Date: Sep 04 2000 12:54:32 EDT
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: Whoo Hot 20 and dates


Happy Labor Day. Hope you all have the day off and are enjoying it.

I was away this weekend, but called to talk with Draven to touch base on
the events of the weekend.

First up, The Damned are in this month's Whoo Hot 20. For those not
aware, (a very popular wrestling internet site)
takes the 20 independent wrestlers nationwide that they feel are the most
notable in achievements and performance. Check it out for yourself.

"The Damned
Primary Region: New England
Made their mark as the top regular tag team in New England; defeated Steve
Ramsey & Damian Houston on August 19th in Gorham, ME; defeated Don Juan
DeSanto & The Beast on August 26th in Wauregan, CT. "

-text from "Whoo Hot 20".

The top regular tag team... I guess it is not only our fans saying that
now. My only thing is, it seems as if we are in PA more now than New
England. But I guess seeing as that is where we LIVE, New England is our
primary region.


Draven also did a phone interview with the Worcester Phoenix. It should be
out in a couple of weeks, leading up to LOCOBAZOOKA.


Could the Damned be in a future Rocko & Birdsey Ass Whippin Wednesday
episode? For those fans of WAAF 107.3 FM, you know this could be


This month you can see the Damned

=>September 15th in Garfield, NJ for the UWF's Benefit Show

This show is being run by Big Unit members Rick Silver and Dave Desire. We
are currently scheduled to face Don Juan Desanto & Dr. Heresy in the first
round of the Tag Team Title Tourney.

go to

=>September 16th in North Providence, RI for PLW's Charity show

Rumors have it we are defending the title in a four-way dance. I will give
updates when I have them

=>September 17th in Worcester, MA for Chaotic Wrestling at WAAF's

We face Kid Krazy and Derik Destiny for the Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team
Titles. Also there will be tons of bands. Go To

=>September 22nd in Gorham, ME for EWA's show at the Narraganset School

We defend the EWA Tag Titles against ???

=>September 20th in Ephrata, PA for ACW's Elk's club event (with Justin
Credible, Da Baldies, Mikey Whipwreck and more)

From what I hear, we will be teamed with a mystery partner to face Jimmy
Deo and the Baldies. The main event will be Justin Credible and Twisted
Tate facing Mikey Whipwreck and RF Maldonado.

check out this site for more info

=>September 23rd in Plainfield, CT at the ICCW's Loomis Arena

We are about due for a shot at the tag team titles... when? we don't
know. Check out their site for more info.

=>September 29th in Reading, PA for IWA at the Riverside BenefiT Hall
=>September 30th in Reading, PA for IWA at the Pat Garrett Amphitheater
=>October 1st in Reading back at the Riverside Hall for IWA.
=>October 25th in PA for Atomic Championship Wrestling. Location TBA

I don't know who we are afcing at these shows... but here is the IWA
website for info.


A Quick joke:

What is Yellow & Green and eats nuts?



Anyhow, enjoy the beer, BBQ and stuff.

Mad Dog