Date: Aug 24 2000 10:32:20 EDT
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Mad Dog's newest Entry...

Well, the following will not only be a "Mad Dog's Road Journal", but also
a little recap of the last few weeks as well.

What you may have missed:

August 11th: Ledyard, CT; We won the Eastern Wrestling Alliance Tag Team
Titles from Revelations. This makes us the NWF, PLW, and now EWA Tag

August 12th: Skowhegan, ME: IN front of 1000+ fans, we successfully
defend the EWA tag titles versus "Iron Chef" Josh Shea's newest charges
The Sun Dragon & Kamikaze.

August 19th: Gorham, ME: Early in the night, Larry Huntley interferes in
a non-title match between Hard-core Champ Frankie Armadillo and Kildevil.
If Kildevil pinned Armadillo, he and a partner would receive a tag title
shot against us. Huntley hit Frankie with a chair and Kildevil got the
pin. So it seemed, Huntley and Kildevil would get a tag title shot later
in the night.

We successfully defend the titles against #1 contenders, Steve Ramsey &
Damian Houston. Great match, where I think we have proved that we can be
the dominant team in EWA.

In the later defense against Huntley & Kildevil, we had total command on
Huntley. He managed to make a tag, expecting Kildevil to come in as a
"house of fire". Instead, Kildevil showed his true loyalties and attacked
Huntley. We were dq'd for hitting Huntley with Armadillo's Hard-core
Belt... but WHO CARES. COngrats and Welcome to Kildevil... a man who knows
how to step up to a higher level of conciousness with the pain he feels
and inflicts. Props also go out to Frankie for winning the Battle Royal
later in the night!

NOW ON TO THE PRESENT... aka The Road Journal....

My doorbell rings at 9:20AM... EWA Senior Official Mike Dutch (formerly
Mike Mayhem) is EARLY... Before I have a heart attack, I let him in and
we get my stuff packed in his car. We head over and pick up Draven. After
a five hour ride filled with punch buggy, PT Cruisers, Cadilac-Whack, and
UPS beatings, we arrive at a little Rod & Gun club in Adamstown, PA for
Atomic Championship Wrestling's debut show. There is NO WAY a ring will
fit IN there. We were right... It was held in an outdoor Barn/Awning kinda
thing. After settling in and talking a bit with R.F. Maldonado, we
decided to find out what the card was.

We would be teaming with The Patriot (as babyfaces!) against ECW'S DeVito
(of the Baldies), Jimmy Deo, and Tatum Hammer. So as we are chilling with
the Patriot, a HUGE man walks in... none other than former WCW employee
VAN HAMMER (Major Stash). We shot the shit with him, he seemed pretty
cool. Big fan of Providence, RI (was way over on it when he found that is
where we are from). We talked with him during the intermission as well.
Very nice guy. Very cool, thanking the people for coming to the show...

Backstage fun... Teaching JD Powers the many evil tactics of waterbottle
warfare. Soaking "Wife Beater" so bad that he needed to change his pants
(actually we were diversionary for Powers to soak him). Allison Corino
helps me look my best with some make-up tips and a little cover-up (how
super-star glam am I? Steve Corino's sister doing make-up for me... I
MUST be a name NOW). Shooting the shit with the boys.

Props to Mike Dutch for doing a great job reffing the match between R.F
Maldonado and ECW's NOVA.

Now for the fun... Intermission. We are out, as I said, socializing with
The Patriot, Van Hammer, and the fans. We get the call to head back to the
locker-less room (actually a tarped off area).
Just after Intermission, Van Hammer is cutting a promo and the team of
DeVito/Deo/Tatum Hammer come out and attack him... The Patriot tells us to
hang back and makes the save.

We start planning match strategies with the Patriot when we hear a CRASH
and a HUGH pop from the crowd... He looks at us completely serious and
says "there goes the ring". We look out and sure enough... someone had
gotten suplexed DIRECTLY THROUGH THE RING! This was NOT a gimmicked spot
or anything. We are talking it looking exactly like the ECW "through the
ring" spots with Taz and Bigelow.

Suddenly the promoter yells "We need a fifteen minute intermission to fix
the ring". A half hour later, the ring is repaired and it is time to
start the show again. Mike Dutch does a great job in the Nova/Maldonado
match. The Next match goes out and once again... we hear a HUGE crash and
the crowd goes APESHIT.... the ring has collapsed... there IS NO FIXING
IT. What to do? The Patriot tells the promoter... "We have a score to
settle with those guys from earlier. We'll fight them ANYWHERE in the
building." So we head out and it is a street fight. Fans MIGHT have
thought that Devito had the advantage here... but most New England fans
know that the DAMNED excell in this as well. We brawled around the ring
area... with This "Hot Dog" even getting covered in mustard when Jimmy Deo
got me in the concession stand. I could play a similar game and used black
pepper to my advantage, blinding Tatum and then I worked him over.
Somewhere in the brawl... maybe I lost it when Devito nailed me repeatedly
over the head with a trash can... Draven pinned Jimmy Deo in the half oof
the ring NOT collapsed... but then Deo pinned Draven after. I think the
match was ruled a no-contest... but it was INSANE!

Anyhow.. It was a good match and the fans enjoyed it. The Patriot thanked
us for our help and agreed that he'd hook up with us in the near future.

Now to KILL Kayfabe... We ended up going to eat at a restaurant with
Devito & Millenium Wrestling's Texas Mad Man Mac. Poor Mike Dutch...
That's all I'm saying... But Devito is cool as hell and was just fucking
great to hang with.

ANYHOW... Time to go... a few parting thoughts

ICCW and SCCW tag team titles... can they be far from ours???

Allison Corino needs to manage the Damned... Plain and simple!

See you next time!

=>Mad Dog