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Results (major updates)
Upcoming Dates
New Segments
Cheap and Shameless Plugs and more.

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This issue is dedicated to the following people who have passed in the
last two weeks.

David Aubin (see below)

Carrol O'Connor: " On June 21, 2001, actor, father, activist and native
New Yorker Carroll O'Connor died of a heart attack at the age of 76. Best
known for his portrayal of the bigoted, irascible Archie Bunker, O'Connor
leaves behind an impressive body of work, both professional and
O'Connor began his acting career abroad, performing in stage plays in
Ireland, England, and France before returning to the United States for his
Broadway debut in 1958. His film work encompassed such classics as Lonely
Are the Brave (1962), Cleopatra (1963), In Harm's Way (1965), Death of a
Gunfighter (1969), What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? (1966), and Kelly's
Heroes (1970).

Although he was passed over for the role of the Skipper in Gilligan's
Island, O'Connor found television fame shortly thereafter as America's
favorite bigot, Archie Bunker, in Norman Lear's ground breaking All in the
Family. His role on All in the Family earned him four Emmy Awards and
seven TV Guide covers in eight years. He continued playing Archie in the
spin-off series Archie Bunker's Place for four additional years. In the
late 1980s, O'Connor garnered further acclaim (and earned another Emmy
Award) for his self-produced series, In the Heat of the Night.

In addition to his professional life, O'Connor and his wife, Nancy,
supported the University of Montana (his alma mater) with a
one-million-dollar grant. In 1995, after his son Hugh's tragic
drug-related suicide, O'Connor became an outspoken advocate of tough drug
laws. He is considered instrumental in the passage of California's Drug
Dealers Civil Liability Act. Late in his life, O'Connor donated his time
to several Public Service Announcements warning of the dangers of drug
abuse. "


John Lee Hooker: Legendary bluesman John Lee Hooker died in his sleep at
his home near San Francisco on June 21st; he was eighty-three.
Born in Clarksdale, Miss., on August 23, 1917, Hooker was one of eleven
children. He began performing in his early teens developing a distinctive
one-chord rhythmic style of blues that relied on mood over flashy fret
work, a sound he paired with his inimitable vocal growl, stripping the
music to its bare essentials.

After trying to make a go of it as a musician in Memphis and Cincinnati,
Hooker relocated to Detroit in the early Forties. Soon after, he scored
his first hit in 1948 with "Boogie Chillun," followed by a string of
popular sides, which have become his most enduring classics, including
"Crawling King Snake."

Hooker recorded prolifically for numerous labels, under numerous different
names. Though the rise of rock & roll created a drought for his hits, the
genre was full of young upstarts who cited Hooker as an influence,
including the Animals who covered the Hook's "Boom Boom." In 1970, Canned
Heat took their homage a step further, recording an entire album, Hooker
'n' Heat, with the bluesman.

Hooker continued to perform and record through the Seventies and Eighties,
though 1989 marked a turning point. The Healer was Santana's Supernatural
ten years ahead of its time. With a guest list that included Los Lobos,
George Thorogood, Bonnie Raitt and Carlos Santana, Hooker's public profile
raised again, and his collaboration with Raitt on "In the Mood" earned him
his first Grammy award. It would be the first of four Grammys that Hooker
would win over the next decade, marking a period of increased productivity
for Hooker that included another star-studded album with 1991's Mr. Lucky,
which featured songs with Keith Richards and Van Morrison.

Morrison produced Hooker's last great album, 1997's Don't Look Back, which
included a mix of tracks old and new. But with Hooker's Nineties
rejuvenation came waves of recognition and reissues of his older work,
ensuring the legacy of his utterly singular brand of blues.

"There are no superlatives to describe the profound impact John Lee left
in our hearts," Carlos Santana said. "All of us feel enormous gratitude,
respect, admiration and love for his spirit. When I was a child, he was
the first circus I wanted to run away with."

ANDREW DANSBY- Rolling Stone Magazine


Friday June 15th:

I head out early, with the assistance of Adrienne, and get our Rental
Buick Century (which is way comfy for riding in). I head out and pick up
Kid Krazy and Draven and we are well on our way. The ride is rather low on
events. We make excellent time, without traffic, and are in New York in
just about 2 hours. We pick up the Brooklyn Bomber Tony Montana. From
there we head out to Reading, PA's Riverside Bene Hall. The Century gets
great milege with the A/C on. We basically ride the whole way in frigid
air. We arrive right around 5 PM to the hall. Krazy checks out the ring
and we say our greetings to those already at the show.
We settle in and the fun begins. Montana, from well before the TAZZ
gimmick ran its WWF course, has a tribal tattoo with a 13 in it. We
couldn't resist a Tazz rib or two... or thirty. Soon, the whole locker
room is in on the joke. Tony looks as if he is getting a little heated...
but he is good for jokes. We find out we are working Montana and Bart
School, a near-400 pound Hillbilly. The IWA tag titles could possibly be
in jeopardy? We gear up as one of CAMP IWF slides in quietly with a VERY
suspicios grin on his face. We watch as he casually drops a LARGE dildo in
the boot of Hadrian (formerly of the Matrix) and the Philidelphia Gay News
in the bag of RF Maldonado. He gives us a thumbs up and takes off.
We introduce Krazy to a many of the members of the locker room. He
came into the show hearing a lot of good things about a bunch of the
talent, and was looking forward to experiencing it live. Krazy was
expecting a crusierweight opponent. Instead... his name was called at
ringside??? He looked at the monitor and refused to go out. I looked at
the monitor. New IWA Commish Evan Leppy had signed Krazy to face
PsychoBitch!!! Security guards physically came in and pulled Krazy out and
threw him in the ring. With close to a 100 pound weight advantage on
Crazy, Psychobitch began to take the Kid apart. He got in a few good
shots, but fell to the insane woman PMSing 24-7.
Right about now, Hadrian is getting dressed for his main event match
and reaches into his boots. The laughs filled the dressing room, as
Hadrian looked to Kevin Knight for blame. We completely denied
involvement... but damn that WAS funny stuff. Speaking of funny stuff,
never in a locker room have I heard more people use the phrase "Poke em in
the butt" at one time.
In our match, we prepared a little treat for the boys in the back...
and a little something to throw our opponents off guard. We stowed a towel
in my jacket and when Bomber got in the ring, he turned to play the crowd.
When he turned back to face us, I had the towel over my head and my arms
crossed ala ECW Taz. With that (and a hug laugh heard from backstage), the
match was on. I tried to use my size to take down Bart, but finally a
miscue led to Montana in the ring with us. We worked him over for a while
with kicks, stomps and punches. Tony fought back using the
Tazzmission?!?!?!? Thank god the ring didn't break when Draven Bam bam
Bigelowed his way out. We baited Bart away from their corner just as
Montana was going for tags. Finally our opponents made the tag and Bart
came in a country house of fire. He knocked us both down a few times with
punches and elbows. The big man hit me with a running posterior splash and
went for one on Draven. Draven pulled Montana in the way instead. As Bart
worried about his partner, we tried to double team him. We were cut off,
but Montana fed up with getting hit and not having someone to tag in
clotheslined Bart from behind. Bart basically didn't feel the shot and
levelled Montana. That left him easy prey for a splash/leg drop combo and
the pin. Once again... we walked away IWA tag champs.

Also on the card:

Commissioner Leppy's next item of business was to strip Oxx Hogg of the
Triple Threat Title due to the fact of his no showing. Tommy Golden was
declared the new champion since he defeated Josh Daniels and Kid Extreme
in a triple threat match.

Ltheavywt Champ Bax beat Vince Bono.

The Hooch Hollar Boys defeated Beauty and the Beast with by DQ.

"The Celebrity" Chris Krueger defeated Mavrick.

J.D. Powers defeated "Debonair" Damian Adams.

The main event was an eight person elimination tag match. The winner was
to be declared the new IWA Heavyweight Champion. Biggie Biggs won the
match, his team consisted of Roman, Rapid Fire Maldanado & Allison Danger
they defeated Dylan Night, Kevin Knight, Hadrian & Candi. Biggie Biggs is
the new IWA Hwt. Champion.

After the match, we made sure that Dylan, Kevin, Hadrian, and Candi were
all okay. Then, regardless of different philosophies, congratulated Biggie
Biggs on his win. After the show, we headed out with Bax, Allison Danger,
Dylan Night, Candi, and a few others to the King Of Prussia Hooters. We
made sure Candi and Allison were kept a good distance apart. We leave the
cat fights to the waitresses at Hooters (yeah we wish!). Anyhow, as usual
the food was great. The 76's lost game 5 and lost the NBA championship. We
were in PA watching the Lakers win. Weird. Somehow the waitresses got
word that juvenile Krazy had turned 18 on that very day (WHAT A LOAD OF
HORSE POOP). They pulled him up on a chair and one even called him her
boyfriend hugging and kissing him. Watching Kid Krazy work the Damian
Houston Dancing Gimmick was KILLA DILLA (in his own words). I wish I had a
video camera.
The ride home was rather quiet. I actually slept the whole way from
NJ to RI: WHOO HOO! (which means less writing for me). Special Thansk to
Draven for being the driving work horse on the way home... you rule man!


June 17th: PLW EVENT CANCELLED. I received a phone call from Tommy D of
Power League to give me some sad news. David Aubin, the young boy we were
doing the charity show for, had passed away on the 16th. David Aubin was
suffering a rare form of brain cancer. Our best wishes and condolences go
out to his family and friends... A memorial event/tribute show is in the
works for the future.


Wednesday June 20th:

Happy Birthday to me!!! Special thanks to Phillip Laine for the card...
birthday greetings from fans are cool beans. Also more special thanks to
everyone who called my cell phone with birthday wishes, etc. ANYHOO...
Adrienne and I head out and pick up Draven and then head to get Gino
Giovanni. We go to get the rental, which I assume is going to be another
Buick Century. NOPE... We get a macking Pontiac Aztec. Let me tell you.
This truck may look like a LeMans on steroids, but it legitimately turns
heads. On a few occasions people wanted to know how it handled and stuff
like that.

Damned Road & Driver Report: Pontiac Aztec: Handles Great, doesn't suck
gas badly. Fun to drive. There ya go!!!

We once again make very good time getting to PA, this time to Pottstown
for the Pennsylvania Wrestling Federation's latest show. On our drive, we
get calls from YPW's Andy Jaxx and Curt Daniels who were travelling down
to watch the show and stuff. We arrive and say our normal hiyas and stuff.
We stand around and BS with Guillotine LaGrande for a while and then Steve
Corino arrives. Being the asskissers we are we help carry ice to the
kitchen. (In 90 degree weather... carrying bags of ice is awesome... so
technically it LOOKED like asskissing, but was completely not). We then
go shopping with LaGrande for a little planned heel attack. We buy
PIE-GOOODS so he can combat a clown at his own game. We arrive back and
the Prince of Old School is simply kicking butt on the SATs and Minoru
Fujita. Keep Colby kicking their butts... will loosen them up for our next
shot at the tag titles. Finally "Mr. I gotta play fair" referee Mike
Kehner threatened Lil Corino with a suspension and fine (or something like
that) and Colby stopped his assault. He did get up enough spirits to say
hello to Chris Venom on the Matt-phone. Just before the show started,
Adrienne finally got to formally meet our former partners in crime PWF
Heavyweight Champ Dylan Night and Candi.
While the fans were filing in, Adrienne and Fragg-Master Spence
volunteered in the kitchen area. They were having problems with the tap on
the beer keg... who ya gonna call??? Ghostbust... Screw That. They called
the 5 Time ECW Heavyweight Champion... The Hard-core Icon... The Sandman
(Funny.. he fixed it easily). He helped the stand get up and running and
the show was on!
The backstage area was SWELTERING. Thank God for Jack victory's
generosity with his Ice Cold brews! Anyhow we made due in the heat. The
show began on time. We were scheduled in a very different style of
matched. We would face the members of the Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid and
Johnny Kashmere with "Big 80's" Donnie B.) in singles matches back to
back. The winners of the matches would get a tag title shot at the next
PWF show. I drew Trent Acid's name and Draven got Kashmere. Trent and I
have both come eons from the first time we ever faced in JAPW. Trent knew
he was outpowered in the opener as I threw him around like a rag doll. He
then utilized a great hit and run strategy. He nailed me with a moonsault
press, a dropkick to my knee, an oklahoma roll, a spinning leapfrog pin
attempt and a spinning head scissors spilling me out of the ring. I
avoided his baseball slide dropkick and tried to clothesline Trent. He
ducked and knocked Draven senceless. As I turned, Trent hit a 'rana off
the apron on me. I got back in the ring and due to attempts of
interference Kashmere and Draven were sent to the back for the rest of the
match. I nailed Trent off the apron and then gorilla-press slammed him
face first on a metal chair. I battered Acid for a while, until I missed a
Frogsplash. Trent came back with a missle dropkick and a high cross body
press which I caught. I hit a fall-a-way slam and snuck out for a chair.
As I went to hit Trent he rolled away and I made chase. He managed to duck
a baseball swing and came back hitting a Yakuza kick nailing the chair
into my face. I fell and he placed the chair on my face. Acid proceeded to
then hit a twisting forward somersault leg drop on the chair. I was out
cold. Next thing I know, Mike Kehner is raising my hand. Draven had hit
the headbutt while Donnie B and Kehner argued. I was rolled onto Trent for
the win on part one of the match. Kashmere ran out and hit me with a
flurry of spinning head scissors. I spilled out of the ring and he threw
Draven out after us. Kashmere went to the top for a tumbleweed senton on
Draven and I. As he threw Draven back in the ring, I hooked Johnny's foot.
Draven took over and battered Kashmere. Draven then used Johnny's momentum
and threw him over the top to the outside. I gave Draven a chair and he
then hit a triple jump cannonball senton on Kashmere and I. The crowd
started the "Holy Sh*T" chants. Then went back inside and wrestled more.
Mike Kehner was knocked out. Kashmere hit his finisher, the
Cradlebreaker.. so I hopped in to attack and break up the pin. Donnie B.
and Trent acid ran back out and hit me with a double clothesline and then
the Backseat Boyz hit me with their patented TRIPLE Superkick to the great
delight of their faithful fans. I was out cold again. Then hit a triple
Powerbomb on Draven and Kehner came to just in time to see Johnny pinning
Draven. Then it dawned on every single one of us. July 11, Johnny Kashmere
and I must form a Tag Team against The SATs for the PWF tag team titles.
This is pure insanity. AND ON MY BIRTHDAY NO LESS!!!

Also on the show:

Brian XL pinned Z Bar in a very good opener.

Danny Rose & Adam Flash defeated Oxx Hogg & James Proper

Tony Balboa beat Maverick

Guillotine LeGrande defended the PWF TV title by beating Slambo The Clown
with a pie to the face

PWF Tag team champions The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) beat Gino Giavanni &
JD Powers w/Fun Athletic Guy

PWF Junior heavyweight champion Red beat Nicky Benz & Billy Bax in a three
way match. Red pinned both Benz & Bax at the same time.

NWA World champion Steve Corino beat Minoru Fujita. Excellent Techinical
match. Fujuita was booed in the beginning and the audience showed their
appreciation for both wrestlers after the match.

Rapid Fire Maldanado w/Allison Danger beat Jack Victory w/Lou E.
Dangerously in a Xtreme Bullrope Match. Very good brawl.

PWF Heavyweight champion Dylan Night w/Candi beat The Sandman 2 falls to
none to defend the title. Afterward The Sandman canned Night repeated
times and went home with the PWF championship

Overall a great card. I walked out to find out that Damian Houston, Derik
Destiny, and Johnny Armadillo had all travelled down to see the show as
well. Most excellent way to have a birthday. You wrestle in Pennsylvania
and friends from ME, RI, and NY travel to see you. After the show, we
helped Corino clean up a bit and stuff. I use that time to talk about OLD
SCHOOL stuff with Corino. I find that he and I share a great deal of
influences in the biz and because of his own experiences and because he
knows Dusty Rhodes... he has awesome stories to tell. The mark in me
forced me to peruse RF Video's stand. Rob hooked me up with the Best of
the Freebirds and Best of the Funks. Happy Birthday to ME!!

We left for food with Fraggle, Houston, Destiny, Armadillo, Giovanni,
Draven, Allison Danger, her friend LeeAnn, and myself. We hit the Diner in
Limerick complete with Bitchy waitress.. and I believe as we left.. Gino
made sure they are down ANOTHER wait to be seated sign!!! DOH!!!

I was able to sleep the whole way from New Jersey to home AGAIN. Most
excellent due to the fantabulous driving of my beautiful fiancee Adrienne.


Friday June 22:

I get out of work and pick up Draven. Kid Krazy is steathfully hiding
there as well hoping for a ride. We gladly oblige and head to the
Plainfield Dog Track for the St. John's Carnival. Independent Conneticut
Championship Wrestling brought a 9 match card for the fans in attendance.
We were expecting to face the Showtime Posse members Craig Steele and
"Prime Time" Randy J... instead we got Lionel and Kid Krazy. This would be
our first time facing Lionel... but this youngster impressed us. Overall
the match went great, with Draven debuting a double springboard moonsault.
We ended up winning with Total Damnation on Krazy.

Also on the show:

Moco beat Mike Phoenix

Don Juan Desnato pinned Dr. Heresy

Duff pinned Tim Kilgore

Tag Champions Carnage, Inc. beat Craig Steele and Randy J... Steele turned
on Randy J causing the loss.

Beast pinned Richard Pacifico

Onyx defeated former partner Cinna

CT Champion Tripleicious beat "Heartbreaker 2001" Ruy Batello

Heavyweight Champion Chris Venom defeated KL Murphy to retain his title.
(we did Commentary!!)

Overall the crowd could have been better. I heard during one match that a
guy was talking on a PA saying negative things about the wrestling (ie it
was fake, etc.). Draven and I found him and gave him a very professional
earful. Basically he blamed some kid instead. Either way, I think the way
we handled it HELPED our cause. After the show, We hung with JC Marxx,
MTE, Beast and the Damned Training Camp guys. It was a fun night. One of
the Carnival Barkers spoke some mega-good Carnie! Overall we headed out
after, with Draven winning a bunch of posters and me a cool stuffed
lobster... hey I like him!!!


June 24th: NCW Show Cancelled. Due to last minute ring problems the show
had to be postponed until July. Instead many of the NCW boys and I went to
get dinner and then to MTE's house for the PPV. Yes.. Wacky AND Zany are
accurate ways to describe MTE. Nothing compared to the dog chasing Richard
Pacifico and his large buttocks. Funnnnnyyyy!!!



Once again, I will spend this time to put over a few things i am working
on. First... MAJOR PROPS go to Ruy and Trip for what i saw of their ICCW
match. Ruy Batello has come a LONG way from when i first saw him. No one
can understand the work ethic this kid has until you see how hard he
pushes himself at practice. This match had some excellent work in it and I
was really proud of both. Trip has taken our challenges seriously and
stepped up his efforts. It showed on Friday. Also Venom put together
another great match. This time he faced KL Murphy. Murphy really took his
opportunity to work a main event and shined. These guys put together a
great and entertaining match. I just wanted to commend all these guys.
Also, Pacifico gets a pat on the back for his hard-core work ethic. He
hurt his back midway through his match with Beast and still finished up
strong. These guys continue to do us proud. This young crop of workers
will eventually get great reps for their entertaining work and matches.

Now something totally important to me... and it should be to you too. I
try and give those guys credit and press because they are not totally at
the stage where something like, say, a magazine may. On the complete
otherhand, there are a few EXTREMELY hard-working women in this business
who recently received an unfair snubbing.

Candi (who manages PWF Champion "High Profile" Dylan Night and had led him
to victories over Steve Corino, Reckless Youth, Blue Meanie, The Sandman
and next month in action against Lance Storm)


Allison Danger (manages Rapid Fire Maldonado in PWF/IWA. She has led him
to a Bullrope match win over Jack Victory, as well as teaming with RF to
win the IWF tag titles).

Recently, Pro Wrestling Illustrated put out a Top 100 Women in Wrestling
issue. Girls involved in backyard wrestling were given nods. Both of these
beautiful and talented women were omitted. Whether this be by oversight,
or on purpose, should not be allowed to happen.

for a pic of these two ladies:
I ask that each and everyone of you cut and paste the following (or write
your own... remember to be polite... that will make us be taken seriously)
and send it to both: (Attn: Stu Saks)

and (Attn: Brandi Mankiewicz)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have found that recently you have printed a "Top 100 Women in Wrestling"
issue. I believe there was a great oversight in the omission of both
Allison Danger and Candi of the Pennsylvania Wrestling Federation. These
ladies are two of the most exciting and hard-working female
wrestler/managers on the circuit today. I would hope that you would ammend
your Top 100 and add both of these ladies to the list.

Thank You for your Time,

(sign your name here)

Okay... that is all for this issue's commentary


Upcoming Dates:

Saturday June 30th: EWA at the Steven's Avenue Armory in Portland, ME.
***2 shows for EWA Fan Fest!!!***

Wednesday July 11: PWF At the Academy Hall in Pottstown, PA.
***Johnny Kashmere & Mad Dog face the SAT for the PWF Tag straps***
for more info visit the following websites:

Saturday July 21: Location TBA Haverill, MA

I know there are more dates and I will update them next week when I get
them all solidified!
**** NEW SEGMENT *****


Russian Invader


3/4 oz Irish Cream
3/4 oz Brandy 1 oz Amaretto
2 oz Light Cream
1 cup ice

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

(We do not condone underage drinking and/or alcohol addiction)



Orgination of Phrase: Orlando Jones (The Make 7 Up Yours guy) in

Meaning: An exclamation... much like "holy cow" or "Oh My God"

Ex : Tajiri kicks Steve Corino right in the face... Joey Styles exclaims

(see... if fits nicely instead of "Oh My God!")

There is your new phrase.... use it, learn it, make it known!

****Special mad cool props to Ms. Allison Danger for her accurate and
repeated use of the word "Clitorrific" over the last weeks. Way to go
girl. It is people like you who make us stand up and yell "GREAT GOOOGA
MOOOGA!!!!" ****


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Next issue... Update after the Eastern Wrestling Alliance Fan Festival

See yah folks!

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