Date: Sep 17 2000 01:58:36 EDT
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: News and Stuff

Hey kiddos,

There will be an expanded "Road Trip" version going out sometime early
this week.

Quick results for you:
Friday Night... The Damned defeated Mind & Matter in the opening round of
the United Wrestling Federation tag team title tourney. The match was fast
paced and the croud seemed way into it.

Saturday: The Damned defeat Elements of Suicide by DQ to retain the Power
League Tag Titles.

(In the AWESOME main event, Dr. Heresy defeated Don Juan Desanto and Chris
Venom to become the new PLW Heavyweight Champ. Special props also go out
to Kid Krazy for winning the first ever PLW Light-Heavyweight title in PLW
by up-ending 5 other men.)

Tomorrow is Locobazooka... more info to come on that.

In case you have yet to hear, The Damned have been chosen as one of two
teams to represent New England in the Jersey All Pro Wrestling 3rd
Anniversary Convention 16 team Tag Tournament.

The very talented field already includes:

1)The DAMNED: US Damnit

2)Mind & Matter: Technically sound team that brings out the best in us.

3)The Haas Brothers: fresh off WWF try-out shots. Probably the best team
on the indies.

4)The Hit Squad aka The Stiffest Team in the indies. Current JAPW Tag

5)Reckless Youth & Mike Quackenbush: Possible the two best highflying
technicians in the indies.

6)IWF's Biggie Biggs & Kevin Knight: Awesome reputation as a great team.

7)NC-17 (Chino Martinez & Kane D): Brother duo covers brawling and high

and these teams I'm still researching...
8)Extreme Fahrenheit
9)The Furies
10)ISPW's Moondogs 2000
11)Florida's The Market Crashers

To find out who has the remaining 5 spots... check out

See you during the week with Raod Journals from Mad DOG's trips to Jersey,
The PLW show... and LOCO fuk'n Bazooka!