Date: Sep 18 2000 18:31:14 EDT
From: "The Damned News Letter" <>
Subject: This Damned Weekend

As promised, the longer and more indepth report, as well as a Road Journal
from the Mad Dog.

WAAF's Locobazooka... September 17th, 2000 Green Hill Park in Worcester, MA
estimates run between 1000-1500 fans in attendance.

The Damned defeat Kid Krazy & Derik Destiny by DQ to win the vacant
Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team Titles. The Damned appeared to have Krazy
finished when Draven frogsplashed him through a table (following a huge
powerbomb by Mad Dog). As the Ref's hand was about to hit the canvas for a
3, the bell rang. The Ref looked around thinking it was a time limit
draw. What actually happened was Derik Destiny rang the timekeeper's bell
saving a pin on his partner. Referee Mike Dutch decided to DQ the team
dubbed "Britney's Peers" and awarded the Damned the titles... much to the
delight of the crowd.

in other action:

Zach Mason beat Talon Steele
The Milenium Killaz defeated Edward G Exstacy & Ronnie Dee
Tiny The Terrible beat Short Sleeve Sampson, after the match both midgets
beat up midget-activist, and WAAF personality John "O-zone" Osterland.
Tony Atlas beat Mayhem and then ended up in a fight with Master Sandy.
Kidd USA beat Donnie Rotten for the vacant heavyweight strap.
Edward G Exstacy won a 15 man battle royal.

Overall, the crowd was really hot for the whole show.

Welcome loyal, and recently facing withdrawl, fans of the Road Journal. I
have returned with a recount of a weekend filled with fun, festivities,
and The Damned BACKSTAGE?!?!?!

Friday the 15th... Despite poor directions and a certain couple of guys
running us way late... Me, Draven, Don Juan, and Dr. Heresy headed out to
Garfield, NJ for United Wrestling Federation's Benefit for a little 2
month old baby needing surgery.
During the ride, as usual, Draven and I participated in 80's hair band
sing-a-longs. Fucking Heresy kept asking "Hey this is Dokken isn't
It???... I love Dokken " There was NO DOKKEN PLAYED ALL TRIP... yet
everything we played was a "Dokken Song" to the good doctor.

Anyhow... we finally arrive after asking 3 gas station attendants... the
world's dumbest fireman... and some old guy for directions. We walk in and
harras promoter Rick Silver about the directions. He gave us the old
"Blame Mapquest" excuse. OH WELL.

Anyways, we say hello's to some friends from shows in PA... JOE RULES,
Luxurious Lynne, and I caught up with guys from JAPW who I hadn't seen in
years. It was pretty cool to see gusy like Homicide and Magic. Don Montoya
looked AMAZING as he has lost like 80 pounds or something. Crowbar comes
in and is wicked cool/professional. He made his rounds to all the guys he
knew, and came over and introduced himself to those of us he didn't. WAY

We went upstairs and cut a promo for the JERSEY ALL PRO convention/tag
tourney we are doing in November. We then did a few photos with Mary Kate
Grosso, who is an avid indy wrestling photographer in NJ. We headed out
for our match with Mind & Matter. The match was short, tight and the
crowd popped for things, getting behind us. They loved Draven's high
flying and his reversal of Don Juan's attempted TKO received the first of
this weekend's "HOLY SHIT" chants.

Following the match, we headed down and changed up. Ace Darling walks in.
Ace isn't even booked for the show and he shows up to see his friends.
This is NJ/PA for ya. We were talking with some fans when Tiger Mulligan
(formerly UCW's Nick Nitro... now greatly improved) comes back after a
loss to Joe Rules. We look out and see his manager Foxy (a woman wrestler
with a fitting name and a metal chick look) getting beaten by Rules & his
also attractive valet Luxurious Lynne. We ran out and chased Rules & Lynne
away and attended to he injured Foxy.

After this we packed up and headed to a Chinese restaurant... yes
Draven... Teriyaki Chiken IS good!... After the meal... we headed home....
with more "DOKKEN" on the way home... damn Doctor!

Saturday was the shits. I had to be to work at 7AM... thus I got a full
hour and 45 minutes of sleep. Oh the glamorous life of the Indy WRestling
Superstar (LOL). Anyhow... i get outta work and get Draven. We head to the
Power Leaugue show and get our stuff together. We are scheduled to defend
the titles against Elements of Suicide (YES.. AGAIN). After bustin the
balls of Subzero... we had our match... which has been called "The best
Damned/EOS match yet" and we retained the titles when those cheating EOS
bastards tried to pull a fast one and use a foreign object on Draven and
got caught and DQ'd.

After the match we found out that this benefit show raised 1900 dollars
for a young boy who has had tons of really bad stuff happen in the last
year... the latest being losing EVERYTHING in a house fire. This is why
Power League Wrestling is one of the few promotions we continue to wrestle
for in the area, despite no pay. They, simply put, do really good stuff
for people in need... and we like being a part of that. We headed to good
ole SPIKES on reservoir avenue in Cranston for some post match fuel LOL.
Tomorrow... LOCOBAZOOKA!!!

Early morning... I wake up and go to Draven's... We meet there and head to
Worcester's Green Hill Park... siet of the 2000 LOCOBAZOOKA concert
sponsored by Mad Dog's personal favorite radio station... WAAF! We arrive
and head up to the grounds... HUGE! Estimates of 20,000 fans to be there.
The ring is in a decent spot near the main stage traffic. Chaotic
Wrestling was not fucking around. (and that is a shoot). They had a booth
selling shirts and passing out info... plus handing out these signs that
had the website on them with Giant YOU SUCK... and YOU ROCK on each side.
Basically they were giving the fans another way to give the workers heat.
This show was run pretty tight and featured running commentary that the
fans could hear. The crowd itself was huge. somewhere in the neighborhood
of 1200 fans stood around the ring area to watch. Some, actually many,
threw plastic bottles, rocks and other assorted items at the
ring/wrestlers... making it a challenge to keep safe.

Before the show started we headed around and caught bits and pieces of
local bands... Stillbourne was one of the better ones and I bought their
CD. Eventually we had to get ready to wrestle. I missed seeing the opener
with Talon Steele losing to Zach Mason. I caught bits of the Millenium
Killaz versus Ronnie D and
Ed Extasy... the spots were good, as was the heat. We headed out to face
"Britney's Peers" aka Kid Krazy and Derik Destiny. We were obviously
over... as our ring music for the day "Turn me on mr. dead man" by Union
Underground rang out... the crowd went apeshit. The match go off to a slow
start... but once we got rolling the crowd picked up Big Time. Following a
hurricanrana... Draven hit the outside... he was hit by a flying chop by
Destiny.. I Hit Destiny with a modified V-Bomb/vertical splash to the
ground... Krazy hit Destiny & I witha moonsault from the top rope to the
ground... Draven then hit his suicide somersault Plancha (Cannonball) onto
all of us... The second "HOLY SHIT" chant of the weekend rang out. We hit
back in the ring... Krazy and Destiny showed some teamwork... as did we.
The crowd liked the "Hooka Panookie splash" we do... and booed "Brittney's
Peers" big time. Krazy hit me with the Swanton bomb... and then Destiny
insisted on doing his own Somersault Senton... HE MISSED... I tagged
Draven... he cleaned house and we ended up 2 on 1 in there with Krazy... I
hit a huge powerbomb (think like Undertaker style) and Draven Frogsplashed
Krazy THROUGH A TABLE... The crowd erupted. As the pin attempt was
happening, the bell rang... Time Limit??? So we thought. Actually Destiny
rang it to save Krazy from being pinned. That ended up getting their team
DQ's and us the belts. Tag Titles #4 for the Damned. We then headed out
for a battle royal (after successfully grossing out TONY ATLAS!!)
Draven was eliminated when he TOLD "Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino to
press slam him out ofthe ring onto Britney's Peers... This brought on the
3rd "Holy Shit" chant of the weekend. We were eliminated... but then
spent time signing autographs for the fans and showing off our new titles.
We stayed and watched Gino's strongman demonstration... pretty
impressive... then it was time...

I hit the Mosh Pits for P.O.D... Dope... and Disturbed. After Killer sets
by all three I head back to the Chaotic tent to get my gear... Draven
tells me to open my bag... In it there is a Backstage pass... He grins and
says "Let's go... guess where I was for the last hour" We head back...
and rap a bit with WAAF's Birdsey... concert organizer Dan Hartwell... and
the baddest bitch in Boston WAAF's Mistress Carrie (God she's hot). We
then hunga little while longer to watch 1 Minute Silence from Backstage,.
Their bass player took a Foley-esque stage dive from 15 feet up with his
bass into the crowd.

We mingled with the bands a bit then headed home... after an 1 1/2 traffic
attrocity we made it home safe... and extremely tired!

Anyhow... we'll catch you next time...