "The Roches" also looking for title shots. The talent is amazing
there, and you have to give your best performances, just to keep up with
the rest of the roster.

As for our favorite locker room, we can not forget the EWA. This is our
family. From the Owners Steve, Scott, and Josh... all the way to
"Hard-core Kid Billy" (an 11 year old who runs errandes for the boys),
this is a family. We feel totally at home in this environment. Guys we
looked up to are running the show, and gus we trained are starting to get
work there. The rest of the card are people we have worked regularly,
travelled with, and partied with. Each show is like a small family reunion
for us. The fact that the shows are getting better and better is just a
huge bonus. The quality of the shows has improved 100 times since the show
we debuted the Damned at in Lewiston.

Overall, these two locker rooms are the ones we most look forward to
working with, for obvious reasons. For me, I anxiously await the events.
Both embody what I would look to as near-perfect dressing rooms. As we
told Gino Giovanni after his first show in PA, "Bro, now you can see why
we love working down here so much". The same goes for when we have our
trainees getting work in Maine. They are basically invited in and treated
well. They are not looked upon as outsiders or anything. Overall, we are
lucky to be involved with both promotions. If you can attend shows of
either promotion, I would strongly advise it. You will know you are seeing
something special going on.


Upcoming Dates to Be Damned:

Where you can Be Damned in the Upcoming Months:

Friday June 8: WWA at the Armory in Braintree, MA

Saturday June 9: WWA at the Armory in Melrose, MA

Friday June 15th: IWA at the Riverside Bene Hall in Reading, PA

Saturday June 16th: SCCW: Location TBA

Sunday June 17th: PLW at Our Lady of Fatima High, Warren, RI

Wednesday June 20th: Mad Dog's Birthday... AND
PWF at Academy Hall, Pottstown, PA
**Mad Dog vs. Trent Acid/Draven vs. Johnny Kashmere... Winners of matches
get a Tag Title Shot.**

Friday June 22nd: ICCW at the St. John's Carnival, Plainfield, CT.

Sunday June 24th: NCW returns to the American Legion in Natick, MA.

Friday June 29th: SCCW at the Fall River PAL.

Saturday June 30th: EWA at the Steven's Avenue Armory in Portland, ME.
***2 shows for EWA Fan Fest!!!***

for more info visit the following websites:

I know there are more dates and I will update them next week when I get
them all solidified!!




Orgination of Phrase: Draven

Meaning: The state of having a concussion or the act of getting a

Ex 1:

Bob hits Arlo in the head with a shovel.

"Oh man I'm Concussed!"

Use 2:

Bob hits Arlo in the head with a shovel.
Chauncy says "Bob, you just Concussed Arlo!!!"

There is your new phrase.... use it, learn it, make it known!


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Next issue... More stories from the road and info following our debuts
with the World Wrestling Alliance!

Anyhow... We'll see you in a week or so.

"Don't Diss BattleBots" - Tim Kilgore