Date: Aug 20 2000 15:31:05 EDT
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Welcome and a Little News

Hello and welcome to our first issue of the DAMNED Newsletter.


8/12/00 The Damned win the Eastern Wrestling Alliance Tag Team Titles by
default when the former champs do not show for the defense. The Damned
Manager and Hard-core Institute Founder Dr. Everette Payne DID however
sign a match with two up and coming foreign wrestlers. The team of
Kamikazi and the Japanese Sun Dragon, managed by Josh Shea, were given the
first shot at the titles. They gave the Damned a great match, but the 1500
fans onhand at the Skohegan Fair saw Sun Dragon powerbombed by Mad Dog
followed by a Draven Frog Splash for the win.

Earlier in the night, Hard-core Institute's Student of the Month, and Dr.
Payne's star pupil, "Mr. Muscles" Frankie Armadillo, defeated "Extreme"
Adam Hastey to claim the EWA Hard-core title. He overcame OBVIOUSLY biased
officiating by Larry Huntly and pinned Hastey for the gold. Congrats go
out to Frankie!

8/19/00 The Damned defeated EWA's top contenders Steve Ramsey & Damian
Houston in a great match. The finish came when despite hitting a definite
finishing top-rope splash, Houston started dancing. Ramsey was laid out
after getting thrown into apole by Mad Dog. Mad Dog grabbed Houston and
Draven recovered to hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for the win.

Earlier in the night, Larry Huntley ONCE AGAIN, interfered in a Frankie
Armadillo match. This time, earning Kildevil a non-title win and a tag
title shot later in the evening. Despite the HCI's objctions,
commissioner Brian Black forced the Damned to honor the stipulation on the
earlier Kildevil/Armadillo match.

In the later show, Kildevil & Larry Huntley defeated the Damned by DQ,
when Kildevil turned on Huntley and the Damned knocked Larry out with the
EWA Hard-core Title Belt. More Importantly; It looks like Kildevil may
have JOINED the Hard-Core Institute. Mad Dog had this to say on the
subject. "The Kid {Kildevil} is nuts. after our battles with him in the
past, he'd get his ass kicked. In the locker rooms he'd be thanking us for
the pain we inflicted and stuff like that. He ain't all there... but hell,
are any of us???"


EWA returns to Gorham, September 22nd. check out for
details. There you will see The Hard-core Institute; The Damned, Frankie
Armadillo, Kildevil, Dr. Payne, and all of the EWA stars.

See the Damned at the following places:

August 23rd; ACW, The Rod & Gun Club, Adamstown, PA

August 26th; ICCW, Wareugan VFW Hall, Plainfield, CT (afternoon show)
August 26th; SCCW, Fisherman's Club, New Bedford, MA (evening show)

September 9th; YPW, PAL Hall, Fall River, MA
September 15th; UWF, Garfield, NJ
September 17th; Chaotic Wrestling, WAAF's LOCOBAZOOKA, MA
September 22nd; EWA, Narraganset School, Gorham, ME
September 27th; ACW, location TBA, Adamstown, PA
September 29th; IWA, Beneficiary Hall in Reading, Reading PA
September 30th; IWA, Pat Garrett Amphitheater, Reading, PA
October 1st; IWA, Beneficiary Hall, Reading PA

check our links pages for all those promotions' websites for more info.

ON THAT, check the message board later in the week for an overdue "Mad
Dog's Road Journal".

Have a great week