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Props and much love out to our Family & friends....

  Dr. Everette Payne, Frankie Armadillo, Kid Krazy, & Derik Destiny

"Kick Ass" Kyle Storm, "Toxic" Tommy Knoxville

Dylan Night & Candi

   KL Murphy, Kildevil, Joe Rules, Don Juan Desanto & Chris F'n Venom  Robin, Da Hoove, Mad Dog & his fiancée Adrienne, Dave Padula, former manager Faith & hubby Jay, Jack Victory& Steve Corino walk to the ring at the PPV (note the Fraggle holding a Corino fears The Damned sign in background.)

"The Fraggle" Spence Money, Mike the San Fran Treat (LOL), Spike shows Fraggleicious his can, Onyx & Cinna (EOS)

SHANE SIMONS      &        Allison Danger


Major props and all to the following (sorry if we miss anyone)... Dr. Reginald Heresy, Thrash, Sonny "I'm not a chicken" D; ; Our PWF Northeast boys: Triplelicious, Ruy Batello, MTE, Bad Boy, Beast, Duff, Fuzion and more;  EWA: , Steve Ramsey, Alexander Worthington, Adam Hastey, "Good Ole Boy" Larry Huntley, Johnny Curtis, Brian Black, Adam Booker, and anyone I may have forgotten; Josh Shea, Mike Steele, Johnny Idol, Brutal Bob, & Alex Arion;. Word up to the New Bedford crews... especially Throatchopping Blackheart, The Poonisher,Psycho Mike Osbourne, Brickhouse, "Sweet" Scott, Mike Foster, Nick Steele, Athena and all of them. We ain't there, but our terror and ribs live on! .. The IWF camp of Kevin Knight (special props to Roman, Hadrian and Biggie Biggs). Word up to our brother Guillotine Legrande, Much love to the SAT crew (Joel & Jose Maximo, Red, Quiet Storm, Chris Devine, and Brian XL), "Big 80's" Donnie B.;  Trent & Johnny: The Backseat Boyz; The former ECW crew: Steve Corino (thanks for everything bro), Chris Hamrick (Man), Spike Dudley, Mikey Whipwreck, Roadkill, Guido, Lou E. Dangerously, Jack-O Victory, Sandman, Nova, Baldie Devito, Christian York & Joey Matthews, CW Anderson, John Finnegan and Mike KehnerThanks also go to PWF's Rob Dimension, Gino Giovanni, The Briscoes, and the hardest hitting tag team on the planet... Da Hit Squad..  Special Ape Suit props also go out to Jimmy Bon Jovi  (from karaoke, one of our best friends). How can I forget the PLW crew??? Tommy D! Maniacal Mark, and everyone else there as well. Rick Silver, Luxurious Lynne. Mad Phat RHPS Love to our favorite Rocky Horror cast... the RKO Players: Matt/TJ Wyld/Neo/Ted, MJ "Angel" Avellino, Rich, Ray, Becky & Nicole, Kristen, Derek The Mullet, Megan, Big Bill, Shannon, Roy (We're SOOOO not worthy), and all of the rest. We shiver with an-tici.... Oh you know the drill.  Props to Scaliwag Jim's Dublin Pub in NY and Mo, Janell, and Josh at Johnny Rockets.

 Finally, Big time shout out to The good Rev... Chane Brannigan... if  it weren't for you.. none of this wouldn't have happened!