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Friday June 8th: I got out of work and travelled to pick up Draven and
then we headed to pick up the infamous juvenile Kid Krazy. After having to
turn around because Krazy forgot the directions, we were on our way. There
was a tinge of nervousness and excitement as we would be making our debut
with the World Wrestling Alliance. After a forty-five minute trip, we
arrived at the Braintree Armory and began to meet some of the boys
involved. An old friend, Pat Piper, arrived and we caught up on the last
couple of years. Bill Alphonso, of ECW fame, works fairly regularly at the
WWA shows. We met him and he came off as a very cool guy at the initial
greeting. The other thing that was cool was the fact that Tom Brandi, who
we tagged with over a year ago, remembered us from a single shot in PA.
More of the talent arrived and we got into our gear, waiting for the
matches to be released. The sheet went up and we were scheduled to face
Dave Danger (who is about 6'4" and 270 lbs.) and the smaller Jeff Starr
(who has just come off a televised match on Jakked with Haku). Kid Krazy
was to work Shockwave (complete with Decepticon symbols on his trunks/knee
pads and Transformer music).
I was impressed by the first matches I saw on the backstage monitor.
Krazy and Shockwave tore it up out there. We were set to work just before
the main event. The match was pretty solid, with good spots. The crowd was
really behind Starr and Danger and against us. They managed to win when
Draven missed the Frogsplash and hit a Michinoku Drive/Swanton Bomb combo.
Despite the loss, I was very impressed by the talent of both our
opponents. After the match, we talked with the boys about different
things, basically shooting the shiznit.
Also on the card:

Shockwave beat Kid Krazy (From "Cocoa Beach Florida")

Aaron Stevens Beat Bruiser

The Patriot beat Timothy "The Graduate" McNeany w/ Antoine Roy

Tre "The Smooth Operating Gangsta" beat Hoss

The Sandman w/ BIll ALfonso beat "Hippie Freak" Nick Richards

I have to say I was amazed at the regulars who follow the WWA circuit.
There were a number of fans who had signs and ribs on the workers. They
are a pretty loyal following, which makes the heat even better.
Big Surprise of the night was that Draven's woman, Crystal, drove
down from Portland, ME to watch the show and hang out with us after. We
ended up eating at a Chili's with Bobby Cruise (former YPW Booker and WWA
Ring Announcer Extraordinaire). The food, as usual, was awesome, as I am a
huge fan of Chili's. After we all chowed down and told pretty bad jokes
(and Krazy got dissed by our waitress on the hug gimmick), we headed out.
Two or three steps out the front door and cruise BASHES Krazy with his
take-home bag of Bloomin Onion. The Bag exploded covering Krazy-mon with
fried onion. PHEWWWW Time to open the windows on the ride home LOL. Krazy
and I rode home in my car and Draven rode to his place with Crystal.
On the ride home Krazy and I talked about the WWA, and he was happy
to hear that our first impression of the promotion was a great one.


Saturday June 9th: I sleep WAY too Late, but hell... isn't that what
weekends are for? I head out and once again pick up Draven and Krazy and
we head to Melrose, MA. The ride up is spent listening to music mostly. We
arrive at the Armory and say our hello's to the boys already arrived. We
started gearing up and talked with Fonzie for a while about the indy scene
and his travels up from FL. (For those unaware of the career of Bill
Alphonso: he has reffed in the WWF, WCW, Japan as well as ECW and his
managerial work with Sabu, Taz, and RVD). We got changed up and saw that
tonite we'd be wrestling Jeff Starr and Shockwave. We held a decided size
and strength advantage over our smaller opponents. This armory had windows
over the gymnasium, where we could very inconspicuously watch the rest of
the show. While warming up, I watched some of the opener of Bruiser and
Hoss, who both impressed me with their agility for big men.
We got downstairs and fished warming up during a promo of Pat
Piper/Fonzie/ and Hippie Freak Nick Richards. Our music hit and we headed
to the ring to a nice ovation of boos. We take off the jackets and await
the highly popular duo we'd be facing. Draven and Shockwave started out
with the smaller Shockwave countering many of Draven's attacks. I charged
in and Shockwave leapfrogged me. I turned in time for him to grab my arm
and scale the ropes , jumping off into a wheelbarrow bulldog. Starr tagged
in and worked me over. I reversed his whip and he baseball slid under my
clothesline attempt. He then hit a 'rana, spin heel kick, and an armdrag.
At this point, I worked Starr up and shot him towards Draven who kneed
Starr in the back. Starr barely felt it and punched Draven, turning ring
into a Mafia kick by me. We bagan working over Starr hard. Starr landed on
his feet and hit me with a russian leg sweep off of my tilt-a-whirl slam
attempt.Starr tagged Shockwave who came off the top with a cross body
press. I kicked out and Shockwave tried to whip me into the ropes. I
reversed and he tried a 'rana of his own. I held him as he repeatedly
tried to punch me off balance until we both tumbled over the top to the
outside. As we got up, Draven hit his cannonball plancha eliciting "Holy
shit" chants. As we recovered, Starr did a top rope body press to the
outside on us. He and Shockwave slid back in the ring and the crowd
continued to go nuts. As I climbed on the apron, Shockwave tried to get
me, I shouldered him in the gut and gave him a neck snap over the top
rope. We started to take apart Shockwave, with me setting him up witha
high vertical suplex. Draven came off the top with his headbutt, but
missed. Starr came in a house of fire and began to take over. Starr worked
me back to the corner as Shockwave did Draven. Draven had enough presence
to reverse Shockwave's whip and sent him straight into my spear. He rolled
out and we hit Total Damnation on Starr for the pinfall victory. After the
match they came back in and superkicked us. They followed it up witha 450
splash and a Swanton Bomb to the delight of the fans. The referee still
raised our hands as we laid nearly unconscious on the mat.

Also on the card:

Bruiser beat Hoss

The Patriot beat Danger

Timothy "The Graduate" McNeany beat Aaron Stevens

Tre "The Smooth Operating Gangsta" beat Kid Krazy

The Sandman and Bill Alfonso beat "Hippie Freak" Nick Richards and Pat
"The Brat" Piper in a tag team main event

After the match I went upstairs and watched the rest of the show. Hoss and
I talked about the Damned possibly coming up to Tri-State Wrestling in VT.
We watched while The Patriot and Danger had what I thought was a VERY
entertaining match. Throughout the rest of the time upstairs, I talked
with most of the guys. Tim McNeany had some GREAT stories about WWF
Tapings and a certain Mountie-wannabe's misadventures on them LOL.
Overall the show was a great experience and we received a lot of praise
for the match. Let me add that I am a pretty big fan of Jeff Starr's work
as well now. Promoter Mike Sparta was very kind with his words after the
show and I would say it is a very good chance you will see us back in the
WWA ring.
After the show we hit "The Texas Steak House" for food with Bobby
Cruise again. This time I went light with Chili and a Bloomin Onion. The
food was okay, but we spent most of the time watching our waitress bitch
out Krazy for being a goof. The Colorado Avalanche defeated the Jersey
Devils for the Stanley Cup to HUGE ovations of the bar crowd. (Were we in
Boston or Denver???) Ray Borque finally wins a Stanley Cup after 22
years. As we were leaving, my Blooming Onion leftovers misteriously
disappeared and reappeared in the hands of Bobby Cruise and BAMMMMM. Krazy
once again smelled of Onions.
On the way home we dropped off Draven, as Crystal ONCE AGAIN was in
the area and decided to hang here for the weekend. I dropped off Krazy and
had QUITE the problem... Chili plus Bloomin Onion equals gastric
distress. I needed a bathroom and BAD. I'm flying home, feeling like I
will be fine, when i hit a TRAFFIC JAM??!?!?!? WTF: it is too late for
traffic, but some person totalled themselves and their car on the Jersey
barriers. Bad Scene. Speaking of bad scenes, I finally pull into my
driveway and waddle/ran to the house (ask Draven to do the imitation) and
finally.... AHHHHHH! LOL... That was followed up with another night of
long sleep, good stuff that sleep is... Note to self: Try and get more of


Guest Commentary:

(The Following is reprinted from with permission from the
Author "Big 80's" Donnie B. This is a must read for any worker or fan. To
you all, please feel free to pass this along to everyone you know in the

Enough is enough. It's that simple. I am going to write something here and
I would like everyone that reads it to pass it along to someone and let
them read it as well.

First off, THE VERY BEST of wishes to a very good friend and even better
human being and the man this column is about, Ric Blade. For those of you
who don't know, Blade was hurt badly Friday night at a CZW show in New
Jersey and is going to miss a considerable amount of time. While
attempting a swanton bomb from a balcony, he damaged his leg and has just
had surgery to place a steel rod in there to repair it. I love Blade, I
really do. He and Shorti (his wife) are two of the nicest people I have
meet in the last few years and have become good friends so when I heard of
this injury sat night (I was in Pittsburgh for two days and got a message
sat night) I felt horrible for them. Ric is a strong guy and I have no
doubts that he will be back on his feet in the near future. A lot of
people have been asking me today "why did he get hurt?", "what happened?",
"whose fault is it?" I am going to do the best I can to try to explain the
reason Ric got hurt and to be brutally honest in the mean time. Lets go.

Blade got hurt because the bomb finally exploded. Period. Let me tell you
what I mean. Since the day wrestling has become unregulated in New Jersey
I knew very soon that someone would become injured. I had a few ideas
where it would happen, how it would happen, and who would be the victim
and honestly Ric was one of the candidates. Ric's a high risk guy and very
similar to guys before him like Reckless Youth, Devon Storm and even Nova.
Difference is Blade never got scared enough to say to himself "Whoa man I
better slow down". Plus there was no one there to POLICE him at these
shows where he was jumping off skylights, balconies, etc., (truth be told
there are a lot of people doing this and it could have easily been them as
well). By police I mean someone to say "i don't think that's such a good
idea bro, don't do it." Some of these companies today are being run by
people who just don't see the fuse running short and the explosion coming.
Ric was wrestling on a CZW show. Before the CZW faithful start waving the
"oh don't blame the company, it was an accident" flag I must say I don't
hate CZW. I really don't. I don't hate John Zandig. I really don't. John
used to work for NWA jersey and I liked the guy, he was pretty cool. I do,
however, disagree with what they call wrestling in some cases. Weed
whackers, candle wax, light bulbs, barbwire, etc., are just not my cup of
tea. Yeah I know some people like it but I don't.

I kept hearing about the craziness of these companies doing all this
"stuff" and I knew it was a matter of time before someone was hurt badly.
I am completely amazed that more have not been hurt. Someone (and that
someone is JOHN ZANDIG when it takes place in CZW, and whoever the booker
is when it takes place somewhere else.) must step up and start telling
these guys "NO". He has to start finding different ways to get people to
the shows rather than by offering them human bloodletting and "ultra
violence". Again, I know someone right now is saying "what the hell does
he know?" (Keep reading, I give my reason why I can speak about this at
the end. Trust me I know what injuries at shows are like.) Too many kids
are jumping off crap and hurting themselves in pursuit of hardcore and
trying to be the next EC DUB. People, and here is the big shocker, ECW is
GONE. Forever. It's not coming back. It can't be repeated. Don't try it.
It can't be done. Get it? I think I know a little something about ECW
folks so when I say it's over, I mean it's over.

CZW is trying to become the NEW ECW. Its no secret. They do hardcore. They
have their old TV slot. They have RF video with them, etc. Guys, let it
go. Be the first CZW, not the next ECW. ECW was something that can't be
repeated. I could go on and on for hours on what made them special and
what helped create them but now is not the time. It is time, however, for
those in power to start taking charge and telling the boys what to do and
what not to do. Just because someone "has done the move on a lot of other
show and never got hurt" doesn't mean crap. That "hardcore" stuff is
Russian roulette. Friday night June 8 Blade found that the chamber wasn't
empty when he pulled the trigger. If something isn't done soon there gonna
need some more hospital space cause there's gonna be a lot more Ric

Now that I have written this let me explain why I can write about this and
absolutely know that what I have said is 100% correct and beyond reproach.
Why can I say that JOHN ZANDIG is responsible for Blade's accident? Why
can I say that any BOOKER or OWNER is responsible when an injury (that
SHOULD have been prevented before it happened) occurs? It's the same
reason that has kept me awake more nights that you could possible know.
The answer is Lupas.

Yeah that's right remember him. Lupas was a wrestler (and very good friend
to this day) who had his career cut short due to a horrible injury he
suffered in a ladder match in November of '98 in Vineland, NJ. That night
he was in a match that he shouldn't have been in and was going to do this
on the ladder he should have never done. That night he fell of the ladder
from 12 feet in the air and landed head first and lay motionless for a
while. He then had to be Medivacced to the hospital by EMTs. Truth be
told, he should have died that night. Thank God he didn't. The booker of
that show should have known that Lupas should not have been on that
ladder. That moron should have known that he could get hurt. Instead all
he thought of was the match. This goof even went as far as to tell Lupas
that "maybe he shouldn't do the jump from the ladder, you might get hurt"
but didn't really enforce if before the match. He didn't take the time to
make sure that what the guys were doing was safe. The BIGTIME BOOKER just
sat motionless and watched as Lupas was carried away and could do nothing
about it but could have before had. I will never forget the look on his
face when Lupas was falling off the ladder and hit head first. Never. All
he had to do is say NO or DONT DO IT and maybe Lupas would still be in the
ring. (I give him some credit though at least the guy did stay in the
hospital for two days with Lupas while he was watched over). It could have
been prevented. What a shame.

Fans the final say on all shows is in the hands of the booker. That's what
he is there for. On that night the good old booker dropped the ball and
Lupas paid the price. I still see this booker from time to time and have
never really looked at him the same way and I am sure he has had as many
sleepless nights about Lupas's injuries as I have seeing it live myself.
It was horrible. Much like Ric Blade's injury. All the Zandigs and guys
like him have to do is say STOP. That's the key. It's time for this
CRAZINESS to stop. Time to stop all the jumps off the balconies, weed
whackers, light bulbs, swanton bombs from rooftops,etc before we have more
Ric Blades. By the way the booker I was talking about in the Lupas story
was Donnie B.

I urge everyone to stop the insanity now before its too late. Please.

Ric and Shorti- be safe and strong and everything will be okay. God Bless
and see you soon.

(Editor's note: anyone wishing to contact Ric with best wishes may do so
at the following:

Ric Blade & Shorti
c/o CZW Weekly
339 Fry Avenue
Robesonia, PA 19551 )


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